Thursday, April 5, 2018

Quality Natural Products for your Family

Every stage in childhood is special. From when they are born and show their first smile, or when they get their first tooth and are learning how to crawl; to when they say their first word and are super independent while now knowing how to walk. Every stage is big, but with certain stages like teething, having a cold, or even having trouble sleeping, we as parents are saddened to see them so uneasy and upset.

I must say that since becoming a parent, I have realized that there are hundreds and hundreds of baby products and items to use to help them in their uneasy state. While I think its amazing that modern child items have developed and increased over time, I do make sure to know that the brand/product I'm using is safe and even though I don't have all natural products in my household, its a goal of mine, especially for mason to give him something for teething, cold, or if he's having trouble sleeping that it will be as natural as possible for him. I feel more relaxed and confident that what I'm giving him (and my family) has natural ingredients and has no fillers or "junky" stuff.

So when I heard about Wink Naturals, a company that not only specializes and helps boost sleep but also sells products that help better serve your family in your home! The founder of Wink Naturals helped co found another natural care company called Zarbee's which you've probably heard of . They've created a line of natural effective products that will make parent's not need to worry about what is in it and ingredients that you actually know!

All of their products are FDA approved, GMO certified and has been clinical based research and are even made here in the US!

So when I saw my wink naturals product in my mail box I was extremely excited to try them and see if they really worked! I received a couple of cool teething gels that is drug free (woooooo!) and has no benzocaine or belladonna which I heard really isn't good for your child. So when mason molars come in, we will be prepared! I also got some sleep meds for kids and thought this was great item if your toddler or little one has trouble sleeping. So though mason sleeps through the night, but there have been moments where its really hard for him to sleep ( usually when we have a huge family and friend party) and I will admit I was skeptical about sleeping meds but it has ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS! There's no fillers or binders, the dose is specified for kids and its sweetened with Xylitol that gives extra oral health benefits! Plus if your an adult who has trouble sleeping.. like me, you can totally take these as well!

I also received healing lotion that has zero parabens, dyes, fragrances, and doesn't have harsh chemicals. Now if you know, my little mason has struggles with eczema (especially in the winter) so we use this right before bed and is perfect for his sensitive skin and I even use it as well! Lastly I got a chest rub that has zero harsh chemicals, made of natural ingredients, and has a safe amount of eucalyptus oil that helps open airways, while also calming/soothing and preparing them for a good night's rest. We don't even have chest rub in our home, so I was really happy about this one, because it truly breaks my heart when little mas man is sick and he cant breathe right and is all plugged up and also having trouble sleeping. So next time he gets sick and is congested, I know I can use this item and it can make him feel better!

All in all this company is AMAZING! I love their message and how they provide effective, safe, and natural products for your family. As a mother I want to make sure that the products I use in our home will help, work, and I will be confident in giving them whenever they need help feeling better! They have more products on their website, which I linked below, that I highly recommend you checking out!

 If you have tried their products, I would love to hear what your thoughts and experiences are!

Wink Naturals Website

Photos by @karsonboothephoto

Monday, March 12, 2018

Toddler Boy Current Style Favorites

For a Monday I must say it was the most un-monday (est) Monday in a while! The sun was shining, I greeted the morning with such positivity and went on a warm walk with my little man. Today it was 62 degrees and tomorrow will be 66! I am loving this warmer weather. I mean even though I am a winter person at heart, as a mother I love spring and summer because it means more outside time and more things we can do as a family like hike, swimming, or go to parks without there beings snow on it. So I decided to compile a list of a few style favorites that we currently love and are perfect for this warmer weather!

1. Baseball Shirt , 2.  Embroidered Sport Cap , 3.  Stripe Slip-On Sneakers , 4. Rain Jacket , 5. Mesh Shorts , 6. Outdoor Jacket , 7.  Red White Blue Stripe , 8. Bunny Graphic One-Piece , 9. Striped Sweater

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Keeping our Home Healthy and Smelling Fresh (Review)

I think I get cleanliness from my mother, and though I didn't appreciate it when I was younger I sure do now! So mom if you're reading this, thank you!

 It's a constant goal of mine to always have my house well organized (or at least most of it haha) and smelling good. Now sometimes when I cook I love the smell of what I'm making, but sometimes not everything you make has the most pleasant of smells like onion or bacon. So I've been pulling out my candles which smell devine, but did you know that candles aren't really that good for you? Yeah I didn't know that for a while! Apparently they release certain chemicals that are not good for the brain, lungs and nervous systems. So while I try to reduce my use of candles, I have found the perfect eco friendly, safe, and non toxic household company you want to bring into your life!

It's called MojiLife, a brand the has cutting-edge technology that brings innovative products into your home such as a diffuser, essential oils, home decor, and cleaning products! Their fragrances are non toxic, pods are recyclable, and their wood cores are biodegradable! It truly doesn't get any more environmental friendly then that!

From the moment I heard about this company, I just had to get my hands on it! I was sent an Airmoji which infuses air on all sides to really blow out all the yummy smells from its wood core. It has a battery that can last you 70 hours and even hooks up to your via blue tooth, where you can control with a timer as to how often it goes off and see the battery life!

 I have loved putting this everywhere in my home.. mostly in my kitchen and living room. And let me just say that during and after cooking my kitchen is smelling fresh, like I haven't had even touched the stove! Oh and did I mention I get compliments on how great the house smells, when guests come over.. SCORE!

I was received a couple scents that you can swoon over! I had sweet lemon, pink grapefruit, lotus petals and bamboo, summer vacation, and blushing bride! I have loved every single scent but I must say my all time favorites are summer vacation and blushing bride! 

There's nothing better then not having to worry about my little family breathing in harsh chemicals, it's just so very comforting as a parent. I give this company an solid A +, I love the variety of house hold products they offer and how eco friendly they are! I love the scents, I love the uniqueness, and I will definitely be keeping them in my home. So if you need this product in your life (because I don't know why you wouldn't haha) go ahead and contact this sweet heart, Amie. I will link her contact info below!

Amie's Phone Number 801-789-3400

Friday, February 9, 2018

Our Day in Ten Photos (Winter)

Good Morning!
If you follow me on my Instagram (Vallyriches) I recently shared that I was to be even more real with you all. I want to show you the ups and downs of life, anything and everything about motherhood, and just be even more honest and real with you all! So I decided why not show you a day in the life of the Riches family. In this blog I will show a most average day for us but show you in photos (now this may look boring, but it's something new for the blog), with some text underneath each one. I'm really excited for this! Also I apologize for the non HD photos.. haha these were all taken on my phone.

1. Wake up
Just like any other momma, I wake up when my little one wakes up.. sometimes that's around 8 but lately around 9am. Or even sometimes I wake up when rex leaves for work and I cannot go to sleep.. which sucks haha. Once mason wakes up, he always need to have his Curious George and Patches.

2. Eat Breakfast
Every day we like to switch up what (mostly mason) eats for breakfast. It can change from waffles, eggs, yogurt with a side of banana...his favorite fruit! I on the other hand, either eat cereal or try to eat something a little more healthier.

3. Get Dressed
After breakfast we turn on Curious George or Daniel Tiger for a little and then get mason dressed. Now this can sometimes not be so easy.. haha usually mason just let me dress him and he dressed in a matter of minutes, but hes a toddler.. haha and sometimes he likes to run away and laugh, and momma need to go chase him haha. But once he's dressed I then let him watch a little tv while I get ready for the day.

4. Run Errands
Since mason only takes one nap a day, I try to run my errands in the  morning. Usually my errands consist of helping with Rex's Business, grocery shopping or even doing small little tasks that I need to get done. If I have a photo shoot for my blog, its usually in this time frame.

5. Lunch Time/ Mason takes a nap
Once we get home from running errands, its usually noon and I get masons lunch ready. Sometimes its Annies Pizza bagels, a sandwich, a fruit pouch and then cheese, crackers, and then some sort of fruit and veggie on the side. His new favorite lunch meal is a sandwich. I also join him for lunch and I eat anything for tilapia, zucchini, one egg and feta cheese. Or if I'm feeling fancy, I buy some sushi, in which if mason see's it, he immediately wants a bite, like mother like son ha. Once lunch time is over, its mason's nap and now that he takes one nap it can last anywhere from 2-3 and half hour nap.


6. Mom straightens up home, blogging time
This is usually my me time haha. In the 2-3 hours of no toddler, I take this time to clean the house, some days are more work than other days , like some days its just tiding up the front room and doing dishes, or days its cleaning the fridge/tidying up the pantry. Once I'm done I usually get some time to work on my blog, sometimes that's brainstorming new content, writing new blog posts, or updating social media, which you may think this may not take a lot of time but it really does!

7. Mason Wakes up from nap (Play Time)
Now mason is awake, change diaper. Now if we were out a lot earlier that day then we usually stay home and play inside. Now if we don't then we put our shoes on and go on a walk. Mason has loved this lately. We just walk around our neighborhood, mason finds all sorts of treasures, and most of the time wants to take a rock inside the house, every time we go on a walk. We also go to the library, which is pretty much every other day. He loves books, and plus there's a play ground there a certain day, and they have toys and other kids, that gives mason social time.

8. Mom prepares dinner... Daddy's home
Now when were done with outside play time, we go back inside, mason plays in his room or just around the house and I get dinner ready. I try to have it done before Rex gets home. Then when dinner is all set, rex is home and mason is the happiest. We then eat Dinner and talk about our day.

9. Family Time
Once we clean up the table we then start the funnest (I know not a word) time and just hang out. We either play ball games with mason, or go somewhere to get a treat, or even visit grandma and grandpa for a little. I love this time, I truly do. Especially on the weekends we do more fun stuff like go to the park, drive downtown, visit a museum or just hang out just us three, and because family is so important to us we strive daily to be together.

10. Bath Time/ Night time Routine
Once Family Time is over we start getting ready for bed. Mason goes to bed around 8/8:30. We give him a bath, sometimes have a bubble bath or include bath paint (Look in the Target's Dollar section) , put on his excema cream, which has been doing really good lately, read a book, say a prayers, give big hugs and kisses and lights out. Rex and I then have our  "couple time" in which we watch our favorite show , eat a dessert, play a game, and then its time for us to go to bed.

So that's it, I know it may not be snazzy or super interesting but this is usually what our day to day looks like, I love it in every way because I know I'll always be surrounded by the people who matter to me the most! I love my little family and our little lives. Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments!

Monday, January 22, 2018

New Year Goals & Beauty and Style Favorites of 2017

Happy New Year Friends!! With 2018 having just starting three weeks ago I've had a lot of time to sit down and think as to what my 2018 goals would be and I thought why not share some of them with you! I made realistic goals that I knew I could accomplish and to have them be very important, rather than just silly ones like stopping eating reese's, because we all know I can't do that nor want to haha.
So here are my 2018 goals:

  • Be More Creative - Both in my Blog and have 1-2 crafts with Mason every month
  • Challenge myself physically
  • Read Scriptures more
  • Finish Bathroom Makeover

 Now for my favorite style items for 2017! There were a couple of trends that I really didn't like, such as fur sandals, but there were definitely more that I loved than disliked! See my favorite below!

I feel like all seven of these items were pretty big in the fashion community. I think my all time favorites were actually the accessories: bandanas and tassle earrings! They just complete an outfit! I did love the velvet, but I did feel like it depended on the article of clothing and what it looked like. The ruffle phase was the same too, but more of where the ruffles were and how big they were. I think embroidery apparel was big this year, and I think it started in 2016 but I loved the embroidery shirts, dress, pants, you name, this was a big trend in 2017! Having pearls on clothing was also one of my favorites (even though it came late in the year) I thought it very fun and almost elegant! As for shoes, I loved the "Royale" Pointy Toe Flat! I have never seen shoes like this before, and at first I was a little hesitant, but once I saw  and tried them on, I completely became in love! So those are my favorite fashion trends of 2017! What were some fashion trends you absolutely disliked or loved? Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Time with Jord

This post is sponsored by Jord, all opinion are my own. 

Remember how I've been posting gift guides for the past couple of weeks? Well I want to tell you about a particular item that ANYONE  in the family would love to have and I'm about to tell you why!

Since I was little I have always seen a watch on my sisters, mother, father, and now in laws. It's something many people use but now with cellphones and other gadgets, it almost seems like they are becoming less common. Whether you think they aren't stylish or no longer hip, let me prove you wrong. 

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."

With it being the end of the year we cannot help but review our year, we think of the sad moments, the happy moments and everything in between. We sometimes can't help but think that time is just passing us by, that it's a theft as alice would say, or that we can't wait for a certain moment in time to occur, and that's ok..sometimes, its something natural us humans think about, but what if we saw time as a gift? Now that Christmas is a week and a half way, we need to cherish and think about the present time. See what's  important is focusing on the right now, what we have right now. As a parent I'm trying to be grateful for my son being this age right now, that we have food in our bellies, and a roof over our head. I have a family, I love them and they love me. We are healthy. That's what matters.

See a watch isn't just for telling us what time it is, but also telling us that we need to enjoy right now, the present. I love the above quote because it speaks the truth!

 So now that I've told you why you should get a watch this holiday season, let me tell you from who!

Jord is a company that specializes in providing stylish, modern, wood watches! They have several different types of wood watches that fit the everyday person. You can immediately tell they are 100% wood by the smell, I love it! Did I mention they have the feature to engrave their watches, so if you want to give a sentimental gift this Christmas then you can give both a useful accessories and a special touching quote on the back! 

I may have given Rex his early Christmas present, I mean he did also help pick his style and color before he ever thought it was a gift. But he was absolutely thrilled when he saw his gift! He wears it everyday and it goes with everything he wears. Believe me when I say that Rex usually never wears a watch, so to have him wear it pretty much everyday, it a huge accomplishment in my book! Go wifey!

Here's the watch I got Rex
Dover Ebony & Copper Watch

So the Jord Watches are not just for your spouse, but can given to anyone in the family. Watches are not just for telling time but for also having you focus on what really matters, the moments you are creating now. So if you ever wondering what gift anyone and what it to have a story or message , Jord is your pick this holiday season!

I have also attached a holiday code that you can receive by click and filling out the form in the link below
Holiday Gift Code

Shop other styles!
Women's Watches
Men's Watches
My Watch

Wooden Wristwatch

Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids

Anyone else surprised that Christmas is in two Mondays?! I truly love this time of year, because of all the friends and family we get to see! Anyone last minute shopping, haha I know I sure am! I know every year I tell myself that I'm going to get all my Christmas shopping done in November or the first week of December and sadly that rarely happens haha. I really try. So to all my parents and grandparents out there, here's a gift guide that I hope will get your Christmas Shopping done faster! I personally would choose all of the gifts for my kids but I also saw that these are some of the hottest toys right now and will be sure to bring your kids so much joy and excitement! Be sure to comment below if you got this for your little ones! Oh and of course Merry Christmas!

1) Wooden Doll House with Furniture 2) Wooden Toy Tool Bench Rose Gold Bow Moccasins 3) Rose Gold Bow Moccasins 4) Boogie Board 5) Doctor's Kit 6) 46-Piece Magneticals Tile Set 7) Mini Golf Full Set 8) 2 pc Walkie Talkie Set 9) Ice Cream Truck Playhut