Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Favorites

I love sharing what my favorites are not only to keep track of past look's I have liked, but also to show you readers! This month's favorites is really all about skirts. Even though there are other items besides skirts in this post, they are something that I have been loving! For anyone who knows me my day-2-day wear in the summer is a skirt with a cute top or a dress. Not kidding last year I had 49 dresses..they should make another movie about that. I love dresses! There simply to wear, comfy, and you can dress it up casual or dressy! So here are my latest favorite prints for spring/summer! You can never go wrong with a floral skirt, I love the black and white striped skirt, Its making a come back that's for sure! I also love a good sequin skirt. I have lately loved everything glitter and sparkle and love that they are starting to make more variety of sequin clothing items! Then I got the cute Michael kors watch which is a must have!! I love the rose gold,  I love wearing it with everyday, it matches with everything! Then I chose a lose dress. They are more relaxed and don't hug to too much of you, which is great! I love that if you pair it with a pair of sandals and a few bracelets and even add a necklace, you will look very cute! Maybe its Spring and it's telling me that all I need to wear is print's but I have lately noticed myself getting more and more articles of clothing that have print's on them. Take for an example the polka dot shirt..just ordered that! To me this is what I would wear with those capri jeans below; on a beautiful spring day! Clothing is truly a work of art that we get to wear! Glad I could share my favorites with you, let me know if you have any questions, also follow, comment, and follow me on my social media sites!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The title says it all. Today's post will be a big melting pot as in there won't be a real focused topic on today's blog. I want to give a life update and some things that I've been loving lately. As my husband and I were laying down on our comfy little couch last night we realized how fast time is flying by! We've only been married for over 8 months but wow is our one year anniversary coming up quick! Hopefully it's not just me but time goes by so fast! More than ever I have lately started to just relax and take in all the little things. I have grown to admire the little moments in life that make me the happiest.

Did I mention I have one more month of school left over?! I'm ready for the summer!!

I've also recently started only shopping on boutiques or websites..I find the best deals and most unique items on them!! Here are my favorites!
Eleventh Avenue 

Shop and Apparel

Mindy Mae's Market 

My husband and I (well more me convincing my husband that we need one) haha that we are going to add a little furry animal to the family. We hope to get a kitten, and I couldn't be more excited. Even though we wont get him/she till the beginning of next year its still very exciting to think about!
Well that's all for today!! Till next time

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Focus for the Summer

For those that know me I have a love for crafts! I love thinking of ideas to make something beautiful. In the past I have made my own wreaths, made flower crowns, and stockings! I recently started getting interested in re-doing old furniture. I love the fact of using something old and making it beautiful again, even putting your own taste into it! Also its less inexpensive then buying something full price right?! Well this Summer I have a project I've been thinking about doing. I have a garden and even though there plants and grass I think it would be cute to add a little furniture! I want to use palette(s) and create a pallet lounge bed! I can already imagine myself laying reading a book, relaxing in the sun, or just having a fun picnic with my husband! Here is what I plan on it sort of looking like

I'm most likely going to paid the palette itself but I cant wait to add colorful pillows to make it comfortable to lay/sit on! Other projects I have in store for Summer is to increase my knowledge with photography. For those who have read I recently started becoming more interested with photography. I have a lot to learn still but I want to learn more about photography! Who know's if I end up being a professional photography, for now it's a exciting new hobby of mine, and cant wait to take more photos of beautiful people and there special occasions! I also plan on blogging more! I want to at least post one a week, maybe twice. I cant wait for what's in store for Summer!