Thursday, August 6, 2020

Isabella's first birthday party!

     We're here!!! Our Isabella Mae has turned the big 1!!! Well less than two months ago she did! It literally flew by! Yeah Yeah all parents say that but it did! Who knew our little toddler gal would change our lives so much, I mean literally! I remember finding out I was pregnant with her and literally not believing it. We had tried for 11 months, with 3 rounds of chlomid. It was morning time and I had gone and given mason his breakfast and I thought I was late by one day lol, and so I decided to take a pregnancy test and after several negatives it's sometimes hard to be optimistic on having a positive. After those 3 grueling minutes I saw that faint line! I immediately started to cry, we were pregnant with our 2nd baby, mason was going to have a sibling and I was beyond excited! I told mason first and he was happy too! He couldn't stop talking about his having a baby brother or sister! Then when daddy got home we surprised him too and he couldn't believe it and we were all filled with so much happiness! Who knew that pregnancy would be hard no matter what gender I had. I was more sick with Isabella and couldn't hold down water either. I remember being told her due date was June 9th but then later she was measuring small and was showing June 15th. I remember hoping that she would come after mason's birthday. I ended up being a week over and scheduling an induction, something I never did with Mason. After 10 hours we met our little miracle girl and she came out screaming and crying lol and hasn't stopped a whole lot haha. We knew immediately she would change our lives so much.

     She's our tiny little girl and she has learned so much in this first year! From the endless baby snuggles in my arms or on my chest,  Sitting up on her own, rolling over, crawling, her first tooth; to learning how to clap, to wave hi, to blow kisses , to giving kisses when you say "beso" kisses in Spanish, learning to sign all done and thank you. She's started as a total momma's girl which is only natural I believe but now loves her dad so much and can stand other people as well , especially if there's food! She also gets very shy with people she doesn't know and barries her head into my shoulder/neck. She loves rice,beans, yogurt, bread, graham crackers, blue berries and when we give it to her sweets like ice cream. She has a million bows, loves sleeping with her lambie and kitten, she hasn't the prettiest eyes and chunkiest cheeks. She loves the water (at first she didn't at all), she can say ah oh, shake her head yes and no, has 4 teeth total, sometimes when she smiles a little line forms above her nose and it's so stinkin cute, she loves her brother so much and think's he's hilarious, she can grrr and can walk among stuff and close to walking. She has 4 teeth and a couple more on it's way! We love all that our baby girl has learned!

    Now to our little sassy adorable precious 1st birthday party! It was such a fun day celebrating our Isabella's big day, I had her theme planned out for as long as I could remember. It was pink and gold and swans as well. It turned out perfectly and I found the perfect shop to buy all her decorations! We just had our family over and had a bbq outside. I had made a floral crown for her, especially since I love DIY and it was also very expensive to buy it online. She luckily kept it on all day. I also made her high chair banner, in which I just bought the banner and flowers at Michael's and had the vinyl cut myself, it turned out so cute! She got some cute fun gifts with the help from her brother . She wasn't a big fan of her cake smash, as in she liked the taste of it but did not want anything to do with touching it haha; guess she is going to be a clean girly haha. 

She loved especially her now favorite lambie and her walker! We are so grateful for all our family and friends who show so much love to our little Isabella Mae and we love our her little birthday party came together! Here are some photos from that day and more info about the cute decor shop that you definitely need to shop for all your parties!

 We bought all her decorations from Stesha Party They truly have basically every themed party decoration items you could ever want! I'm pretty all the kids birthdays and regular celebration events are covered for! Their decorations are incredibly affordable and you get your items very quickly! Plus the owner Stephanie is so sweet and will answer any questions you have. I have always loved how friendly and so personable owner and businesses are ! I would definitely rate this cute shop 5 stars and highly recommend you check her cute shop out!  If you purchase some items use code: "FRIENDSOFSTESHA”  for a discount!