Thursday, January 16, 2020

Newborn essentials (#2)

Hi there! Sorry I've been not consistent in blogging, but I'm making it a goal to blog twice a month and go up from there sometimes. So even though Isabella is now 7 months old, I've finally compiled my newborn must haves..well round 2 haha.

I went ahead and made my own mittens since I love sewing and it was super easy to make! I followed this mittens pattern! Mittens are so good to have when you have a newborn (even to infant if they can keep them on) because its so sad to see them scratch their faces! Target,Walmart, and pretty much any store that sells baby items have them!

Burp cloth
You'll always need a burp cloth especially if you have a baby that spits up a lot! Mason didn't have this problem but Isabella did and so glad it's slowed down, nevertheless I still carry around a burp cloth with me! I especially love my Little Birdie Ink burp cloths because how soft/durable/ and cute they are! They have several patterns and the owner is such a sweetheart! Here's a code "Birdie30" for your next purchase!

Tubby Todd
You probably heard me rave about this company, and it's only because of how much I stand by their products! I've used their product since mason was little with their shampoo, lotion, and bubble bath! I also have their baby fresh spray that I literally put on everything because it smells SOOOO GOOD and also purchased their all over ointment that I love using for Mason's and Isabella's sensitive skin! It has helped our skin so much and love how safe and clean they are for our family!
Tubby Todd Website

Saline drops and booger sucker
These two items go hand in hand because unfortunately sometimes babies get stuffy noses and it's so hard to remove those pesky little boogies. Heck I've even used these two items when mason was past one! I get my saline drops from Little Remedies and get a booger sucker from Target.. some hospitals even give you on or let you take one home, so don't forget to ask about that before leaving the hospital! Baby won't like it much but it will definitely make a difference!

Rafe and moose swaddle
Want to know how many of these amazingly soft blankets I have?? Let's just say my collection is growing and it ain't stoppin! Not only are the buttery soft but also work for either summer or winter and the biggest swaddle I have ever seen so it grows with your kid! My toddler even loves still using his haha. The shop owner is amazing and they have multiple colors to choose from!

A good diaper bag
Going to keep this short and sweet because in my opinion it worth investing in a good diaper bag. I had a shoulder purse like diaper bag for mason and it was so inconvenient and my shoulder was always usually sore. So I found the Freshly Picked Diaper bag and so happy about my purchase. I needed a diaper bag that allowed me to be hands free, since I got two kids.. had several pockets, had a much of space but not making it overall huge! If you want to see a review / what's in my diaper bag then check out the video below

What's in my Diaper Bag video feat. Freshly Picked

Milk catcher 
I don't remember this being around when I had mason but sure am happy I found out about before having Isabella because I love this item when Isabella was newborn and even used it past that! Behold the milk catcher as I like to call it, but officially called HaaKaa breast pump. This genius item not only is for hand expressing but also for catching your let down!! I hated how much milk I lost when I began nursing and how I wish I could save that milk, so when I was told about this item from UnderCover Mama I immediately had to get it. Right as my milk production was coming in and after I love using the HaaKaa because I was able to save and store milk. Even though it was a couple ounces, it quickly added up! Do yourself a favor and get this item!
Buy Haakaa Breast Pump

Wrap / Sling
I had a wrap with mason but never could figure it out I don't know if it was the brand or I wasn't doing it right; but I was gifted a sling for Isabella from WildBird and love it soo much! It's incredibly easy to use and perfect when you have a newborn because they love being close to you! A wrap or sling allows you to be hands free while cleaning the house, going on a walk, or even getting grocery shopping done! So happy I got one and tried again because wow was it a game changer! I even still use my sling now and Isabella still loves it!
Baby Wraps
WildBird Ring Slings

Knotted gown
This is an item that I wished I had gotten when mason was a newborn because of how useful this clothing item was! I love knotted gown and Isabella has several of them because a newborn sleeping with a blanket is a safe hazard, knotted gown allow your little ones feet to be covered acting like they have a blanket! Some knotted Gown even have mittens attached to it so you can cover their hands as well! Did I mention how easier it is to change them!

Portable Sleeper/Dockatot
Whether you travel much or want to have a mini bed for your baby, I highly recommend getting a portable sleeper like the Dockatot. Yes it may be a little expensive but it really comes in handy! Your baby will love sleeping in this, perfect for on the go without dragging along heavy bulky port-a-crib , easy to wash, comfy, and worth every dollar!