Thursday, January 16, 2020

Newborn essentials (#2)

Hi there! Sorry I've been not consistent in blogging, but I'm making it a goal to blog twice a month and go up from there sometimes. So even though Isabella is now 7 months old, I've finally compiled my newborn must haves..well round 2 haha.

I went ahead and made my own mittens since I love sewing and it was super easy to make! I followed this mittens pattern! Mittens are so good to have when you have a newborn (even to infant if they can keep them on) because its so sad to see them scratch their faces! Target,Walmart, and pretty much any store that sells baby items have them!

Burp cloth
You'll always need a burp cloth especially if you have a baby that spits up a lot! Mason didn't have this problem but Isabella did and so glad it's slowed down, nevertheless I still carry around a burp cloth with me! I especially love my Little Birdie Ink burp cloths because how soft/durable/ and cute they are! They have several patterns and the owner is such a sweetheart! Here's a code "Birdie30" for your next purchase!

Tubby Todd
You probably heard me rave about this company, and it's only because of how much I stand by their products! I've used their product since mason was little with their shampoo, lotion, and bubble bath! I also have their baby fresh spray that I literally put on everything because it smells SOOOO GOOD and also purchased their all over ointment that I love using for Mason's and Isabella's sensitive skin! It has helped our skin so much and love how safe and clean they are for our family!
Tubby Todd Website

Saline drops and booger sucker
These two items go hand in hand because unfortunately sometimes babies get stuffy noses and it's so hard to remove those pesky little boogies. Heck I've even used these two items when mason was past one! I get my saline drops from Little Remedies and get a booger sucker from Target.. some hospitals even give you on or let you take one home, so don't forget to ask about that before leaving the hospital! Baby won't like it much but it will definitely make a difference!

Rafe and moose swaddle
Want to know how many of these amazingly soft blankets I have?? Let's just say my collection is growing and it ain't stoppin! Not only are the buttery soft but also work for either summer or winter and the biggest swaddle I have ever seen so it grows with your kid! My toddler even loves still using his haha. The shop owner is amazing and they have multiple colors to choose from!

A good diaper bag
Going to keep this short and sweet because in my opinion it worth investing in a good diaper bag. I had a shoulder purse like diaper bag for mason and it was so inconvenient and my shoulder was always usually sore. So I found the Freshly Picked Diaper bag and so happy about my purchase. I needed a diaper bag that allowed me to be hands free, since I got two kids.. had several pockets, had a much of space but not making it overall huge! If you want to see a review / what's in my diaper bag then check out the video below

What's in my Diaper Bag video feat. Freshly Picked

Milk catcher 
I don't remember this being around when I had mason but sure am happy I found out about before having Isabella because I love this item when Isabella was newborn and even used it past that! Behold the milk catcher as I like to call it, but officially called HaaKaa breast pump. This genius item not only is for hand expressing but also for catching your let down!! I hated how much milk I lost when I began nursing and how I wish I could save that milk, so when I was told about this item from UnderCover Mama I immediately had to get it. Right as my milk production was coming in and after I love using the HaaKaa because I was able to save and store milk. Even though it was a couple ounces, it quickly added up! Do yourself a favor and get this item!
Buy Haakaa Breast Pump

Wrap / Sling
I had a wrap with mason but never could figure it out I don't know if it was the brand or I wasn't doing it right; but I was gifted a sling for Isabella from WildBird and love it soo much! It's incredibly easy to use and perfect when you have a newborn because they love being close to you! A wrap or sling allows you to be hands free while cleaning the house, going on a walk, or even getting grocery shopping done! So happy I got one and tried again because wow was it a game changer! I even still use my sling now and Isabella still loves it!
Baby Wraps
WildBird Ring Slings

Knotted gown
This is an item that I wished I had gotten when mason was a newborn because of how useful this clothing item was! I love knotted gown and Isabella has several of them because a newborn sleeping with a blanket is a safe hazard, knotted gown allow your little ones feet to be covered acting like they have a blanket! Some knotted Gown even have mittens attached to it so you can cover their hands as well! Did I mention how easier it is to change them!

Portable Sleeper/Dockatot
Whether you travel much or want to have a mini bed for your baby, I highly recommend getting a portable sleeper like the Dockatot. Yes it may be a little expensive but it really comes in handy! Your baby will love sleeping in this, perfect for on the go without dragging along heavy bulky port-a-crib , easy to wash, comfy, and worth every dollar!


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids-2019

With Christmas a month away, I thought why not quickly share a list of what I recommend giving your kids for Christmas! Some of these items I have shared before (and that's only because I really love them, haha!)
So without further a due, here it is!

1) Bookroo

They are a monthly subscription kids book club company that empowers parents to create a collection of books for your kids that are curated for your child's age and growth! Mason  has loved these books so much where you can see how well they are loved haha and Isabella loves looking at the big pictures in her books that are perfect for her age! Mason has always loved reading and so glad that Bookroo agrees that it is never too early to start reading to your children! The more books the better, right!? They have board books, picture books and chapter books! It truly is a great gift for your kids that they are even wrapped, so you don't have to!! We love our new favorites and know you will love this company as much as we do!
  USE CODE: "MERRYRICHES" for 15% off , code expires Dec.25
 See More options and information on their website Bookroo Website

2) Little Wedgies
I just recently purchased our first little set of little wedgies outfits for both my kids and love how soft and adorable they are! The are perfect for Christmas presents for your little one and love how affordable they are as well! The owners are also so friendly and sweet.
Little Wedgies Website

3) Mary Meyers Stuffed Toys

You can never go wrong with a stuffed toy as a gift and especially these adorable soft toys from Mary Meyer! That have every animal you could ever think of and not only have the cutest toys but also have swaddles, teething toys , bibs, little soft books and more! I cant wait to give her these little gifts from them on Christmas! Isabella just loves her stuffed toys because their perfect to cuddle and play with! I got her these swan items and a kitty as well! USE CODE “VALENTINA15” for 15% off

Mary Meyer Stuffed Toy website

4) Freshly Picked
I have loved Freshly picked shoes ever since I found I was pregnant with Mason and they have been our favorite brand to go to when it comes to picking out the perfect shoes for my kids! We even just bought Isabella her first pair and will buy the kids another pair for Christmas! They are so affordable, comfortable, easy to put on, and come in several styles and designs (even cute characters that your kids may be into!)  Ps: They will have a great Black Friday Sale of 30% off site wide and other amazing deals! So stay tuned
Freshly Picked Website

5) Saranoni Luxury Blanket
These blankets are ultra soft! I already have it as a must buy for the little ones and the great thing about them is that you can also get them for anyone in the family! I have heard such great reviews and that you'll immediately love them because of how soft and cuddly they are! Also they are having a Black friday sale with 25% off site wide (45% off with doorbusters)
Saranoni Website

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Isabella's Birth Story

I'm finally getting to it everyone, haha finally made the time to post Isabella's birth story! Isabella is now 4 months and growing bigger and bigger everyday!

Introducing Isabella Mae Riches

She was born on June 14th at 10:30 at night and the most darling little girl I had ever seen! She immediately stole our hearts when she entered this world and can't imagine life without her! Mason is obsessed with her and loves telling people that she's his sister!

So let me tell you a little bit about that special day! I was induced (unlike my birth with mason) .. I had family coming in on a certain date and didn't want to be in the hospital when they were here, and I was also a week overdue and my doctor didn't want me to go more over. It was a Friday at 11am when we finally got the call from the hospital that we could come in. I remember that day so well. I had already anticipated the day before that friday was going to be the day and so we made sure we had everything set for the next day. We ate our last family of 3 breakfast and decided to go on a walk to the park. We were also about to head out to another park to meet rex's family for a little family gathering...right then at the first park just us three I got the call. We walked back home and loaded up the car and drove to rex's parent's house where mason would be spending his time at while we were in the hospital.

As we drove to the hospital I couldn't help but tear up thinking about this change our family would have and how it would affect mason. I was so nervous and I really had nothing to be worried about because mason loved talking about her and would even talk to my stomach asking bella to come out haha. But I was nervous. I was nervous mason would think I replaced him.. that he would become jealous because after 3 years of just him, I would be sharing my attention with someone else. Ah the nerves were real and I suppose that other mother's also have these thoughts. Even though I was nervous I was also excited for what was going to happen. Mason was going to gain a new best friend, someone to play with, a new member to join our family!

What's silly is that prior to being induced I never really felt real contractions. I just had braxton hick contraction which I never experienced with mason, I had lost my mucus plug but that was it! So when we arrived at the hospital I was ready to get things started! We arrived at almost noon and were settled into our room. I was given pitocin to start the labor process and those contractions happen fast. Not so much in pain but I started at almost a 2 (dilated) and my contraction started coming in quick. I wasn't really feel them pain wise but could feel my stomach tightening. Every two hours the nurse would check me and let me tell you how that first check it was very brutally uncomfortable!! Bella started moving up high and so it was hard to check how effaced I was and it was like this heat overcame my body as she was checking because I literally thought her whole arm was inside of me .. haha sorry for that image, but It really felt like that.

A couple of hours had past and I was lucky enough to get some yummy graham crackers and apple juice before the epidural. I wish I would of known to eat before arriving at the hospital because man was I HUNGRY!! Then it was time to break my water and insert the catheter . When they broke my water it felt warm and felt like something had popped which is exactly what happened.  More hours had past and 9 came around and I started to notice that my contraction were getting stronger. When I had been checked last I was dilated to a 4. As 10 pm was approaching I was able to start really moving my legs and even could lift them up! The contraction were 1/2 minutes apart and I was pushing the epidural button and felt like it wasn't working. The pain (like birth is) was getting more intense. I started breathing techniques with the help of my husband and the nurse. I kept asking the nurse why the epidural wasn't working and they really didn't know why. She said would call the anesthesiologist so they could give me a higher dose to see if that would help. As we were waiting for the anesthesiologist the nurse decided to check me again and as I looked at the nurses face I saw the look of shock.. she said I dilated at a ten and I just start laughing! I mean I know that birth is a pain (but beautiful) experience but I laughed that I felt like I wasn't crying for nothing haha, I mean I was at a 10 and my epidural and worn off completely! I was feeling every little bit of my contractions! Rex and I and the nurse were so shocked at how progressed I was. And then that's when things got even more real... the nurse said she's coming and all these nurses start coming in and prepping the room. The nurse called my obgyn and told him that it was time! I kept telling Rex how I hoped that she would get here safely.

The anesthesiologist quickly came into the room as they were just starting to get the room together and gave me another dose, just enough to not focus on the pain but on me pushing and my labor. We started out practice pushing, my obgyn came in and we started actually pushing.  I said a prayer out loud that I hope she got here safely and everything went okay. We rex's and the my whole team of nurses and doctor I was very supported, felt so much help, strength and felt incredibly focused. I pushed for about ten minutes and she was out. I kept saying "my angel, my angel".  Here was this little angel sent down from heaven that we yearned to have and she was so beautiful, innocent, and the most precious thing in this world. We fell in love all over again with another miracle in our lives! I also truly felt like I had also just given birth to mason again! She looked so much like her brother! She had dark hair, cute little cheeks, and the tiniest of fingers!

 After a couple of hours of a immediate skin to skin , cuddling with daddy and mommy , we were all moved to the recovery room. We were still obsessing (and it never stopped) over our little girl and I immediately felt so hungry! It was around 1 am and luckily the hospital cafeteria was still open and I ate the most delicious bacon hamburger ever!! The bacon was the best part because it was perfectly crispy and tasted soooo good!

Then after we were able to get as much rest as you can expect with nurses popping in every couple of hours and honestly I didn't was to sleep because I was just in love with our Isabella! Once morning came we got the call that mason had woken up and we were all ready for him to come meet his little sister! Our photographer at @cieraleavittphotography  was on her way and Isabella was getting her first bath!

I must say that I could have not envisioned a better moment that when mason met his baby sister for the first time! He immediately saw her and was so happy, he looked in her hospital basket and said bella with such a big smile on his face! I immediately started tearing up because it was truly a beautiful special moment that stood still that I would always remember. I loved looking at mason's face as he stared in aw at his sister and him just become a big brother! He looked at her with so much love, it melted all of our hearts! He got to hold her several times and would point to her and say bella my sister!! I just love my boy so much and again the meeting between these two couldn't be more perfect!

Once everyone left we just continued for another day to relax and make sure Isabella and I were clear to go. Going home felt so nice but I also loved my hospital stay! My recovery was good and so thankful for the family and friends who helped out, brought meals, and even picked up mason so he get out of the house. She is such a healthy girl and has some similar qualities and some very different ones haha. She loves to sleep and only wakes mommy up once a night, likes bath time now, was a little colicy in the beginning and breastfeeding is going very well , is not not as calm as her brother lol. But she's our perfect little beautiful girl and we are so in love with our Isabella Mae and so blessed to have her in our family!

Hospital gown from Lates by Kate
Isabella's Swaddle from Lou Lou and Company

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mason's Birthday / 3 Year Update

I'm pretty sure I have started every post like this but how in the world is my baby 3 years old! It truly baffles me how fast time has gone and that he isn't a baby anymore but is truly growing up as such a big boy! This year like every year has gone by fast! We have some downs but this boy is all about bring up's to our lives.

Where shall I start. Mason's personality is truly showing more and more everyday and we keep on loving it! Everyone in this world is his friend. It doesn't matter what age the person is or boy or girl this boy loves making friends with everyone. Whether or not he's met them yet he calls them his friends already and I think it's the sweetest thing! He loves talking and loves getting into a deep long conversation with you. He can explore anywhere and what place or area may seem boring to others, this kid knows who to make the place fun! He also has such a creative mind and loves playing make believe! Mason probably like any toddler has so much energy that you really wish you had some of because can this boy play for hours and never get tired, up until mom says its time for bed haha.

I say this to anyone but mason truly has such a caring, kind, and loving heart! He is deeply concerned if someone is upset and will say the cutest words to make you feel better! He loves giving hugs and will be a complete goof ball all day long!

This year he has come to love cereal, continues to love cookies, loves pj masks, loves spiderman, captain america, and iron man! He loves watching paw patrol and will take any chance to dress up and be a superhero and loves wrestling daddy!

He continues to love jumping off stuff and be fearless! He has learned how to swim and is water safe thanks to aquatics academy! We've traveled multiple states and learned that mason does great with long car rides (9 hours to be exact) lol.
He loves to dance, he loves to laugh, be adventurous , socialize, and more he is our happy little boy!

We've also gone through scary situation and recently learning mason is allergic to mostly dog and horses but also a little cats. He has had breathing problems when around these animals and has had asthma as well. It's broken our hearts seeing our boy struggle to breath and have to rely on a machine to help him breath better but we are happy to have solutions on how to help him and know whats causing them.

Since I was 9 months pregnant we decided to throw a smaller party and hung up a avengers banner, got him a couple balloons and I even made him a captain america shield cake and he was obsessed with it all! We loved celebrating another big year for and also thanks to baby sister for staying in mommys tummy so that her brother could have his day!

We love our little boy so much and we are forever blessed to have him in our lives! Thank you mas for making us parents are for always being a light in our lives!

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Two baby Items all parents should have! - Review

"I received product compliments of Dockatot and Binxy Baby"

I remember when I was pregnant with Mason how overwhelmed I was by all the baby products, I mean there is literally thousands of baby items and several different kinds of each item in there own category. I think the reason why there are so many options is because each kid is different and will react to a certain product differently. Like with pacifiers and bottles, we definitely did our share of trying different brands until we found the one mason liked. But I have never really heard about an item that really caters or works for every kid. Well let me tell you I found it and I think all parents should have this item, whether it's your first kid or your last..this item has become my favorite!

Let me tell you about the Dockatot; sound familiar? Well it's basically in every store that carries baby products (Target, Buy Buy Baby).  Dockatot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger. There's two sizes of loungers, 0-8 months and 9-36 months. It's 100% cotton, breathable material, perfect for toddlers transitioning into a bigger bed, and has the ideal micro-climate for babies!

So when we received our Dockatot for our little girl we couldn't wait to try it out for ourselves and see what everyone is raving about. When we first received our package , Mason was so excited to help me out  with carrying the prettiest package I have ever received.

 It was beautifully wrapped! I honestly didn't even want  to take it out of the packaging because that's how pretty it was haha. I couldn't wait till our little bella arrived to have her start using it! Now fast forward two weeks later and she uses it daily! It truly is the best baby item! We love using it! She sleeps in it and sometimes lays in it for fun during the day. And we also got the toy arch where she can stare at the black and white stripes, look at the cute little figurines, and soon get to play with them. She loves watching them swing back and worth! I really think it reminds her of the womb because of how cozy and (in a good way) squishy it is. Heck I wish these came in an adult size because I would sleep in this every night!

I love seeing her so relaxed and happy in her dockatot and wish I would of gotten one for Mason! Who knew this would easily become one of my favorite baby products and I'll be definitely getting one when she grow out of it and goes onto the next size!

Check out more
Also get $10 off your dockatot purchase using the link below

 Now unto my second item that is truly one of the best baby inventions in the entire planet... that's right in the planet!! The Binxy Baby! It is a hammock to make all shopping trips easier! I recently took Isabella to Target (where else) and I was stopped 5 or more times by moms asking me what it was and how genius of a item it was. I of course had to tell them!

She slept the entire time, was so comfy, and it literally made shopping so much easier because I didn't have to bring her car seat and have the groceries surrounding her. Doesn't it sound genius!? Like who knew you could enjoy grocery trips with kids! I look forward to all them now! It fits most shopping carts, it holds car seat and up to 50 pounds in weight, you can use it until there 8 months old, it's safety tested, has the cutest print options and can fit the big Costco cart! So now that I told you how amazing this item is , go get yourself or your up and coming mommy this! I can already see you, or them loving it as much as I do!
Plus get 10% off all products using the code below in the link

Take a look at their website here
Binxy Baby Website
Instagram : @shopbinxy

Thursday, May 23, 2019

10 Pregnancy Essentials for any trimester!

Can you believe there's 3 weeks left or less until baby girl arrives! This pregnancy has flown by faster than when I was pregnant with Mason. I mean maybe having a busy toddler has helped but I just can't wrap my head around that we meet her in less than three weeks! I have seen many post about their favorite pregnancy favorites and so I thought why not join in and tell you my personal pregnancy favorites, that I've used with my first pregnancy or just started using with this pregnancy. So here you are, a list of my pregnancy must-haves for ANY trimester!

1. House Dress- First off why I haven't I discovered this amazing pieces of clothing before?! It truly is one of my favorite items I have in my wardrobe because of the many uses it has! I have 5 house dresses and don't plan on stopping! You can them at a variety of shops like Nesting Olive , Lates by Kate (which is what I will be wearing in the hospital) , Dwell and Slumber , Lounge and Liv , Undercover Mama (Use link:House Dress Link )
These dresses are bump friendly, nursing friendly, and you can even wear them out of the house! I wear mine all the time!

2. Maternity Leggings- This is a staple in my wardrobe especially because my pregnancy has been mostly in the cold season. But I love my maternity leggings. First off always I mean always go for the pair that go over your belly, because then you don't have to worry about them falling down and having to constantly pull them up, and they work with your growing belly too! I know many who always wear maternity leggings in the summer and it honestly works great for any season!

3. Stretch Mark Cream-  I'm still on a mission to find the most effective stretch mark cream, but so far the one that has shown some difference would be the Burt's Bee's Cream and the Palmer's Cocoa Stretch Mark Cream. Not only does this help prevent and reduce the sign of stretch mark's (if you keep up with it) but also keeps your skin moisturized and lessens itchy skin that comes with pregnancy.

4. Water bottle- I'll admit I don't drink as much water as I need to especially in the last trimester, none there less it's so important to drink water! Drinking water is important for you and baby so this item is a must to have!

5. Prenatal Medicine/Tums- You've probably been told by your doctor to always take your prenatal vitamins because of the benefits it gives you and baby before, during, and after pregnancy! I like to call it my strength gummy, because of how strong it makes me and will make my baby! Also tums... now this depends if you are unfortunate soul like myself that has acid reflux. It's no joke how much acid reflux has hit me this pregnancy. I take them all the time and they truly do help! Acid reflux can really occur in any trimester so it's really up to your pregnancy when they hit, hense why their good for any trimester. (Ps: I've been told that pickle juice or vinegar help too, but that's just too gross for me)

6. Journal- I have loved looking back at each pregnancy and seeing what happened during a certain time or seeing how this pregnancy and my first are different and even post pregnancy! I think is fun looking back and getting nostalgic! So this is a favorite of mine because of the memories I write and can remind myself and share with others!

7. Fetal Doppler- Now this item isn't necessary but I have loved having mine and wished I had it with mason because of how calm it made me. Some may say that it makes you dependable on it and that's not good but honestly you do what you want. Whenever I would worry about the baby (especially during the first trimester ) or wanted for fun to hear baby's heartbeat I pulled this awesome device and would always be overcome with happiness! I feel like its affordable and a fun machine to have!

8. Comfortable shoes-  I've been the person to not wear appropriate shoes sometimes... as in wearing sandals when it snows or just wearing sandals when I could of worn a shoe that would benefit my feet more. So at the start of this pregnancy, I told myself that having a pair of shoes that were good for my feet was a must! I took out my Nike's (that were gathering dust lol) and after a couple of days I started feeling changes with my feet! As I have progressed in pregnancy I've seen how much I love comfortable shoes and how I've felt compared to last pregnancy! So if you aren't already, invest in some really comfortable shoes and I promise your feet will thank you!

9. Pregnancy Pillow- Trust me when I say that eventually as your tummy grows, it will start to get real uncomfortable! Not only will it be harder to pick things up, tie your shoes, or simply get up.. but it will also be harder to be comfortable when laying down, especially when your sleeping! It's either you can't find a position that's comfortable, your baby's having a dance party, or that your stomach isn't supported enough. So if you don't want to invest in the maternity pillow (that I like using) then gather all your pillows, maybe steal your man's (it's for the baby) and hopefully that will help you get a better night's sleep:)

10. Snack- That's right you always need a snack on hand. Let me tell you whether it's the first trimester and you don't feel like eating, a snack (in my choice a chocolate granola bar was my pick) it always good to have something on hand to get you through until the next big meal. I wish I had carried more snack with me when I was pregnant with mason but this time around I have. Try and choose something with protein or more nutritional value. You will be happy to have that snack on hand:)

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why hello Third Trimester!

Can you believe I'm already in the third trimester?! I know I sure can't! As of today I am 30 weeks and 2 days! 10 weeks left until we meet baby girl and we're all so excited! So last time I updated you all I was at the half way point (20 weeks) I was in my second trimester and so happy to be over the nausea stage. So let me update you what's happened in the last 10 weeks:)

Since 20 weeks I feel baby sis everyday and in the last few day she given me some , how I like to call them "hey mom I'm here, I'm here" *hard kicks* "okay just making sure you can feel my movements" haha. She loved hiccuping and loves moving especially at night when momma is trying to get some sleep. I've also recently entered the uncomfortable to sleep phase of pregnancy and I'm sure for the next 10 weeks or more (after she arrives) sleep will be a faded memory haha. I switch sides so much, I'm pretty sure I never did this much tossing and turning when I was pregnant with Mason.
(me at 28 weeks)

As for symptoms I've been feeling, I feel like the only two are almost everyday acid reflex (tums are my bestie) and frequent urination! Speaking of that haha, if you follow me on Instagram you know I had a little water breaking scare. It's embarrassing so I will make it short and sweet haha. I was in the kitchen and I sneezed and all of a sudden this good amount of liquid plops of the kitchen floor and I mean plops.... soon after I had noticed my hips were feeling uncomfortable (maybe I also thought that it was just a pregnancy symptom) I call my obgyn and they told me to monitor myself and just make sure I wasn't leaking more fluid...anyways time passed and nothing happened... turns out it wasn't my water breaking but something else..which you probably could guess what that was haha. Ah man it was truly an embarrassing pregnancy moment that happens to a lot of preggo mommas haha, so yeah that little scare was fun.

As for cravings, I've been craving avocado quesdilla burritos. If you've been around since mason's pregnancy then you would know that avocado, I, and mason didn't agree. Even when I got out of the nausea phase with mason and I had the tiniest amount of avocado I would immediately be sick. So since finding out that girly is totally fine with me eating avocado, I have it for lunch almost everyday! It's so good and probably gross to a lot of you but hey it's my craving. I have also been loving a bowl of cereal as my treat...yummmmyyy!!

I haven't felt that many charlie horses so far (knock on wood) so that's a plus! Baby girl is doing great, she is healthy and her heart rate is good! I did also take my glucose test and PASSED IT, woo hoo! I was a 99, but I am a little anemic so I will have to take iron supplements until baby girl is born.

 I also had a baby sprinkle a couple of weeks ago and it was honestly just so fun relaxing and spending time with people who already love baby so much! We got so many cute girly item that I just can't wait to put her in , so thank you to all that came!! Mason even got to practice his future brother duties and a couple of babies that spent the weekend with us, it was soo fun and cute seeing his interaction with them and went they went somewhere he would ask "where are my babies" lol super cute, so it definitely made me more at ease that having a sibling may just be smooth (hopefully..crossing fingers haha)

Now that it's the month of April here's what will be happening... We will be painting sister's room, spring cleaning, organizing mason's closet (where her clothes and items will be until mason moves into his new room) , planting strawberries and flowers around the home, and at the very last week of April I will be packing my hospital bag(you'll be seeing a video of what will be in it as well) ! There's so many exciting things happening in the next couple of months and also my first and OG baby mason is turning 3 also! We can't wait for you all to continue on this exciting journey of us growing our family and can't wait to share more!