Thursday, September 28, 2017

Falling in Love with Fall- Sale you don't want to miss!

Fall officially started last Friday and I'm loving it (even though my first day was spent with a nasty stomach virus).  Here in Utah the days reach a high of mid 50's and low 40's a night, which means its time to start taking out those cardigans, long sleeve tee's, boots, and of course those pretty fall dresses that have been waiting in your closet for you to wear!

I'm a huge fall/winter lover. I mean the summer is great and all but I rather be nice and toasty then sweaty haha. Recently I went shopping at my newest boutique discovery, My Sister's Closet and fell head over heals at their entire shop! Their shop is filled with all the fall colors you could ever think of! From beautiful navy, maroon, mustard colors, to soft pinks and whites! I'm trying to shop for colors I don't have or have much of in my closet and so I was determined to find the perfect items! I even brought my mother in law with me and little mason to help me choose. You guys I walked away with the cutest items! They are breathable, stylish and oh so comfy that I am excited to share with you all how I styled them! Also keep reading to the bottom of this post to see details on an amazing sale with My Sister's Closet Boutique that you don't want to miss out on!

Look #1
I love pairing my Eliza Hem Dress in Navy with my over sized blanket scarf and ankle boots. Guys this outfit is beyond perfect for fall. This dress is very comfy and with the over sized blanket, I just feel like I can be cozy all day!

Look #2
I have paired my Kinlee knit cardigan in heather grey with my newest favorite fall color; mustard top! I even added more color to it and added a dark green infinity scarf to it! I am loving all the color in this outfit, maybe it's too much but I absolutely love it! I also of course had to finish this look with some blue jeans and a pair of high boots! This is probably my go to outfit in the fall; boots, jeans, and a cardigan. Simply love it!

Look #3
I decided to have wear my Eliza Hem Dress and my Kinlee Knit caridgan together because I loved the look of it and how well the colors of each piece matched together so perfectly. I've seen this style before where someone pairs a dress and a long caridgan and now I see why it's so cute, I'm going to do more of this with my cardigans and dresses! I also wore my ankle boots and added a few bracelets to help accessorize the look.

Look #4
The coziest of cozy! Sometimes I don't have time to get ready or simple don't feel like it #momlife #toddlerlife haha. So on those cloudy stay at home days, I just wear a pair of loungers or sweats, a baggy shirt and my Kinlee Knit Cardigan. To me this outfit says my outfit is cute and I'm wearing day old make up but the day is still good and I will accomplish what needs to be done lol.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, My Sister's Closet Boutique is having a GNO (Girl's Night Out) this Saturday 9/30! They will have refreshments, giveaways every 20 minutes, AND a sale on ALL NEW ITEMS!! So bring your girl friends, step away from the stress, and have a great time with them!!
ps: I've linked below the items I wore from My Sister's Closet Boutique

Monday, September 25, 2017

There Since The Beginning | Carter's Big Baby Giveaway

"This Post is sponsored by Carter's; however, all thoughts and opinions are expressed are my own."

I remember Rex and I walking into the ultrasound room, getting excited about what gender our little miracle was going to be. I remember that happiness we felt as the sweet lady told us I was going to have a boy; Rex and I knew it from the start! I remember going to the store and buying his first pair of boy jammies which were his first item! I couldn't help but always look at them and think that one day our little bundle of joy would be in them before we knew it.

Over time I noticed all the clothes I was buying were from Carters,they were affordable, too cute not to buy, and always had incredible sales! I swear if the price wasn't "good enough" the discount made it even better! If I am all about me being comfortable, I knew that I wanted Mason to be as well too. Their fabrics are soft, silky, and warm; making your little ones 100% always comfortable!

They've been there for Mason biggest moments in life, whether it was his coming home (hospital) outfit, his blessing, his first Halloween jammies, his first swim trunks, his first Christmas pj's and so much more! Believe me when I say this, they are my go to/ all time favorite place to shop when it comes to buying clothes for mason. So of course I wanted to tell you all about this amazing sale they are having today! Thought this post was just going to be about a sale you don't want to miss...NO! They are also having a Win Everyday Sweepstakes !! Best part of it is that there is no purchase necessary to enter!! Yes you heard me right!! Their win everyday sweepstakes runs from 9/25-10/2.Want to know what you could win?

  • Carter's Bodysuits for a year
  • Huggies Diapers, Wipes and little swimmers for a year
  • $200 to spend at Tiny Prints
  • Skip Hop Tuo High Chair
  • Skip Hop Explore & More Baby's View 3- Stage Activity Center and MORE!
Would't it be amazing to win one of those items! I know I would love it! Entry is simple, all you have to is take a minute and fill out the form and your set! To enter click and visit the link below

Are you tired of me telling you how adorable their baby boy/girl clothes are! 
I mean look how cute these items are!

They have the perfect  and original bodysuits for your child and have the most precious little newborn clothes!
I mean look at those chubby thigh roles!!

 There customer service is always great and I love their rewards program which seriously saves me major $$! I've been a loyal shopper of theirs and even get my friends who are expecting, gifts from their store. Did I mention we just bought a some cute fall outfits from Carter's? He looks ADORABLE! Carter's will always be my favorite place to shop and always hold a special place in my heart for being there from the beginning and being part of mason's biggest moments in life! I am wishing you all the best of luck to win and telling you this is something you don't want to miss out on! Let me know if you've entered and let's chat up some major carter's clothing love!

Here are some links to check out!
- (Start Shopping their Clothes) Shop Here -----> Carter's Clothes
- Find a store near you. -----> Store Locator 
-Win Every Day Sweepstakes Rules ----> Rules Link

Also look at the newest cutest clothes we just bought for mason! (Above and Below)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mason's First Trip to the Fair!

Ever since I was little my dad would take me to the fair, I would look forward to it ever summer, it was a family tradition we did and what's a summer without a trip to the fair right? Well now that we've created our own little family we thought it would fun to take Mason to his first trip to the fair, and can I just say that going to the fair with your child is way more fun than going when you were little? 
We decided to go Saturday afternoon because I thought it would be less busy, which wasn't the case at all, but hey that wasn't going to stop us from having a blast at the fair. Mason loved people watching and seeing all the rides, music, animal, and constant shoulder rides on daddy. We only got 10 tickets, but that was all we needed! We first went on the train ride which is ultimate favorite ride! The sweet ride operator decided not to take our tickets, and mason had the biggest smile as me and him rode the train. Rex was watching us and mason smiled every moment we saw daddy, it was like he was experiencing the best moment in his life, and for that moment I think it was for him haha.

We then decided to head over this big white tent where we saw what looked like a big outdoor pool filled with corn. In it were a bunch of kids, shovels and buckets. So we decided to let mason hang out there for a while and just watched him play. There was a moment where mason saw a kid covered in corn and he went over to him and dusted all the corn off from him, and I thought it was the sweetest thing! 

We then continued our rides adventure and it was now daddy's turn to go on a ride with Lil' Mas. They went on this monster truck one, where mason loved the fact that there was a steering wheel and that he could reach it! One thing I love about the fair though is the smell of the food, but gosh why do you have to be sooo pricey lol!?

We then decided to go one more ride since mason was getting tired. We decided to go on this caterpillar ride which was a little fast I think in masons opinion, haha, but I think he still loved the fact of being on a ride. We were headed to the train ride since we had 3 tickets left and there was a different person and unfortunately she announced if we had a little child that was below the riding required height that not only did they need to have to tickets but the parent as well. I thought that was a little silly, since how can a toddler go on a ride alone and the person holding them on the ride needs to give tickets as well, anyone else find that weird, maybe just me?

Anyways! We then decided to look around and mason loved watching this couple walking on huge wooden legs and loved jamming out to the music they were playing, I swear you guys, mason has amazing dance moves!  I then spotted dip n dots and if you ever tried them then you'll know they are always a must to get! So delicious!

Mason was getting tired so we thought it was better to go home and to be honest the 3 hours we were there was the perfect amount of time mason needed to enjoy his first trip to the fair! I'm already looking forward to next summer when mason will enjoy it even more! Thank you for reading our little family adventure and be sure to let me know if you want to read more of these, they are a blast to share but also a little journey for me to cherish and always look back on.