Monday, March 16, 2015

Photography with Megan and Baby!? Missing my Husband

So I've been loving the  busy life. Another fun fact about me is that if I'm not busy I'm bored, but hey that could go for anyone right? Well this weekend I felt like it was one of the biggest busiest weekends I've had in a while! I woke up at 7am  to get ready to drive to Provo, Utah for a fun couples photo shoot that looked something like this!

Isn't this couple just beautiful! I have talked with Megan before because she will be one of my models for a creative photo shoot I have coming up in two weeks! So far photography has been really fun for me and I'm loving the opportunity to capture beautiful and special moments in people's lives! Speaking about taking special moments.. I was able to capture a little 2 month year old girl! This was after the couple photo shoot, I still haven't started working on their edits but I must say the baby and her parent's are adorable and you can definitely see how loved she is! 
Here's another thing I'm a newlywed, I got married to the love of my love 7 months ago, and for anyone who knows what its like to be a newlywed or have known someone for so long you know what I'm about to say is true. It feels so WEIRD and INCOMPLETE when they're gone. I love being around my husband because he can make me laugh uncontrollably and makes me feel so loved and secure. He truly is my happiness and my best friend. He left yesterday night and I must say the bed felt incomplete without him. I'm so use to good night kisses and morning kisses and snuggling up with my man that it felt weird not getting that. PS he's on a business meeting with a couple people from his family in Idaho, and won't return till Thursday night. Yes I know that only 4 days but newly weds you  understand me right?! Anyway's I've filled my days with homework, hanging out with some friends, making flower crowns, and doing volunteer work at the local humane society, hopefully that keeps me from insanity:) That's it for now folks. If you ever become interested in me taking your photos for any special occasion or just for fun let me know, I would love to take photos of your lovely happiness!

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