Friday, March 31, 2017

Postpartum/First Time mommy Care Package

For all you new mommies or individuals about to attend a baby shower, I've put together a list of mother to be items that will be useful for mom and baby! This list is complied of items that I realized where beneficial for me and my baby whether I thought they helped me post baby or helped baby as they grew.

I currently have a close friend of mine that is pregnant with her first and I was so excited about getting her a gift and of course being an auntie; but I didn't want to just include items that were gifts but were kind of like life savers in some way haha. I included some cute pjs for the baby and of course some baby mittens, because lets be honest your baby will most likely scratch their face a couple of times, and mittens help protect against scratches. I also got my friend nipple cream, now I know this depends if a mother is breastfeeding or not, but just a pre-cautious thing, if she does, she will defintely need this. One thing is for sure, your breast will feel sore, your nipples may crack or feel really sore if those few days,weeks, or month, so I remember having my own and really helping me with my soreness. I then sent my friend a couple of baby wash products to test some out to see which one she likes the best and what works for baby (because every baby can react different to each product) I made sure that the products I was sending her had no fragrance in it, since babies skin can be quite sensitive as a newborn.

 I also included a swaddle from my favorite company, Little Unicorn, and seriously their prints are to die for! Your baby will love being snuggled up,like a burrito for a while and even though I no expert as a mom, mason also loved having his arms out and not always being wrapped, but since her baby boy will born late spring, I thought the little unicorn swaddle was perfect to not make your baby too warm but still make him/her very comfy! I also added a baby wrap! Now these come in various prices but are truly a great essential to have. There are so many times where I wanted to clean or do something and I didn't want to carry around a car seat, or take my stroller everywhere, but because of owning a baby wrap, my baby was close to me, comfortable (they love being close to mommies warm body and hearing your heart-beat, since that's what they did for 9 months). You can get so much done with a baby wrap/carrier and when you get one, you'll see why I love it so much! So  I included a baby wrap for her as well, which I can't wait to hear how much she loves it! I also packed a few different brand bottles just in case (your baby will love one brand but can completely hate the other brands, so I sent her a few bottles that I never used that I hope she may like!

I included tynelol for babies, (crossing fingers, your baby doesn't get sick) but this comes in handy for those days your little one is fighting a horrible cold or teething isn't going so well.  Something that I discovered after having Mason were baby pacifier/teether wipes, because unless you get a pacifier clip which I highly recommend, your baby will drop its pacifer or toy on the floor a million times, and why not prevent germs right? I also included fridababy Windi that helps with when your baby has gas, and a fun colorful baby toys that help with sensory. There is so much other stuff that I didn't discover and have come to love with mason and postpartum but hey that's another post;). I may do this with every friend who has a baby because honestly this was so much fun!