Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Holiday Giveaway- Small Shop Edition 2020

Christmas is in less than a month away and it's time for my annual Christmas giveaway! I look forward to this every year and absolutely love connecting with brands I have followed for years or recently discovered and love and sharing some goodies with one lucky winner! I also love that helps you discover new brands especially them being shop or local businesses! I put so much time in this every year and truly love what I do. I don't consider blogging or influencing a job but a fun passion of mine. I have connected with some amazing people through this, made ever lasting friendships, and related to so many on different levels. So even though one winner will be chosen , know I have grateful for those who have followed me through out the years! It means so much to me!

So let's get started... let me tell you about the companies participating in this years holiday giveaway!

1. Wink Naturals
I have used Wink Naturals ever since there company launched and used them with Mason. We had used their lotion, teething gel, and chest rub and now several years later there company has grown so much and now has sleep melts, body care, vitamins, toothpaste and much much MORE! They focus on bringing products to you and your family that you will feel safe taking.. none of that gross drug filled chemicals! Their products are quality natural and will leave you feeling happy both physically and mentally. Every time mason or Isabella have needed something whether sick or daily routine, I have always trusted Wink. If I am having trouble sleeping I pop a zen melt and am taken care of. I think when it comes to your family and your body you need to trust the ingredients of what your taking. Their lotion is so incredibly smooth and hydrating that both the kids (who have sensitive skin) and my husband and I love taking it, it smells so good! I had recently gotten three of their new items, the illuminate power serum which has made my pores a whole lot smaller! Seriously though it has helped so much, even making my skin a lot brighter, even on the cloudiest day, my skin is bright and shiny, something I've been working on for a while now! I also got kids daily multi-vitamin which mason calls little candies. There's no excess sugars and only has what is needed so that your kids can be their healthiest strongest selves! Lastly I got my women's complete daily vitamin, which not only helps with your immunity but also does a lot for your skin! My nails have never felt more stronger! They even have a subscription service so you never run out of your favorite items! I love this company and can't wait for my next purchase (of cough syrup, multi-cleaner and watermelon tooth paste!
Go check them out

2. Moji Life 
I've used Moji Life for a couple years now and absolutely love this product... it's the smell of each unique fragrance, the not having to worry and clean the wax mess, the peace of knowing I'm not putting gross fragrances into my home. I could list several more, but let me tell you the basics. They are environmentally friendly, having their essential oils soaked in a wooden fiber core. It's safe .. no need to worry about your kids touching it or even burning yourself on hot wax. It's also smart, which means you can control it with their app on your smart device and set timers, control color, and even add schedules! We have almost 15 of their scents and even have one in our cars! It's a perfect gift for yourself or for anyone! We even just switched our fall scents to their new Christmas scents, and wow does the house smell amazing and cozy! See More on my friend's website, and I promise you will love them as much as we do!  

3. A Wondoughful World
We have 3 of their boxes and are seriously in love with them! I have never seen a company before that all my kids and even myself would love so much!  Each box is made with home made playdoh (Lasting a long time) You can look through several themes you want and immediately, and has lot of sensory options for your little ones! Heck I get it out sometimes and play with it as well. The owner Alanna is such an incredible inspiring person who has put so much time and hard work into her growing business, which actually started when covid had just happened. Sensory play and imagination is so beneficial by helping with never connection, supports language development, aids and enhances memory, and a lot of calming affects. This will keep your child occupied for a while and they will love creating their own little worlds with these amazing themed kits! Perfect for any kind of gift and they even have mini sizes too!
Check out their website and follow them! A wondoughful World

4. Stitch and Bow
I've known this mama for a while now and is a sweet friend of mine. So very passionate about what she does. What first started as a hobby, has now turned into a successful business creating several beautiful  hand embroidery pieces. Each item has its own personality and story that you can't help but fall in love with your custom piece of work! Please follow my kind friend and support her small business she is the sweetest!

So now unto the giveaway details. This giveaway will run for one week and there will be one winner. I will also contribute a gift card to my favorite blanket store, Saranoni! 

This is a way for me to say thank you and merry Christmas and a gift from me and the companies I mentioned above a merry Christmas and a thank your shopping small and following us! To enter go to my Instagram page @vallyriches and see intructions there! 

** For 10 extra entries, comment on my last blog post (Shop Small Gift Guide) **

Happy Holidays!!

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