Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mason's Birth Story!!

Hello!! It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm in the clear right, since I had a baby? So as many as you know from my last post , we had one month left until the little guy showed up! Well he is here and we are in love with him!!! I decided to share a little bit of my birth story with all of you:) Also TMI because there may be some TMI stuff in this post, so just warning you all:) So Mason's arrival went over his due date by a few days and it wasn't driving me crazy but I was definitely getting anxious. I hadn't lost my mucus plug at all, I wasn't feeling any contractions and by the last appointment by Doctor saw me I was barely at a 1. I was kinda bummed that I wasn't as far as I hoped as I would be but I knew that some first babies go past their due date and I was okay with that, but you can't help that you want to see your baby like NOW right haha!? Come a couple of days later , I had woken up like any other day and my husband was getting ready for work and then they started.. The contractions! Let me just say this ... If you worried about not knowing what a contraction feels like or how to know your going into labor ... Believe me YOU'LL KNOW! It was around 8am and I told my husband that I was feeling a lot of pain and they felt like horrible cramping but times ten. The pain was all over my stomach and my back would hurt too, no matter how I sat, stood up, or even laid down the pain wasn't going away. We then downloaded a contraction timing test and saw that my contractions were 6-7 minutes apart .. After maybe 15 minutes they started getting closer together .  All I could think is "is this real ?!" And it sure was!!! I had them gone to contracting 5-6 minutes apart and by then we knew it was time to go to the hospital. We had already registered and they escorted us to our room. They checked me and I was still at a 1. I know this was my first time but you can imagine how shocked I was that I was at a 1 and not a 2/3. I was kind  of mad with my body... How could I be a 1 and be in so much pain! They told me that they would check back with me in an hour to see if there was any progression. Honestly my fear was they were going to send me home , the baby was already a couple days over , my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart .. This momma to be didn't want to go home. After an hour had passed the nurse came back and checked me and saw that I was now at a 2!!! I was so happy but the nurse just wanted to check with the doctor to see if they wanted to keep me and he said yes! THIS WAS IT , we were going to meet our boy that day well at least soon! The hours passed and I forgot what the medication that they had given me but they put me on a pain reliever medication for a couple hours , to be honest I wanted to wait as much as I could to get the epidural . So we checked in at 8/9 am and was on the medication for several hours. Come 3pm I started feeling more and more pain , the pain medication only lasted an hour and when it went away .. Did I feel those contractions !!! When I would want to get more medicine sometimes it took the nurses some time to get more for me and by the time my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart I just turned to my husband and told him it was time to get the juice ( epidural). The anesthesiologist came in and started preparing me to get my epidural, is it bad that I wasn't scared about the needle? Like it didn't even phase me. Anyways I had a contraction and it was time to put the epidural in , my husband also wasn't phased by seeing the epidural needle. I must say feeling the epidural go in your spine feels so weird! Especially when you feel the popping in your back, ah so different! Before I knew it , he was done and the medication started working! Can I just say how much I love the epidural! Like it is AMAZING! Then they broke my water, inserted in the pee bag thing (so weird seeing your pee in a bag haha) and continued to check me. Around 6/7 I was at a 5/6 I believe, and wow was I craving a big juicy burger! Haha I hadn't eaten since morning and before getting the epidural all I got was grapham crackers and of course I wasn't able to eat after getting the epidural but I was seriously craving something with a lot of calories and well a big meal !! As time went by my husband and I watched tv, took photos, and of course talked about everything baby. I even got emotional sometimes because how excited I was and loved talking about who he would look like! I must say I had many emotions going on ! I also thought about what if something went wrong, what if I'm not the best mom, what if it hurts really bad (silly me of course pushing a baby will hurt ) but I think all those emotions came not only because of hormones but because this was my first baby .. I didn't know what to expect .. I didn't know what exactly was going to happen. One things for sure is all I cared about was getting the baby out and him being healthy. I'm so blessed to have had my husband there with me especially during my nervous moments but like always he got me through them. A few hours had passed and it was 10pm , the nurse had checked me and I was already at a 9 1/2!! They started getting the room even more ready, my husband and I  stared at all the equipment they were getting out.. For me and the baby. I looked at my husband and said "We're getting close, he will be here soon!"  We both started to get more and more excited and I was trying to remain as calm as I could be with my body. I was mentally and physically preparing myself for what was about to happen. Then 11 rolled around and they had checked me and I was at a 10!! IT WAS TIME TO PUSH! My husband and the nurses grabbed my legs and pushed they back and I began pushing. The nurse was having my old my breath for 10 seconds while pushing. My sweet and encouraging husband kept telling me "You got this Val, your doing great, Great job baby." Before I knew it his head was out and I was in my final pushing. My husband kept saying "Look at all that hair, he's so cute." I would just stare at him and then continue my focus to push as hard as I can. The doctor then told me he was almost out and I had one more strong push to go! I pushed with all my might and out he came. All I could say was "Oh my baby, oh my baby!" I couldn't stop crying, he was beautiful! Our baby boy was here and was the most precious, most handsomest, most adorable baby I had ever seen! They then laid him on top of me and I  couldn't stop starring at him! My husband and I were in tear by our handsome sweet bundle of joy! Mason was born June 3 at 11:12pm weight 7 pounds, 20 inches.

When they had broken my water and I had gotten closer to pushing I developed a high fever and because of that fever, when Mason had come out he also had a fever (I felt so bad) and the NICU nurses came in just to make sure he was okay and to see if he needed any extra treatment. Luckily our little strong boy didn't need any extra treatments. Before we knew it his and my temperatures went down and we were ready to go into our room. Holding him in our arms and seeing our little creation filled our hearts with so much love. We spent two days in the hospital just to monitor him and I and make sure we were all taken care of before we went home. Our families have come and visit and they all love the addition to the family. He has my dark hair and has his dads size feet and hands.  He is now 8 weeks old and continues to be our precious little baby. Since my milk came in this little guy only wakes us up once to even two times a night, is starting to smile and coo, only cries when he is hungry or has a dirty diaper and is the calmest baby we've ever seen! We are beyond blessed to have our little boy and are excited about all the memories were going to make. Your mommy and daddy love you so much Mason!