Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Monthly favorites!

So as you may have read I will including some of my favorite fashion/make-up favorites. This month I have been obsessed with all these items! Most of these (I must admit) are like my yearly essentials just because the trend or love never dies for them. I follow a lot of vlogs/blogs such as Dulce Candy/ Michelle Phan/ Alycia Crowley (Crowley Party) , Eleventh Gorgeous, and Lauren Curtis! I love watching what new in style and hearing about new make up products and seeing tutorials on them! Now that Winter seems to have passed Utah (there really wasn't a winter at all) I have stopped layering, which I love and started opening my wardrobe to find the light/soft items that scream Spring. My two favorite seasons are Winter and Summer, you either choose something for Freeze cold weather or something for the Desert Heat weather. So here are my monthly favorite! A.  I've noticed that Chunky/Heavy Jeweled necklace are a must have staple for outfits, I mean they add some much and can complete a whole outfit! If I had to say is my most bought accessory  it would be necklace especially statement necklaces!  B. Bareminerals is literally the only foundation/powder I have ever used in my life! I started using Bareminerals in junior year of high school and immediately feel in love with it! The natural non cakey look it gives is such so amazing! I feel more confident with my coverage and it doesn't clog my pores which is a must! I recommend this to anyone who wants full coverage and wants to look natural. C. Aviators, to be honest I use to not be a fan of aviators and maybe it was because I never found the right size or color but I recently found a pair of gold aviators at American Eagle and fell in love with them so yeah! D. Sleeved tops, I just purchase my sleeved glitter top and was super excited to try it on! I have also been loving anything glitter so why not get a clothing item with glitter on it!? E. Alex and Ani bracelets! Ok I heard about these cute bracelets from the wonderful Crowley Party and loved what they designs and what they stood for as a company! They have their own store here in Utah and I'm guilty of buying more bracelets than I should, but hey there cute right. PS there worth the price which is too expensive! F. Michael Kors, well like any other girly girl out there I have always wanted a Michael Kors bag, and well my husband surprised me last week and got me basically the exact same one as shown down below. I was so happy and now I can say I have crossed off a fashion wish list item..now if I can get a Kate Spade bag;) G. Scarves, If my husband would say something that I have a lot of in our closest it would scarves most likely, there super cute and super fun to wear and sadly I get too warm in this Utah Summer and can only wear them in the Winter or fall. H. Flats..You can never go wrong with a pair of flat! There comfortable and a cute way to add to your outfit.  I. Last but not least Coral Lipstick! Maybe I'm in love with this color because Coral was one of my colors in my wedding, but its just such a fun spring/summer color than can truly make those lips pop! I have about 7 different shades of coral lipstick for me and I love them all! Thank you for reading my fashion favorites and stay tuned in next month to see what my next favorites are! PS: Don't be shy and comment below for any questions you may have:)

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