Friday, July 12, 2019

The Two baby Items all parents should have! - Review

"I received product compliments of Dockatot and Binxy Baby"

I remember when I was pregnant with Mason how overwhelmed I was by all the baby products, I mean there is literally thousands of baby items and several different kinds of each item in there own category. I think the reason why there are so many options is because each kid is different and will react to a certain product differently. Like with pacifiers and bottles, we definitely did our share of trying different brands until we found the one mason liked. But I have never really heard about an item that really caters or works for every kid. Well let me tell you I found it and I think all parents should have this item, whether it's your first kid or your last..this item has become my favorite!

Let me tell you about the Dockatot; sound familiar? Well it's basically in every store that carries baby products (Target, Buy Buy Baby).  Dockatot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger. There's two sizes of loungers, 0-8 months and 9-36 months. It's 100% cotton, breathable material, perfect for toddlers transitioning into a bigger bed, and has the ideal micro-climate for babies!

So when we received our Dockatot for our little girl we couldn't wait to try it out for ourselves and see what everyone is raving about. When we first received our package , Mason was so excited to help me out  with carrying the prettiest package I have ever received.

 It was beautifully wrapped! I honestly didn't even want  to take it out of the packaging because that's how pretty it was haha. I couldn't wait till our little bella arrived to have her start using it! Now fast forward two weeks later and she uses it daily! It truly is the best baby item! We love using it! She sleeps in it and sometimes lays in it for fun during the day. And we also got the toy arch where she can stare at the black and white stripes, look at the cute little figurines, and soon get to play with them. She loves watching them swing back and worth! I really think it reminds her of the womb because of how cozy and (in a good way) squishy it is. Heck I wish these came in an adult size because I would sleep in this every night!

I love seeing her so relaxed and happy in her dockatot and wish I would of gotten one for Mason! Who knew this would easily become one of my favorite baby products and I'll be definitely getting one when she grow out of it and goes onto the next size!

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 Now unto my second item that is truly one of the best baby inventions in the entire planet... that's right in the planet!! The Binxy Baby! It is a hammock to make all shopping trips easier! I recently took Isabella to Target (where else) and I was stopped 5 or more times by moms asking me what it was and how genius of a item it was. I of course had to tell them!

She slept the entire time, was so comfy, and it literally made shopping so much easier because I didn't have to bring her car seat and have the groceries surrounding her. Doesn't it sound genius!? Like who knew you could enjoy grocery trips with kids! I look forward to all them now! It fits most shopping carts, it holds car seat and up to 50 pounds in weight, you can use it until there 8 months old, it's safety tested, has the cutest print options and can fit the big Costco cart! So now that I told you how amazing this item is , go get yourself or your up and coming mommy this! I can already see you, or them loving it as much as I do!
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