Friday, March 31, 2017

Postpartum/First Time mommy Care Package

For all you new mommies or individuals about to attend a baby shower, I've put together a list of mother to be items that will be useful for mom and baby! This list is complied of items that I realized where beneficial for me and my baby whether I thought they helped me post baby or helped baby as they grew.

I currently have a close friend of mine that is pregnant with her first and I was so excited about getting her a gift and of course being an auntie; but I didn't want to just include items that were gifts but were kind of like life savers in some way haha. I included some cute pjs for the baby and of course some baby mittens, because lets be honest your baby will most likely scratch their face a couple of times, and mittens help protect against scratches. I also got my friend nipple cream, now I know this depends if a mother is breastfeeding or not, but just a pre-cautious thing, if she does, she will defintely need this. One thing is for sure, your breast will feel sore, your nipples may crack or feel really sore if those few days,weeks, or month, so I remember having my own and really helping me with my soreness. I then sent my friend a couple of baby wash products to test some out to see which one she likes the best and what works for baby (because every baby can react different to each product) I made sure that the products I was sending her had no fragrance in it, since babies skin can be quite sensitive as a newborn.

 I also included a swaddle from my favorite company, Little Unicorn, and seriously their prints are to die for! Your baby will love being snuggled up,like a burrito for a while and even though I no expert as a mom, mason also loved having his arms out and not always being wrapped, but since her baby boy will born late spring, I thought the little unicorn swaddle was perfect to not make your baby too warm but still make him/her very comfy! I also added a baby wrap! Now these come in various prices but are truly a great essential to have. There are so many times where I wanted to clean or do something and I didn't want to carry around a car seat, or take my stroller everywhere, but because of owning a baby wrap, my baby was close to me, comfortable (they love being close to mommies warm body and hearing your heart-beat, since that's what they did for 9 months). You can get so much done with a baby wrap/carrier and when you get one, you'll see why I love it so much! So  I included a baby wrap for her as well, which I can't wait to hear how much she loves it! I also packed a few different brand bottles just in case (your baby will love one brand but can completely hate the other brands, so I sent her a few bottles that I never used that I hope she may like!

I included tynelol for babies, (crossing fingers, your baby doesn't get sick) but this comes in handy for those days your little one is fighting a horrible cold or teething isn't going so well.  Something that I discovered after having Mason were baby pacifier/teether wipes, because unless you get a pacifier clip which I highly recommend, your baby will drop its pacifer or toy on the floor a million times, and why not prevent germs right? I also included fridababy Windi that helps with when your baby has gas, and a fun colorful baby toys that help with sensory. There is so much other stuff that I didn't discover and have come to love with mason and postpartum but hey that's another post;). I may do this with every friend who has a baby because honestly this was so much fun!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Berry Spring Dessert with Puff Pastry Sheets

 Hello Friends! Lately I've noticed that I've been cooking and baking a lot of new recipes, which gets me excited because I feel like my husband and I are judges on a tv show to see which recipe is worth cooking haha.

Since it's almost spring time and I've already started decorating our home with spring items, I thought why not make a spring like treat to go with it! I decided that maybe it was time to work with pastries (since they are my favorite dessert!) and create a yummy treat and share it with you guys! While grocery shopping I picked up two Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry in the form of sheets so I could have a little head start on making my pastry without having to spend the extra time making the puff pastry myself. They are basically sold at any grocery store, are easy to store; goes in your freezer and is ready to create your yummy treats! There are so many things you many different recipes you can create with puff pastry sheets, your ideas are truly endless!

I provided a simple recipes that you can create using Puff Pastry Sheets, I decided to make a berry cream cheese pastry and it was truly delicious and you would taste the cream cheese, berries, and the lemon each seperately!


  •  2-3 Frozen Puff Pastry Sheets
  • 1 Egg
  • 6 ounces of cream cheese
  • mixed fruits (I used raspberries,blackberries, and blueberries)
  • lemon zest 
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Get a large cookie sheet and put parchment paper. Get your mixer out and a bowl and add cream cheese, lemon juice, sugar, lemon zest until the what will be your filling of your pastry is a very creamy consistency. Start unfolding your pastry sheets and use a cup to cut out your circle. Move your cut outs to your parchment paper, then with a fork, polk the middle of your pastry. Then with a smaller cup lightly push your cup into the pastry (make sure not to cut through) this will be your edge for your pastry. Spread your cream cheese inside the border of your circle and then add your berries. Then in a different bowl mix together the egg and 2 tablespoons together and with a cooking brush, brush the edges of each pastry. Last step. Bake the pastries for 15 minutes. Then let cool for 2 minutes and that's it! If you want to get extra fun with it, add powered sugar and it's even yummier!

Other ideas you can make are omlettes, parmesan puffs, turnovers, seriously you guys the recipes are endless and like I said before your process is simple and fast! I'm already planning on making more dishes and I'm excited to hear what treats your planning on making! You can check out more about Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets by going onto there website, right here... Puff Pastry

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bringing Spring into our Home - HelloMayPole Giveaway!

Things around our home have gotten exciting, merely because we started decorating for Spring! Don't get me wrong I loved decorating for fall and winter but now that Spring is around the corner and summer will be here before we know it, its now time to spring out all the warm colors! Thanks to Target, Hobby Lobby, and Home Goods,  I've purchased some inexpensive home decor that I'm excited to share with you!

Targets Dollar section has never failed to disappoint and I recently purchase this cute little frame that is in my window in my kitchen, which adds the right amount of spring cheer and was only $3! I also purchased this wooden bunny that you can easily paint and hang anywhere! I decided to go with the classic light yellow and love how it turned out, and again only $3! Next I went to my local Hobby Lobby ( I believe it's only in Utah) but since watching Fixer Upper (obsessed with this show) I've become quite a fan of the rustic decor, and so I got this cute little "Market Fresh" sign that hangs over my stove. Since I have some space over my cabinets, I decided to purchase this turquoise "Eat" sign that hands more personality to our kitchen and works for both spring and summer! Next I purchased these two grass decorated bunnies that I also put in my window next to my frame and succulents; also side note all these decorations for Hobby Lobby were all 40% off! While shopping at our Home Goods I also got this little carrot shaped container that I fill occasionally with Easter treats and it adds a beautiful color to mix in with all of our decor. Last but not least I also purchased these two kitchen towels that are decorated with spring flowers that I absolutely love and bring me excitement as I prepare to plant my first flowers and veggies in our home garden!

Now the moment you've been waiting for! I recently partnered up with Hellomaypole to bring you a fun giveaway! When I received my garland I couldn't help but think of the several places where I could hang it up! I love my watermelon garland, is it weird that it makes me hungry for watermelon haha? All you have to do to enter is go to my Instagram @vallyriches and read my giveaway post and follow the direction there. But if you comment with what you love about spring here on my blog, you automatically get 5 entries to the giveaway!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Reparing what's broken-with HASK

Happy Hump-Day friends! Can I just say its currently sunny outside and the snow is melting and I'm just one happy camper! One of my resolutions for the new year was to use less heat and strengthen my hair. I recently tried out HASK's new line of hair product and was very happy with my results in many ways. First off lets talk about their line! It's called the Greek Yogurt Collection and is only sold at Walgreen stores. It contains the obvious Greek yogurt, fruit extract, and is packed with protein, minerals, and calcium. I received their Blueberry and Acai Reparing Collection (Blueberries help restore damage, while acai berry contains essential vitamins that fight breakage); but they also provide Color Protection Pomegranate & Cranberry and Hydrating Fig & Honey! All of which nourish and moisturize your hair look healthy and drop dead gorgeous!

When I tried the repairing collection my eye was quickly caught by the dual chamber which when squeezed it combines the Greek yogurt and the fruit together creating the perfect formula for your hair! While washing, your hair is filled with the aroma of blueberry and instantly starts working. After using both my shampoo, conditioner, and even my deep conditioner, by the first wash my hair had an instant result! My hair was soft, smelt amazing, and felt stronger! It's hard to find a hair product line that will cause instant results, and I am so excited that HASK new Greek Yogurt Collection has done that for me! The more I use it, the more lasting results I get!

If you're looking for fast and long lasting results I highly suggest you drive over to your local Walgreens and pick up their new Greek Yogurt Collection! Your hair will thank you!
To get more information on their new line check out the links below!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Masons 9 month update

My little man turns 9 months old today and this has been another amazing month. Mason continues to impress us on how much he grows in each month that passes by, but now he's starting to look like a toddler?! I'm kind of loving that winter is almost over and the snow is soon to be gone, because let's be honest I am ready for the summer. I'm ready to take mason out to parks and go to the pool several times. Mason has learned so much in this month and I'm excited to share with you all his milestones! Mason is already learning how to stand on his own, which amazes me! Sometimes I feel like mason is growing faster! Lately mason has shown favoritism to just mommy lately. I mean I like to think mason has always been a mommies boy since he was born but this month, it seems like all he wants is just me and I feel bad a little. When rex gets home and mason is just waking up from his last nap, he doesn't want to go to daddy, he just wants to snuggle his little tired head with me. I tell rex this wont last too long, because before I know it mason will want to get rough and play sports with dad. But I honestly I cant complain because I love my baby snuggles. Which leads to cute story. Mas occasionally takes a late nap but for this one day, he didn't want to, and so I go his room, pick him up and sit with him in his rocking chair. He decides to snuggle with me for a good 20 minutes, which I loved every second of it. It's been so long since he's snuggled this long, I LOVED IT!

Mas is also getting into two new teeth! He has two bottom, two upper front teeth, and is now get the two teeth on the side on his upper front teeth!! Like I didn't think babies teeth could grow so fast! With all these teeth coming in more different foods are starting to be tested out and eaten. We just introduced cheerios to mason and he loves them! He loves his puff-like-cheetos things and loves his yogurt bites! What food did you introduce to your 9 month old? I want to try more foods with mas but I always get a little scared he may choke on it...I bet he would be fine but I cant help to be a worry mom lol. This month we also took mason on his first swim!! I mean we took him when he was a few months old but the minute we got him in the water he instantly didn't like it. So this was a redo first time haha. This time around he absolutely loved it! He splashed his hands in the water, laughed at us when we would swim and surprise him, and even tried dog paddling! I think we have a water baby on our hands, which makes us even more excited for summer! We can't wait to get on the boat and paddle board with our little Mason. Well guys that a summary of masons month! We are soaking every second,minute, and day that mason grow and keep living in the present. We love you Mason!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

LuLaRoe Photoshoot

Last month I had he opportunity to be part of a LuLaRoe photo shoot here in Utah and I am excited to share everything!! First off since blogging I've met and talked to some amazing bloggers! From talking about our blogs, how we can make our blogs better, or simply talking about our personal Lives; meeting some talented gals has been such a fun part of blogging! It's wonderful creating friendships, especially friendship where you have a main thing In common! We decided to go up a cottonwood canyon (haha I can't remember which one). But it was cold, I was in these short booties, my feet may sank into feet of snow a few times which lead to some cold feet, but the photo shoot was fun and beautiful and so worth it! We got to shop our dress from the wonderful @lularoehannahashmore and to be honest it was very hard picking just one outfit! I love all their clothes and hannah's lularoe shop is like your very own store in your basement! Before heading up, we all got ready at one of the girls house. We snacked, talked and got our hair and make up done. Styled by Christylee did my hair which as you can see below, looks AMAZING!! I highly recommend getting your hair done for any occasion by her! She was so sweet and kind. Peacock.Artistry did my makeup, and she made me get out of my comfort zone, in a good way! She applied make up that I've always wanted to try, even added a little silver shimmer which matched the dress I wore perfectly! I've known makenzie for several years now and she is very sweet and passionate in what she does. If your looking for someone to do your make up, she is a must! Below are photos from our photo shoot! Check out my Instagram as well to see the bloggers who I worked with @vallyriches