Saturday, December 8, 2018

Inexpensive Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

As you may already know I love talking photos, I have been around a camera lens since I could remember, from my mom capturing moments of me, from my days in journalism and yearbook, to creating my blog and taking photos to share with you all. So you probably already knew that I'm of course the person to always send out holiday cards out to my family and friends!

Since Rex and I sent our engagements up until now we have always sent out cards celebrating big moments in our life! I have loved looking back at each card and seeing how our family has grown; I especially look forward to our holiday cards the most because its such a special time of the year and sharing what our year has looked like. So when I order my holiday cards I look for certain "qualifications" if you may say, from whom I'm ordering from. First they need to be affordable. Second their cards design need to be unique and eye-catching in other words I need to be really in love with the design of the card. Third I look for extras.. as in extra offers or details they may offer like samples before you order. I may be a little over obsessed over this but to me the holiday card truly is something special. 

So when I tell you I found all three of my  checklist must have's  for finding the perfect site to order your holiday cards your going to squeal with me haha. Let me introduce you to Basic Invite (que the angelic ahhh) a wonderful website of all things stationary especially your go-to for having a card for every major life moment like weddings, baby/bridal showers, birth announcements, graduation, holiday, and MORE!

They really are like any other site I've ever seen! Let me tell you what makes them the superhero of  all card & stationary site! First off they have almost an unlimited number of color options!! That's right you heard that right! Unlike other sites that have 2-3 options you can find a handful(s) more than that! Their one of the few websites that have this feature and I think that's pretty awesome if I say so. With over 180 different color options you can create the look the you want exactly. Their also one of the few websites that send you a sample to make sure the quality and the print is how you want it to be before you place your final order. Also not only are they colorful with their invites but also  with their envelopes! Plus you don't even need to lick the envelope because that's how amazingly sealed their envelopes are!

Another little something they offer is an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on popular social sites, to request their friends and families addresses which will be stored in your account. Foil holiday cards are also available in silver, rose gold, and gold; and you can choose from flat or raised foil. You don't need to worry about have little options because they have literally over 500 holiday and Christmas card designs to choose from!

I truly found the jackpot of all things invitations and love how many options and features they have to offer. Not only are the destination to order your holiday cards but when I had questions and had questions, their customer service was incredibly sweet and so helpful! If your looking for affordable, easy, and a site with several I mean several options then Basic Invite is your go-to!

Also see links below for more inspiration and designs!
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When you place your order, don't forget to enter the code: "15FF51" to get 15% off your next order. Code lasts until the end of this month.

Happy Holidays 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Toddle Holiday Gift Guide 2018!

You guys it’s thanksgiving is over and before I knew it Christmas is just in a couple of weeks! Yes Val we all know what month of the year it is, but guys... Christmas is weeks away! I hope this month goes by slowly.. because this is my favorite time of the year and I don't want it to go. So like always I've made a Holiday Gift Guide for you to help ease the stress of wondering what you should get your little this Christmas or Holiday Season. This year I decided to just stick to making a gift guide for the young kiddos. So with my own mom research here are two list for your little boys and gals (  I think applies to ages 5 and under)

Toddler Girl

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Set  FP Rose Gold Sneaker Mocc Pottery Barn Farmington Dollhouse  Disney Princess Sparkling Styles Dolls-7pk  Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll

Toddler Boy

Theo Klein Bosch Workbench with Sound  Marvel Universe Titan Hero Set  Nike Star Runner Toddler  Wildkin Dinomite Dinosaurs Sleeping Bag  Melissa & Doug Car Carrier Truck and Cars

And a wonderful gift that works for both of them is giving them the gift of reading and imagination with Bookroo! If you haven't already heard me share about our favorite subscription company then here's what you need to know!
  • Bookroo is a monthly subscription for your kids that helps them fall in love with reading by combining the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new, treasured book.
  • Ages 0-10 (board books ages 0-3, picture books ages 2-6, chapter books ages 7-10)
  • Personal or gift subscriptions of varying lengths

Mason gets so excited every time we get a package from them because it is literally like Christmas or your birthday every time! Each book is individually wrapped and is catered to your child's age. We love reading every night before bed and we especially love our newest books! If you want more information on how you can sign up for your subscription, check the link below! I also have a gift from me to you! Use code: " RICHESHOLIDAY" for 15% off

Happy Holidays