Monday, March 9, 2015


Good Morning Everyone!
So my name is Valentina and this is my New Blog! I use to blog and then I stopped and recently I started to really miss it. I've been living in Utah on and off but now here to stay because I just got married 7 months ago! I was originally born in Northern California and I must say I really miss the beach. I wanted to start this blog to document my life, my interest, and my love and our future family! Here's what you should know about me.. I played soccer basically my whole life and love playing it with my husband in the summer time.. I school him by the way. I love trying to fashion trends and love staying up to date on all things fashion, so you'll see me posts some articles of clothing that I'm interested in lately. I love to travel and in the summer you'll see my husband and I travel to many beautiful places either in Utah or out of state or maybe even the country!! I love being creative, I've realized that I have all of a sudden grown an interest in making wreaths, I just made my easter/spring wreath and couldn't wait to get it up on our door! I am a convert as well of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints aka LDS aka Mormon, I love the new me and I love how happy the gospel has made me and the personal relationship I have with my heavenly father. So just saying you may see once in a awhile post my feelings or my testimony (remember to not judge or be mean) Anyways what else should you know about me? I'm a communications major and want to focus on Public Relations and Social Media! There's so much I want to do in life like I want to be a full time blogger or a full time photographer (which is another hobby of mine and I will soon be creating my website/name for it) or I love planning parties especially themed parties! Also the name of blog is called "Life's Riches" as you can tell, because every time that I post, I will include something memorable and beautiful and that to me in a rich moment in my life or my husband and my life. Yes this will include beauty but hey its an interest and for me that something for me to remember. This is all I got for now but I know as you follow and see where life takes me you will get to know me more:)

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