Saturday, March 16, 2019

4 Activities to do with your toddler Indoors

 Ever since mason started walking he's been an energetic busy busy boy haha. He loves to run, jump, dance, climb, you name it, this kid has the energy for it haha. I always loved personally being a busy person.  Don't get me wrong there are times when I want to stay home like just having a baby, our family being sick, or having morning sickness. But I always try to make a goal of leaving the house at least once a day. And since becoming a mother, I want that goal to be set to my kids or at least try you know. So during the summer that's no problem at all. We have days filled with going on walks, going to the park, mason having swimming lessons, or us just relaxing outside in the backyard. But I bet many of you agree that it can be hard to keep those little active kids some what entertained when its cold/snowing/raining outside or you just don't feel like leaving the house am I right? So I complied a list of activities to do with your (toddler aged kid) indoors that will surely entertain them in educational and fun ways! Also keep reading until the end to hear about a favorite item I share from a favorite brand of mine!

1) Hidden Figures Sandbox

I got these little buckets of colorful sand last summer at Target's dollar section for $3 and I immediately had to buy them because I knew that they would fun to use one day. All you have to do is grab yourself a bucket or container and fill it with any sand like material you want. I got this clear container at the dollar store and filled it with little dinosaur figures and mix them with the sand. The buckets of colorful sand I had bought came with molds so that was a great plus to add. Mason was a little unsure of the texture but eventually liked finding the figures and making molds of the sand. You can buy the sand at Target, Walmart, or any craft store. Such a fun activity for both indoors and outdoors to make your child feel like their at the beach exploring for new treasure!

2) Sponge shape Artwork

I honestly think this was Mason's favorite activity just because the large amount of artwork he made! I had bought an assortment of different color washable paints when mason was little that knew I would use them in the future at Target for such a great price. You can buy washable  kid safe paints really anywhere. We then bought a canvas at the dollar spot and used regular printing paper in case mason wanted more. I also bought a different assortment pack of sponges that I believe are meant to be used for art work at Walmart and then  a 4 pack (different colors) regular dish washing sponges at the dollar store. I cut the pack from the dollar store into a different variety of shapes
and filled a disposable muffin tin (also bought at the dollar store) with paint in each spot. I then added the stick sponges to the paint and laid out the sponges next to the canvas/paper. Mason had a blast and loved playing with paint. Now since this is paint though washable, it can get messy, so I definitely suggest putting newspaper around your artwork space (definitely wished I had done that haha)! It's a great way for the kids to learn about colors, shapes, and expand their creativity. We loved it!!

3) Colorful Cloud

I almost feel like this was a little science activity in some way, just because of how cool it was an how I never would of thought to do this myself haha. So all you need it 1/2 cup water or fill half of your medium/large container with water. You will need a clean bowl or cup in order to see the magic happen. Then grab yourself shaving cream (got mine at the dollar store) and will need either an eye dropper or like us we used a medicine syringe. I also cut the bottom of plastic bottles to create mini cups to use for our different colored water. We added 4 drops of food coloring to our little cups of water and added a good amount of shaving cream to the top of the water (forming it to a cloud like shape) of our large clear cup/bowl/container. And that's basically it, everything is simple from there. Just fill your dropper with the colored water and empty the dropper on top of the shaving cream and watch the colored water melt into the shaving cream and slowly go down into the water! It's such a cool experience for your kids to watch the colors mix and in an artistic way melt into the water slowly. It's honestly can be very beautiful too!

4) Coloring Snow
Now if your like us we live in a state where we get snow during winter. This was the easiest and hardly spent anything on this activity! All you will need is snow, a clear container, paint brushes, a small amount of water  and of course paint. I used plastic cups to use for my colored water. I added a good amount of paint to the bottom of the cups and added water. Remember the less water you add the stronger and more variant the colored water will be. And that's about it. Let them dip the paint brushes into the colored water and watch them make a blank white snow into a colorful work of art! Luckily this time I remembered to put down newspaper around our work space! Mason loved it and so did momma!

Mason spent so much time doing everyone of these fun activities and loved explaining what he was doing and sharing with me what he was learning like his colors, shapes, and especially loved showing off his artwork! There's so many other activities you can do with your kids indoors and it doesn't even  need to be a big activity , because one of the things I've learned about being a mother is that kids can be entertained by the smallest things. Find more activities on the web or pinterest and be sure to tell me your favorite activities to do indoors with your kids/toddlers! Hope to share more ideas/favorites in the future!

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Choosing the right toothbrush for you!

Anyone else have a fear of the dentist, no? Well hey good for you, honestly! I wish I didn't feel nervous every time I went to the dentist office. It's the drilling that gets me tense! If I could I would avoid it.. but I also like to have my teeth healthy and clean, so when my orthodontist recommended me to switch for a regular tooth brush to an electric tooth brush because they are better for you for several reasons! I then knew I had to get my hands on one fast, especially because it is even more recommended for those who are pregnant to keep their teeth extra clean!

So when I heard about Smile Brilliant a family-owned company that has set out to provide professional quality teeth whitening; and now has recently released their first electric toothbrush, I was quickly impressed by its features (that I've never seen on any others, like my husbands electric toothbrush) and had to get my hands on one!

I must admit that it's hard to picture a regular old toothbrush really taking care of your teeth and doing great work. But with the Smile Brilliant, it basically does the work for you! You have 5 modes to choose from such as: clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive. So whichever your needing your teeth to be improved on, you have several options to choose from. Again it really does the work for you! Other amazing facts about the cariPRO electric toothbrush is that it has is a 30 day battery life (fully charged), its waterproof meaning you can most certainly take a shower and brush your teeth at the same time! Hello multi-tasking!! They also have a wireless charging dock, which I think it's super cool because I've never seen that before. It even has an auto-interval timer for even & timed brushing, which is another great feature I love because I and I think other people certainly don't really know how long to brush. It's like your little friend that reminds you and wants to make sure your well taken care of..well at least your teeth are haha. 

In my package I received the individual package that includes the ultrasonic toothbrush + 2 replacements + wireless charging dock, but that's not all. You can also choose from their deluxe package which has the same items but has 4 replacements or you can also choose from the couples package that has 2 cariPRO electronic brushes, 4 electric toothbrush heads and 2 charging docks.  It also comes with an instruction manual. You also get a 2 year their customer service is amazing! Did I mention that Smile Brilliant's cariPRO is also AFFORDABLE!! So don't even bother worrying about the cost because let me tell you, they beat other electric tooth brushes!

As someone who has never used an electronic tooth brush I saw a major change in my teeth.  I've used my cariPRO for almost 2 months already and they feel cleaner, whiter, and less sensitive! I literally have thrown my toothbrushes away because I can't picture going back! Even my husband was impressed by their toothbrush and can't wait to get his hands on his own lol. As a mom who is always on the go-go with her toddler and currently expecting, it's sometimes difficult to find the time to really put all your attention into your teeth, but even the couple of times that I've done a quick brushing, my teeth still feel amazing! 

I almost feel like my whole view on oral health has spiked and changed! I mean we brush our teeth every day twice a day and mason does too but the cariPRO has changed the way I brush my teeth and I am so happy about the experience I've had so far! I even can't wait for my next dentist appointment (did I just say that haha?) so my orthodontist can tell me how great my teeth look and that he's also seen a difference from switching to an electronic toothbrush! Thank you cariPRO for really changing my teeth! 

If you want to read more info about the cariPro and Smile Brilliants other products, visit their website down below! I promise you'll love it!

Also you didn't think I was going to leave you without giving some kind of gift now did you? I have also partnered up with Smile Brilliant to give one lucky winner a free cariPRO package!  Receive 5 entries by commenting below what feature or mode you are impressed by with the cariPRO!

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CariPRO Electronic Toothbrush
Smile Brilliant's Website

Follow them on Instagram @smilebrilliant

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Half Way There- Baby Girl Update!!

I've been a little MIA lately and there's a great reason for it! If you follow me on social media you may have seen that we announced we were pregnant in November and our baby was due in June 2019! We had been trying for almost a year (11 months) . It was hard for me to talk about it with others because I knew others had tried longer, but a friend had told me that It was still okay for me to be sad and after 3 rounds of chlomid we got pregnant!

We are and still overjoyed about having another child and especially excited to see mason become a big brother!!  I found out I was pregnant on the exact date I found out I was pregnant with Mason (October 1st) and if you cant believe it like I couldn't, baby will be born not too many day after masons birthday; haha I'm hoping they don't share a birthday. Then in December we found out we are having  GIRL!! I was hoping for a boy for mason but also very  excited to have one of each, and if I'm being totally honest, I've already bought baby girl clothes and I'm just obsessing about all baby
girl items!

My first trimester was rough, and if you have followed me since mason's pregnancy, then you know that I also had nausea and it was bad, but guys this pregnancy has been worse when it comes to nausea. I wasn't able to hold anything down and even worse I couldn't hold down liquid. I had days where I was very dehydrated, weak, and the toilet was my best friend (unfortunately) . I didn't want to take a chance and almost black out like I did with mason, so I called my doctor and they prescribed me a heavier nausea medication. That helped so much and I was able to hold down meals and got some energy back which was AMAZING! I literally pretty much just ate toast, apple sauce, and ginger ale the entire first trimester. But now that I'm halfway into my pregnancy, I am feeling loads better and so relieved to be out of the first trimester!

Now unto second trimester (so far) update. I started feeling baby girl at 14 weeks and several movements from then to 17ish weeks, then the movements got less frequent, and I was starting to worry a little. I also knew that I wasn't laying down as much or really paying attention to the movements because I also have a toddler who needs my attention so I didn't have as much down time like I did with mason's pregnancy. I am currently 20 weeks and a half and this past weekend when I was still getting worried of not feeling her much, her movements became more noticeable!!  Shes more active at night and when I eat and it's the best feeling! I can't wait for her movements to become more stronger, more frequent, and more noticeable! Since getting my hunger back I've been craving grilled cheese, cereal, and fruit (strawberry being my favorite)! I have had a couple of days of gas pain at night so with the help of a little diet change and gasX, that seems to have disappeared! 

My lack of sleep as also gone up, I wake up every day at 4/5 and then stay up until 6/7 and fall asleep for one more hour until mason wakes up! Speaking of our precious mason, he has also become potty trained and is now sleeping in a big boy bed! He's becoming such a big boy! I also had my 20 week (anatomy scan) and got to see baby girl! I seriously think ultrasounds are one of my favorite things about being pregnant, I just love seeing their little face, hands, feet, and seeing them wiggle around in momma's tummy!

We are also so happy to know and see that baby girl is healthy and doing great! We're already calling her our little dancing princess, because she was a wiggle worm in my belly! We couldn't be more grateful that she's healthy! I also found out that I have an anterior placenta, which means my placenta is located in the front of my stomach rather than the back, which also means that I won't feel babies kicks has strong. I will also most likely feel baby more of my sides or down low. I have felt her but I'm so glad to know its because of my placenta that her movements aren't as strong or noticeable right now. Eventually I will soon  (probably within the next few days) be feeling her movements everyday and with a pattern. We couldn't be more in love with baby sis and so glad we got to see her today!

We honestly can't to meet her and give her unlimited amounts of kisses and cuddles. Mason has already started to touch my stomach, give hugs and kisses to my belly and even asked when "name of baby" was coming out haha. We can already tell how excited he is to meet his sister and gain a new best friend! Stay tuned on my Instagram to see more updates, and I'll post another update once the third trimester starts in March! We're also excited for you to join us again on another wonderful journey were on to grow our family!

Until next time!


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Inexpensive Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

As you may already know I love talking photos, I have been around a camera lens since I could remember, from my mom capturing moments of me, from my days in journalism and yearbook, to creating my blog and taking photos to share with you all. So you probably already knew that I'm of course the person to always send out holiday cards out to my family and friends!

Since Rex and I sent our engagements up until now we have always sent out cards celebrating big moments in our life! I have loved looking back at each card and seeing how our family has grown; I especially look forward to our holiday cards the most because its such a special time of the year and sharing what our year has looked like. So when I order my holiday cards I look for certain "qualifications" if you may say, from whom I'm ordering from. First they need to be affordable. Second their cards design need to be unique and eye-catching in other words I need to be really in love with the design of the card. Third I look for extras.. as in extra offers or details they may offer like samples before you order. I may be a little over obsessed over this but to me the holiday card truly is something special. 

So when I tell you I found all three of my  checklist must have's  for finding the perfect site to order your holiday cards your going to squeal with me haha. Let me introduce you to Basic Invite (que the angelic ahhh) a wonderful website of all things stationary especially your go-to for having a card for every major life moment like weddings, baby/bridal showers, birth announcements, graduation, holiday, and MORE!

They really are like any other site I've ever seen! Let me tell you what makes them the superhero of  all card & stationary site! First off they have almost an unlimited number of color options!! That's right you heard that right! Unlike other sites that have 2-3 options you can find a handful(s) more than that! Their one of the few websites that have this feature and I think that's pretty awesome if I say so. With over 180 different color options you can create the look the you want exactly. Their also one of the few websites that send you a sample to make sure the quality and the print is how you want it to be before you place your final order. Also not only are they colorful with their invites but also  with their envelopes! Plus you don't even need to lick the envelope because that's how amazingly sealed their envelopes are!

Another little something they offer is an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on popular social sites, to request their friends and families addresses which will be stored in your account. Foil holiday cards are also available in silver, rose gold, and gold; and you can choose from flat or raised foil. You don't need to worry about have little options because they have literally over 500 holiday and Christmas card designs to choose from!

I truly found the jackpot of all things invitations and love how many options and features they have to offer. Not only are the destination to order your holiday cards but when I had questions and had questions, their customer service was incredibly sweet and so helpful! If your looking for affordable, easy, and a site with several I mean several options then Basic Invite is your go-to!

Also see links below for more inspiration and designs!
Christmas party invitation idea

elegant Christmas cards

When you place your order, don't forget to enter the code: "15FF51" to get 15% off your next order. Code lasts until the end of this month.

Happy Holidays 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Toddle Holiday Gift Guide 2018!

You guys it’s thanksgiving is over and before I knew it Christmas is just in a couple of weeks! Yes Val we all know what month of the year it is, but guys... Christmas is weeks away! I hope this month goes by slowly.. because this is my favorite time of the year and I don't want it to go. So like always I've made a Holiday Gift Guide for you to help ease the stress of wondering what you should get your little this Christmas or Holiday Season. This year I decided to just stick to making a gift guide for the young kiddos. So with my own mom research here are two list for your little boys and gals (  I think applies to ages 5 and under)

Toddler Girl

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Set  FP Rose Gold Sneaker Mocc Pottery Barn Farmington Dollhouse  Disney Princess Sparkling Styles Dolls-7pk  Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll

Toddler Boy

Theo Klein Bosch Workbench with Sound  Marvel Universe Titan Hero Set  Nike Star Runner Toddler  Wildkin Dinomite Dinosaurs Sleeping Bag  Melissa & Doug Car Carrier Truck and Cars

And a wonderful gift that works for both of them is giving them the gift of reading and imagination with Bookroo! If you haven't already heard me share about our favorite subscription company then here's what you need to know!
  • Bookroo is a monthly subscription for your kids that helps them fall in love with reading by combining the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new, treasured book.
  • Ages 0-10 (board books ages 0-3, picture books ages 2-6, chapter books ages 7-10)
  • Personal or gift subscriptions of varying lengths

Mason gets so excited every time we get a package from them because it is literally like Christmas or your birthday every time! Each book is individually wrapped and is catered to your child's age. We love reading every night before bed and we especially love our newest books! If you want more information on how you can sign up for your subscription, check the link below! I also have a gift from me to you! Use code: " RICHESHOLIDAY" for 15% off

Happy Holidays

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Masons 2nd Birthday Party/ 2 year update

Guess who tuned numero dos?! Our little boy!! Another year has flown by and our mason man is now 2...cue the tears :'( Just like last year, I am stunned how a  year has pasted us by and mas is a year old. I thought when he turned 1, that it came quick, but this year, mas turning two snuck upon us. All of sudden he was 22 month old and I realized that I had nothing really prepared for his birthday party and that him turning two was right around the corner!

As his birthday was getting closer, I couldn't help but think how much our mason has grown and all the happiest memories we've made together as a family this year. It's truly amazing how much can happen in one year. Mason is becoming so independent and showing what kind of personality he has and the person we think he's going to be. Since mason last update, which was his one year birthday post; he had started walking and is now full on independent little guy, I bet he think he runs the show haha. He want's to do things on his own and really doesn't want help haha. His vocabulary has increased so much from, "thanks mommy", "I want it" to "please" and " I love you" it's truly the cutest thing! He is more adventurous now, I think when he learned how to walk is when the no fear stage started and believe me it's still going. We swear he has no fear! He loves to climb no matter how high or jumping off anything... I mean anything. Haha Rex and I always say that other parents would be very iffy and always have a watchful eye on mason if they didn't know that this was already his personality.

(Masons with Grandpa/My Dad) 

Mason is also very smart, even though he has toddler moments of tantrums in public (sarcastic giggle) he is also very understanding of his surrounding and compassionate. He loves to point out planes, dogs, kitties, birds, butterflies, bee's and so much more. Whenever he hears a baby cry, he says "baby sad" and if the person who is sad is close to him, he goes over and gives a hug. It truly melts my heart! Also within this year mason has begun potty training and I think it's going good. I know it may seem early to some, but mason showed an interest early and so we thought why not just go with it and start the potty training. I mean we have our days that accidents happen and have a week of regression, but those are happening less and less so yay! He also is a big fan of sports (gets it from mom and dad) and love having endless numbers of balls to play with. One thing that I definitely miss is little chubby-ness!!!! I mean his still has the cute chubby cheeks and dimples have popped up but there no more double chin or cute arm rolls, they were sooooooooooo ADORABLE!

He's grown so much in just this year that we continue to fall more in love with him! I truly am loving every stage and I truly believe there's something to love in every stage. We love our big hearted and silly adventurous little man.

Here are some other things mason has learned in this year

  • "Let's Go"
  • "Owie"
  • "wait"
  • can say 1,2,3
  •  can say A,B,C
  • "No way"
  • "Wee"
  • Knows how to wash hair
  • Knows where to put garbage
  • Knows where to get underwear
  • "Water"
  • "Help"
  • "I want down"
  • Loves acting like a dinosaur or imitating a lion 
  • Loves playing with cars
  • Loves Curious George, Daniel Tiger and PJ Masks

There's a bunch of other little things he's done or said that I can't think of right now. But our little boy is healthy, strong, and growing so well!

Now unto the PARTY portion of this blog post!!

Theme: Curious George (Mason's favorite show and his favorite stuffed toy)
I decided to create my own birthday invites since I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on them, so thanks to PicMonkey  I was able to do a fun Curious George themed one that said "Monkey see, Monkey do.. Our little monkey mason is turning two!" I loved the little saying and I also couldn't have done it without the help of my friend Tarah!
I shopped for different decorations from different shops on amazon, but especially etsy that I'll tag below.

The decorations were a mix of vintage and current curious George and the party colors were yellow, blue, and red!
Cake: This was my first time you would say going all out on a birthday cake and I absolutely loved how it turned out! My best friends who came over for masons birthday also helped with the cake and it tasted as delicious as it looked! Definitely have learned on how to improving my cake decorating skills but in honestly it was perfect! Right when mason saw it, his eyes lite up and he said "da-George" (his way of saying curious george) haha.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs for the celebration and as well as other sides. Mason was so stoked to see his presents that we may or may not have had a potty accident lol. But he was so happy to get a bike, slide, cars, clothes, bubble machine, tent,  and so much more, little man is spoiled with so much love lol.  We then just talked while the kids all played and honestly it was such a wonderful fun day for our little boy. We cannot believe he is 2 and growing so fast, it needs to slow down. We love our sweet little silly and adventurous mas man and how he reminds us to enjoy the small things and be a little sillier! Can't wait what the next year has in store with us and our handsome little son. Mommy and Daddy love you mason! Happiest of Birthdays!

                                                         -Love Mommy and Daddy