Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Time with Jord

This post is sponsored by Jord, all opinion are my own. 

Remember how I've been posting gift guides for the past couple of weeks? Well I want to tell you about a particular item that ANYONE  in the family would love to have and I'm about to tell you why!

Since I was little I have always seen a watch on my sisters, mother, father, and now in laws. It's something many people use but now with cellphones and other gadgets, it almost seems like they are becoming less common. Whether you think they aren't stylish or no longer hip, let me prove you wrong. 

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."

With it being the end of the year we cannot help but review our year, we think of the sad moments, the happy moments and everything in between. We sometimes can't help but think that time is just passing us by, that it's a theft as alice would say, or that we can't wait for a certain moment in time to occur, and that's ok..sometimes, its something natural us humans think about, but what if we saw time as a gift? Now that Christmas is a week and a half way, we need to cherish and think about the present time. See what's  important is focusing on the right now, what we have right now. As a parent I'm trying to be grateful for my son being this age right now, that we have food in our bellies, and a roof over our head. I have a family, I love them and they love me. We are healthy. That's what matters.

See a watch isn't just for telling us what time it is, but also telling us that we need to enjoy right now, the present. I love the above quote because it speaks the truth!

 So now that I've told you why you should get a watch this holiday season, let me tell you from who!

Jord is a company that specializes in providing stylish, modern, wood watches! They have several different types of wood watches that fit the everyday person. You can immediately tell they are 100% wood by the smell, I love it! Did I mention they have the feature to engrave their watches, so if you want to give a sentimental gift this Christmas then you can give both a useful accessories and a special touching quote on the back! 

I may have given Rex his early Christmas present, I mean he did also help pick his style and color before he ever thought it was a gift. But he was absolutely thrilled when he saw his gift! He wears it everyday and it goes with everything he wears. Believe me when I say that Rex usually never wears a watch, so to have him wear it pretty much everyday, it a huge accomplishment in my book! Go wifey!

Here's the watch I got Rex
Dover Ebony & Copper Watch

So the Jord Watches are not just for your spouse, but can given to anyone in the family. Watches are not just for telling time but for also having you focus on what really matters, the moments you are creating now. So if you ever wondering what gift anyone and what it to have a story or message , Jord is your pick this holiday season!

I have also attached a holiday code that you can receive by click and filling out the form in the link below
Holiday Gift Code

Shop other styles!
Women's Watches
Men's Watches
My Watch

Wooden Wristwatch

Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids

Anyone else surprised that Christmas is in two Mondays?! I truly love this time of year, because of all the friends and family we get to see! Anyone last minute shopping, haha I know I sure am! I know every year I tell myself that I'm going to get all my Christmas shopping done in November or the first week of December and sadly that rarely happens haha. I really try. So to all my parents and grandparents out there, here's a gift guide that I hope will get your Christmas Shopping done faster! I personally would choose all of the gifts for my kids but I also saw that these are some of the hottest toys right now and will be sure to bring your kids so much joy and excitement! Be sure to comment below if you got this for your little ones! Oh and of course Merry Christmas!

1) Wooden Doll House with Furniture 2) Wooden Toy Tool Bench Rose Gold Bow Moccasins 3) Rose Gold Bow Moccasins 4) Boogie Board 5) Doctor's Kit 6) 46-Piece Magneticals Tile Set 7) Mini Golf Full Set 8) 2 pc Walkie Talkie Set 9) Ice Cream Truck Playhut

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Masons 18 month update!

So I was debating on posting this because didn't know if it was common or to be honest I wasn't even planning on it just because I wrote milestone updates for mason's first year and thought those were the biggest milestones of his life. I also realized that he still has milestones, and if I did one, it would be a post for his half year mark and I was also missing posting these and It's more for me than anything, one of the main reason why I love blogging is that its my online journal! So without a further a do, here's Mason's 18 month update!!

Didn't I just post Mason's birthday post like yesterday haha? How is my little guy 18 months and such a big kid, at least he sure does look like it, don't you think? Do you guys remember when I would post about getting excited and planning his one year birthday.. I'm pretty sure I started planning that at 4 months haha. Since his 1st Birthday I haven't been paying attention to each month that he grows.. if that makes sense, I think I've only thought of his age when I go to the doctor or when he's had a doctors appointment haha. So when I was thinking about Christmas and got a reminder about mason's next doctors appointment, I immediately realized and remembered that my Mason man is turning 18 months! Am I the only who thinks that time is much faster when you have kids or that each month, year mark, or even year mark is a big deal?? I know I'm not the only one right?

Well this morning Mason had his 18 months appointment and he is a healthy growing boy! The doctor was impressed by all his new words hes learning and how he's starting to say full sentences! Today we didn't have to get any shots, so woo for now but we do need to get them next week, boo! He is 25 pounds and 8 oz and is looking great in the head and height department. Mason's eczema is coming back again so we've been applying cream again but mason has gotten it worse around his arm so we just a prescription to help that go away. Poor little guy has sensitive dry skin just like his mommy. Are there any moms out there who's kid has eczema, what have you used? But besides his eczema mason is looking great, healthy and a happy 18 month old. Crazy to think that his next appointment will be a 2 years old! Whaaaaat?!

Here are some milestones and things mason has learned to say or do from his year mark to now
- New Words

  • Shoes
  • Football
  • Touch Down
  • Night Night
  • Thank you
  • Welcome
  • Love you
  • All Gone
  • Oh Oh
  • Wee
  • Book
  • First full sentence was "Bye Daddy"
-Learning / Knows
  •  Learning Where the trash is and how to throw trash away
  •  Learning how to Blow Kisses
  • Learning where to get Diapers
  • Knows how to Pray
  • Knows what shoes are and where to find them
  • Knows how to clean mouth
Those are all those I can think of right now, there's a ton more but those are some I can think of right now:)

As you guys can see Mason is growing so much, from endless amount of words, to his first full sentence to knowing where everything is and knowing how to operate or do certain harder tasks. He is so intelligent! The other day we asked Mason if he could get a diaper , so he runs to his room and we hear him open a drawer, and we both looked at each other and thought "He knows where it is!" Well he comes empty handed lol so we ask him if he could get a diaper so we can change him, well he runs back to his room open a drawer and was actually in there for a little bit before opening a drawer, so then he comes running back and we thought oh he totally got it this time haha well you guys, he comes back with a hand full of socks, HAHA, I couldn't stop cracking up. He's such a smart kid, and even though he got the wrong object he still knew what room to get it and that they were in one of this drawers! 

I must say since mason turning one years old he has had so much energy! Some days he just running through the house, giggling and almost seems like he can go all day..until its his nap time and he is zonked!  If I thought Mason crawling or just learning how to walk was going to be a lot of work, haha I was kidding myself because mason is an adventurer (one of thousands of reasons why I love him) and like any toddler they want to see everything and get into everything and have a couple meltdowns haha. But when I get to thinking how toddler life is a struggle some days, I get to thinking that when mason has a meltdown , I need to see it how he see's it, how he is trying to communicate with me but can't, and that's got to be really difficult, so I've learned to see it how he see's it, which is a every day goal for me, to see things through his eyes. With his energy and curiosity, I've learned that he is seeing and discovering things for the first time and wanting to learn how everything works because his brain is growing.

We just had grandpa join us for thanksgiving, and these two are best friends! We fly to California soon and we cant wait to see more family and friends! Anyways Mason is a happy energetic 18 month old who continues to fill our lives with joy, happiness, and constant adventure! I love our little boy and love how big his little heart is! He truly is my ray of sunshine everyday and I know I say this sooooo many times but I truly am blessed to be his mother and have him in my life! Until next time... maybe I'll do another update at 2 years!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Staying Prepared during this Holiday Season

 I love hosting parties and party planning it's been one of my all time favorite things to do since I could remember! But my all time favorite parties to host are holiday parties; from getting the house decorated, baking yummy desserts, and being surrounded by family and friends. The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, they can truly bring so much laughter, happiness, and light in one's home. With hosting family holiday gatherings I need to plan ahead making sure I have everything that I will need and while party planning or hosting is fun with the decor and cooking, it can be a little stressful, even making sure my guests have the household essentials while their here.

Not only does the holiday season bring family gatherings and holiday parties but it is also the time of year where a lot of people get sick. I always felt bad during flu season when I would hardly ever get sick and poor Rex would be hit like a ton of bricks and now that we have mason and luckily he hasn't gotten sick during flu season but has off season, seeing him get a fever once was heart breaking for me. It so sad as a parent to see your little baby sick and not being able to do as much. Not only do I want to avoid us getting sick but also my guests, and well if someone does sick I want to make sure they are well taken care of at our home. I mean that's my job right? As a hostess, making sure everyone feels right at home. Now I've had moments where I've traveled somewhere or even at my own home where I am sneezing or even going to the bathroom and there's NO TISSUES OR TOILET PAPER, guys it is one of the most awkward embarrassing situations... I hate it... and I do not want my guest or even my family to ever experience that!

If I can avoid getting things last minute toiletries than you best believe I will trust Walmart with all my household items! Want to know one of the best parts is?? I don't even need to go into the store, I can shop online ( with the option of two day shipping) or choose to pick it up myself and still get great savings! If I can household essentials ASAP, be around family and friends, and be prepared then I would call that a successful holiday fiesta!

I have these items in my living room, kitchen, bedroom, and in our bathroom so that the whole house will be covered!

So now when you throw a holiday party or getting ready to have friends and family in your home, always trust Scott, Cottonelle, Viva Towels and Kleenex at Walmart for your holidays! Trust me when I say you can definitely trust them!

With Scott, Cottonelle, Viva Towels and Kleenex at Walmart

I've also attached below some great coupons to use on your next shopping trip whether to the store or online, to use!

Holiday Care Package at Walmart
$.75 Scott Ibotta
$1 Viva Ibotta
$1.50 Kleenex Ibotta
$.50 Kleenex Ibotta
$1 Cottonelle Ibotta


Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for the Man in your Life

Now ladies we can all admit that shopping for your husband, fiance, boyfriend, whomever the man in you life is, it can be hard sometimes. When we ask them what they want for Christmas they may reply with "whatever", "anything", or even "You don't need to get me anything", but we all know that doesn't cut it, sorry fellas. Sometimes the man in our life already has everything, or they just can't make up there mind and that's alright. So if your man can't tell you what they want this Christmas then I've come to your rescue! Hip Hip Hooray! With a little research and asking my husband of the top gifts to get the man in your life, I've complied a list of 9 gifts to get the everyday man, from affordable to a little extra $$.

That being said, I hope this list helps and be sure to let me know if you decided to get one of these gifts for him or even share with me what your planning on getting him!

1) I Phone 8 2) Stance Utah 3 Pack 3) Beats EP On-Ear Headphones 4) DJI Phantom 3 SE Quadcopter 5) Nike PG1 Basketball Shoes  6) Sporting Event Tickets (Link has Utah Jazz Tickets)
7) Nike Therma Men's Training Hoodie 8) Jord Dover Ebony & Copper Watch 9) Husky Mechanics Tool Set (111-Piece)


Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Giveaway, Everything you should about these companies

As you know last year I hosted my very first Christmas Giveaway, in which I collaborated with a few companies that I love! Now that it's another year, I decided to do this again because not only was it a blast  last year and got great feedback but I loved telling you about my personal favorite companies, why I love them and getting to know their brand more! I cannot wait to tell you their story and about some or their product! I will list ways you can enter my giveaway, in which if your reading this you will get even more entries.. just wait and see! So that being said, let's get started!

Rafe + Moose

I first found out about Rafe and Moose at an event I went to and not only did I notice the cute unique packaging but also how soft the material was! I was even more shocked about the size! You guys their swaddles are big and of course in a good way!  I have always seen small swaddles and was so happy to find a swaddle blanket that mason and other future babies could use! I couldn't help but remember the days that I was able to swaddle little mason and hold him in my arms without him wanting to wiggle out (not be swaddled haha) but as you can tell he sure does love a good comfy blanky, so you know if its mason approved, your children will love it as well! Also did I mention the owner is the sweetest and is so kind!
Lisa's Passion for Popcorn
If you wanted to know about a company who truly has passion, I have found you one that has dedicated their life and put so much passion into their business and yes you may have already guessed that because of their company name. I found out about Lisa's Passion for Popcorn at Pinner's Conference and have been in love since! Lisa the founder had always had a passion for popcorn ever since she married into her husband's family, in which they had a long family line of popcorn making. Their popcorn flavors are like no other and its not like other popcorn where it has a slight taste of a no it has the perfect amount which will make your taste buds scream of pure happiness! They have tradition flavors and are always coming out with new flavors as well! I have now converted to gourmet and only gourmet popcorn! See More of their other flavors and read more about Lisa's wonderful story!

Color Street Nails with Francy Pants Nails
Okay guys you've heard me talk about this gal and this company before and I am still obsessed! This is such a genius idea and a truly great product, that in my eyes deserves 5 stars! Like any new beauty product I was nervous to see results but I was completely blown away on the outcome of my nails were! It takes 5 minutes, the steps are simple and fast! You get to choose from so many different styles and best of all its affordable. Their nails are so good, that I rather apply these on then have to paint my own nails, which we all know that with kids that can be hard haha. So now you heard it from me... this is a product you NEED to try on! Check my girl, Kellie out, she is so sweet and will answer all your questions!

Rod Works
Ever watched Fixer Upper and wished your home could be filled with everything Joanna Gaines, well there is one store where you can find all your rustic, farmhouse, modern home decor and that's at Rod Works. We are slowly decorated our house more and more and when I found this adorable set of little milk jars and this two tier stand to put all my hot coco toppings; which I'm pretty sure I will be using everyday this winter! Can we all agree how adorable and obsessed I am with this! Not only is there customer service amazing, helping you every step of the way into finding that perfect piece for your home but they also have amazing prices that honestly are too good to pass out on! They have several locations and even give you decor tips on their Instagram and website! Move on over Home Goods, there's a new #1 Home Decor Shop in town. See More about their shop on their Website!

Maskcara Beauty with Ashton
Anyone else struggles with contouring or got impatient because you felt like you weren't contouring right or even worse, that you couldn't find the right make up brand? Maskcara Beauty with Ashley has teamed up with me to give you guys this set of make up for one lucky winner! Maskcara Beauty provides women with easy step by step instructions that highlight your natural beauty. It truly feel so creamy and soft on your skin and truly makes you look like your not even wearing makeup, its that amazing! Check my girl Ashton out!

Savanna Elisa Art

I love art, I really do, I think that it adds a beautiful touch to ones home and that there can be a story and emotion in each art piece. As you can tell by the illustration above, Savanna is truly an artist, she has a way of painting breath taking portraits filled with color and beauty! Take a look at her shop, you will literally fall in love with each piece she has!

Last but not least is DRT SHRT, yep that's right no "I's"because its all about YOU aka the client. They are a family owned promotional product, embroidery, and t shirt making business. They have inexpensive and thousands of items to choose from and for this giveaway , you will get 2 matching tee's with a quote or graphic of your choice, so whether its you and your spouse matching or even you and your child matching with a cute quote! There a Utah based business and someone you should always keep in mind whether you have a family reunion or need product for your business, they're your guy! See more of what they offer and information below!
DRT SHRT Website

So now the good part how to enter... You can enter on my Instagram (@vallyriches) and follow the instructions there or enter here commenting why you love the holidays which will give you 5 entries and then you can also enter on my blog facebook page link her --->Facebook Page and find this blog post, like the page, and then comment with why you love the holidays. So that's 3 ways you can enter!! I can't wait to show you more through out this week on my social media and cant wait to see who wins as well! This giveaway will go until December 4th and winner will be announced at night.

Good luck!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

The time is here for all of us to start preparing or for some of us to start listening, haha to the women in our lives as to what they want for Christmas (Hint Hint*) Luckily I got you covered! I have personally done my research, talked to some gal pals, and of course pulled some must buys from my own personal list to help you choose what gift to get yourself or for the women in your life. I hope you find this list helpful and let me know if you got one of these items! Also stay tuned for the beginning of the week of December for two other gift guide post on what to get the man in your life and for the kids!

1)  Made by Mary, 2)  Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance 3) Apple Watch Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band 4) Tarte Magic Star Collector's Set 5) The Magnolia Story 6) Nike Free TR7 Women's Training Shoes  7) 2017-2018 Classic Happy Planner  8) Fujifilm Instax Smart Phone Printer (Gold) 9) Michael Kors Jet Set Large Saffiano Leather Crossbody

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Black Friday Deals you don't want to miss!

Can you believe thanksgiving is already next week? While we all look forward to spending time with the family, some of us also look forward to the day after ...BLACK FRIDAY! It's the day where we get great deals and stock up/save on Christmas presents, so I have gathered together a couple of my favorites deals with retailers with some of my don't want to miss favorite items!

Lets start off with my favorite retailer, Target.

1)KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus 4.5- $249.99 SAVE $100
2)Amazon Echo 2nd (Generation)- $79.99 SAVE $20
3)FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Camera Bundle-$59.99 SAVE $25
4)PS4 and XBOX Games- $29.99 SAVE 50%
5)Mossimo Supply Co. Women's boots $15
6)I Robot Roomba 614 Robotic Vacuum- $199 SAVE $100
7)Ninja Professional Kitchen System- $99.99 SAVE $100
8)Wondershop 6ft. Alberta Spruce -$29.99 SAVE $30
9)Black+Decker Workbench-$29.99 SAVE $30

Now time for Best Buy

1)Gourmia 8-Quart Pressure Cooker -Stainless Steel- $49.99 SAVE $80
2)Neato Robotics Pro App-Controlled Robot Vacuum- $399.99 SAVE $100
3)Ninja Chef 72 Oz Blender - $169.99 SAVE $30
4)Apple Watch Series 2 33mm Black Stainless -$529.00 SAVE $120
5)Samsung Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Convention Range - $599.99 SAVE $289
6)Samsung 55" Class Smart Ultra HD TV - $899.99 SAVE $300
7)Nikon D3400 DSLR camera with 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses - $599.99 SAVE $300
8)Espon Workforce Wireless All-in-one printer-$399.99 SAVE $100
9)Asus 2-in-1 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop/12 GB Memory/1 TB Hard Drive -$599.99 SAVE $200

See More Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Last but not least Walmart

1)Arendelle Wooden Castle- $88 SAVE $21
2)Tickle Me Elmo - $15 SAVE $9.84
3)Apple I Pad 5th Gen - $249 SAVE $80
4)Google Home $79 SAVE $50
5)Hot Wheels 50 PC Diecast Set- $55.99 SAVE $30.99
6)Playstation 4 1TB Console- $199 SAVE $100
7) Samsung 32" Class TV- $158 SAVE $141
8)Yuneec Breeze Drone - $199 SAVE $100
9)The Pioneer Women 30 PC Cookware set- $94 SAVE approx $100

See More Walmart Black Friday Deals

Also check out Bookroo (whom you've seen me share about before) Bookroo Blog Post
They're having their Black Friday Sale from Nov 24-27 and use code "RICHESGIFT" to get 25% off!

See More information on their website Bookroo Website

These are some of ultimate favorite deals and honestly some you can't ignore! I wait until black Friday to buy our Christmas gifts because of the awesome deals and I recommend you do it too, because why pay full price when there's great deals out there. Also some retailers price match, so if you see a good price somewhere else I would ask if the store your at matches that! Let me know if you got any of these deals and be sure to check back next month to see my Christmas wishlist post! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Evian Facial Spray

I remember when I was younger my mom use to carry around a spray bottle filled with water. I would see her spray her face with it and never knew why? She told me it was to keep her face hydrated and awake. As the years passed I found out that they're others who do the same thing and there's actual products who relate to this and well of course I wanted to learn more!

I came across Evian, which you most likely have heard of, because they are a company who bottles water and is in thousands of stores; but what you didn't know is they also have a facial spray they make and boy is it amazing! For months now, I have been putting together a routine for my face and making sure what I apply to my face actually works and is beneficial to the type of skin I have. What I have known for several years is that my skin loves and needs moisture. Our skin needs to stay hydrated and kept well maintained. You can apply Evian facial spray anytime of day but is best recommended in the morning, evening, or even when setting your make up. Yes you heard that right, setting your MAKE UP! I have added setting spray to my make up routine and knowing that a product can do both setting and moisturizing, is a double win! You can spray it on your make up sponge or brush and then after your done with your make up look.

Now like my mom did when I was younger, you can use their facial spray to wake up and hydrate your skin; and if its a hot day, you can use this as well to cool you off and you don't have to worry about messing up your make up, in fact it will revive colors and keep everything still in place. I haven't mentioned my favorite part yet.. the stuff in this is amazing! Evian Mineral Water has a balance of minerals, a neutral 7.2 pH, and has is free from chemical treatment which means like my skin, it wont irritate it!

I carry this every where I go, its the perfect convenient size to store in your purse, in the car, while traveling and basically anywhere! The smell is subtle and refreshing. This is my new must have when it comes to staying at home and on the go...seriously it's something you want to buy! I've attached their website and you can find them in most stores! I would love to hear if you've tried their product and your thoughts!

Evian Facial Spray

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Worm Dirt Pudding Cup Recipe | Halloween Desserts

 This is probably my all time favorite / most easy (so far) Halloween dessert to make and I thought it would great to share it with all of you!

With Halloween just two weeks away, were started to place the final touches on our costumes or maybe some of us are still  trying to figure out what to be haha. I know it can be tricky to figure out what treat to bring to those Halloween parties but still add a touch of spooky/ gross theme to them am I right? Well with this spooky treat the ingredients are few and you don't even need to get your hands dirty! Score!


  • Oreo's (Crushed)
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Sour worms and Bone Candy

Additional Item
  • You can use the containers the pudding came in but I bought plastic cups from the dollar store
Gather your puddings cup and start opening each one, with a spoon start scooping out the pudding and transfer it into your plastic cup. Then in a separate clear bag, place your oreo cookies inside. Close your clear bag, making sure it shut tightly and with a rolling pin (meat mallet or hammer lol) start crushing your cookie. At the end your cookie should be very fine and in tiny pieces.
Layer the top of your pudding with whats going to be your dirt and evenly spread it, making sure the oreo aka dirt isn't showing the pudding.

 Now for worm and bone decorations! This really has no direction, place your bones and worms however you please, I've placed my worms like they were coming up from the ground and one the side and did the same with my bones. That's it! How simple is this treat, your guest will love it, especially the kids! It's so delicious and is perfect for a last minute Halloween dessert!

(Also can you tell mason loved this treat?!)
Can't wait to share more holiday treats and crafts with you all, it truly is my favorite thing about this time of year!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Finding the perfect Mattress for your family & friends-with Viola Box Mattress

One of the best parts of having your own apartment or house is getting to decorate, am I right? But in all seriousness it is truly one of the best things I love to do, even ask my husband and my card haha. I live for shopping the latest home decor styles and figuring out what textures and palettes I want each room to have.

Ever since buying our house we have had several family and friends coming over and staying with us for vacation. I love having them over and creating these memories in our home, and because we enjoy having visitors, we want to make sure our company feels at home. So Rex and I recently started creating the perfect guest room, and I have loved every minute of it! It all started with finding the perfect mattress we wanted our guests to sleep on. I think this is very important to do! The type of mattress you get plays a lot into how you will sleep at night. Some like it soft and cushioned (like me) and others like it firm (like husband). So why not get a mattress that provides support and comfort?

Since becoming a mom, my life can be busy at times, and that's completely okay with me , but I always try to find the most convenient of things, and with finding a mattress I wanted to see if  I could find one that not only was good but I could trust that when delivered I wasn't going to be skeptical about not trying it out first. So when we decided to go with a Viola Box Mattress, we were both surprised! I was skeptical at first because we didn't try it first and well it came in a box. I am happy to report that I was wrong and fully impressed by everything!
See our unboxing below!

We went with a medium firm twin mattress and are beyond impressed with it! The unpacking was simple and fun to watch, as we saw the mattress inflate it self. It wasn't bulky or difficult to roll out but the complete opposite. It had the fresh new mattress smell and when we laid on it, it was like laying on the fluffiest cloud! We literally laid on it for a while; I truly wished we had known about Viola Box before we got our mattress because its that soft and comfortable! Once we were done soaking in our new mattress, it was time to finish the other exciting half, decorating the guest bedroom!

 We assembled our bed frame and then got tot work on the decor which I had so much fun doing. I wanted it to be very welcoming so that when our guest came and stayed with us, they would feel right at home. We loved seeing warm pieces, adding nature into the room; and of course I had to take a nap on it and completely loved it so you I cant wait to hear what our family and friends thought of our new mattress; what I look forward to the most!

Let's be honest we are all looking forward to a great mattress, one that is affordable, easy to unpackage, and will give us the best night sleep we have ever gotten, and Viola Box Mattress will give you that and more! Below I have attached their website so you can find more information and I would love to hear if you have their mattress and what you think! Hope you love it as much as we do!

Voila Box Mattress Website

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Staying Refreshed/Hydrated with Welch's Grape Coconut Juice

 There are days where I want to getaway with the family and travel to a tropical destination and enjoy the beach, lay in the sun, and enjoy a nice refreshing drink. Anyone else?

Since working out for almost a month and a half I have been more health cautious of what I put into my body.  I've come to remember that it's so important to know what you put into your body, so I'm making sure that what I'm drinking is keeping me and my little family hydrated and filled with nutritious ingredients!

You've all heard of Welch's right, and have probably even had it in your fridge at moment. Well did you know that Welch's drinks are made with 100% juice, that includes the seeds, skin, everything! It's made right here in the USA and the with over 900 farmers, they carefully grow, make, and take care of what they grow so that what you drink is uniquely yummy and meets your taste buds needs. So it will be even more exciting when I tell you that they just released a brand new product that is extremely delicious!

Say hello to to Welch's Juice with Coconut water! Now before you think twice, keep reading, I'll tell you why this is the new IT drink to try for several reasons! If you you've been skeptical about coconut water, don't worry I have been too. I always thought it would taste gross and to be honest I didn't educate myself on the health benefits it has. But let me tell you that Welch's New Juice with Coconut Water tastes amazing! Welch's has 30% less sugar and coconut water which has naturally less sugar so can you imagen how healthy that drink is?!

Since I was little I have always been used to watering down my drink because the drink itself was very sugary and tasted way too sweet; and I love that I don't have to do this what Welch's Juice with Coconut Water. So to my momma's out theres no need to water down your child's drink, instead water up on their new drink with Coconut water!

I loved trying their Tropical Berry Grape and White Grape Mango, which made me feel like I was in paradise! Guys this drink not only has 30% less sugar but also has no artificial sweetener, 100 calories per serving, no artificial flavors added, and has 2 servings of fruit in every 8oz glass.The  nutritiousness value and delicious taste in Welch's Juice with Coconut Water is sold in stores nationwide and is something you definitely want to try! I love including it in mason's meals and into our lifestyle!

To find out more information head on over to the link below
Welch's Juice with Coconut Water

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Falling in Love with Fall- Sale you don't want to miss!

Fall officially started last Friday and I'm loving it (even though my first day was spent with a nasty stomach virus).  Here in Utah the days reach a high of mid 50's and low 40's a night, which means its time to start taking out those cardigans, long sleeve tee's, boots, and of course those pretty fall dresses that have been waiting in your closet for you to wear!

I'm a huge fall/winter lover. I mean the summer is great and all but I rather be nice and toasty then sweaty haha. Recently I went shopping at my newest boutique discovery, My Sister's Closet and fell head over heals at their entire shop! Their shop is filled with all the fall colors you could ever think of! From beautiful navy, maroon, mustard colors, to soft pinks and whites! I'm trying to shop for colors I don't have or have much of in my closet and so I was determined to find the perfect items! I even brought my mother in law with me and little mason to help me choose. You guys I walked away with the cutest items! They are breathable, stylish and oh so comfy that I am excited to share with you all how I styled them! Also keep reading to the bottom of this post to see details on an amazing sale with My Sister's Closet Boutique that you don't want to miss out on!

Look #1
I love pairing my Eliza Hem Dress in Navy with my over sized blanket scarf and ankle boots. Guys this outfit is beyond perfect for fall. This dress is very comfy and with the over sized blanket, I just feel like I can be cozy all day!

Look #2
I have paired my Kinlee knit cardigan in heather grey with my newest favorite fall color; mustard top! I even added more color to it and added a dark green infinity scarf to it! I am loving all the color in this outfit, maybe it's too much but I absolutely love it! I also of course had to finish this look with some blue jeans and a pair of high boots! This is probably my go to outfit in the fall; boots, jeans, and a cardigan. Simply love it!

Look #3
I decided to have wear my Eliza Hem Dress and my Kinlee Knit caridgan together because I loved the look of it and how well the colors of each piece matched together so perfectly. I've seen this style before where someone pairs a dress and a long caridgan and now I see why it's so cute, I'm going to do more of this with my cardigans and dresses! I also wore my ankle boots and added a few bracelets to help accessorize the look.

Look #4
The coziest of cozy! Sometimes I don't have time to get ready or simple don't feel like it #momlife #toddlerlife haha. So on those cloudy stay at home days, I just wear a pair of loungers or sweats, a baggy shirt and my Kinlee Knit Cardigan. To me this outfit says my outfit is cute and I'm wearing day old make up but the day is still good and I will accomplish what needs to be done lol.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, My Sister's Closet Boutique is having a GNO (Girl's Night Out) this Saturday 9/30! They will have refreshments, giveaways every 20 minutes, AND a sale on ALL NEW ITEMS!! So bring your girl friends, step away from the stress, and have a great time with them!!
ps: I've linked below the items I wore from My Sister's Closet Boutique

Monday, September 25, 2017

There Since The Beginning | Carter's Big Baby Giveaway

"This Post is sponsored by Carter's; however, all thoughts and opinions are expressed are my own."

I remember Rex and I walking into the ultrasound room, getting excited about what gender our little miracle was going to be. I remember that happiness we felt as the sweet lady told us I was going to have a boy; Rex and I knew it from the start! I remember going to the store and buying his first pair of boy jammies which were his first item! I couldn't help but always look at them and think that one day our little bundle of joy would be in them before we knew it.

Over time I noticed all the clothes I was buying were from Carters,they were affordable, too cute not to buy, and always had incredible sales! I swear if the price wasn't "good enough" the discount made it even better! If I am all about me being comfortable, I knew that I wanted Mason to be as well too. Their fabrics are soft, silky, and warm; making your little ones 100% always comfortable!

They've been there for Mason biggest moments in life, whether it was his coming home (hospital) outfit, his blessing, his first Halloween jammies, his first swim trunks, his first Christmas pj's and so much more! Believe me when I say this, they are my go to/ all time favorite place to shop when it comes to buying clothes for mason. So of course I wanted to tell you all about this amazing sale they are having today! Thought this post was just going to be about a sale you don't want to miss...NO! They are also having a Win Everyday Sweepstakes !! Best part of it is that there is no purchase necessary to enter!! Yes you heard me right!! Their win everyday sweepstakes runs from 9/25-10/2.Want to know what you could win?

  • Carter's Bodysuits for a year
  • Huggies Diapers, Wipes and little swimmers for a year
  • $200 to spend at Tiny Prints
  • Skip Hop Tuo High Chair
  • Skip Hop Explore & More Baby's View 3- Stage Activity Center and MORE!
Would't it be amazing to win one of those items! I know I would love it! Entry is simple, all you have to is take a minute and fill out the form and your set! To enter click and visit the link below

Are you tired of me telling you how adorable their baby boy/girl clothes are! 
I mean look how cute these items are!

They have the perfect  and original bodysuits for your child and have the most precious little newborn clothes!
I mean look at those chubby thigh roles!!

 There customer service is always great and I love their rewards program which seriously saves me major $$! I've been a loyal shopper of theirs and even get my friends who are expecting, gifts from their store. Did I mention we just bought a some cute fall outfits from Carter's? He looks ADORABLE! Carter's will always be my favorite place to shop and always hold a special place in my heart for being there from the beginning and being part of mason's biggest moments in life! I am wishing you all the best of luck to win and telling you this is something you don't want to miss out on! Let me know if you've entered and let's chat up some major carter's clothing love!

Here are some links to check out!
- (Start Shopping their Clothes) Shop Here -----> Carter's Clothes
- Find a store near you. -----> Store Locator 
-Win Every Day Sweepstakes Rules ----> Rules Link

Also look at the newest cutest clothes we just bought for mason! (Above and Below)