Thursday, March 12, 2015

Start something NEW!

Good Morning! For those who don't me I love trying new things! It doesn't matter what it is, I just love trying it especially when it's something new!
Another fun fact about me is I was in journalism all of high school, I did things from interviews, articles, photo-taking. I loved it all but I seemed to loved being a photographer even more. I mostly took action shots and enjoyed taking them! Well during my time in photography and yearbook I started gaining an interest in photography and wanted to know more about it as well. There's just something about taking an action shot, a couple laughing together, or capturing the happiness of a wedding day. I'm one of those people whose happiness in my happiness. If I see someone happy it makes a huge impact on me, I truly believe that those who are in your life or who are surrounding you do affect who you are, and I guess you could say I surround myself around a lot of happy people! Around a month ago I started building my portfolio and asked some friends of mine if they were interested in people models for some of my photo shoots, and they of course said yes because that's how wonderful they are! I loved what I captured and love that I could gain more and more experience each time I took a different photo shoot! I'm currently taking a beginners photography class at my college and that also has helped a lot! I have a couple big projects coming up with more photography and saving up any extra money I may get, so I can get a really really nice camera! I love starting something new and love that I can capture moments in people's lives that make them happy! If you ever want a photo shoot taken by me let me know or comment below! I don't know what prices will be but I know they will be low. When and If I become a professional photographer I want to charge inexpensive so that people can get a good photographer with great quality for an inexpensive price! Here's some of my work! Enjoy! PS: Any photo shoot's I take will be uploaded here as well, also to make the collage bigger just click on it!:)


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