Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Favorites ( Must haves)

Here are your my Summer Must Haves!

(Going Left to Right) 1. Denim jacket for some reason is a must have for me during the summer, its honestly perfect for any type of summer weather, not too tight and not too light; but hey I love the Denim jackets are making a come back! 2. Bright nail polish! I love painting my nails and my I love I mean I change colors every week sometimes twice a week, and I love Summer colors, especially bright colors! 3. Sandals , I don't know the exact name of these shoes but I do know their from target, super popular and super cute, there's so summer if there's no flip flops or sandals. 4.  Not only do I love dresses but I love maxi floral dresses, comfy, light and a total summer must have! 5.  Cross Body purse, okay I love the person that invented this beauty! I dont always like carrying around a huge purse especially when I'm going out to some place that is casual. Cross body purses are a must to travel easy and have your important essentials all in one purse! Love it. 6.  Swim suits, okay you at least have to go a few times swimming in the Summer, lately I have loved this lace one, I don't own it but I do wish I had. 7. The Blushed nudes by Maybelline, I am one that likes to wear as little make up as possible or have my make up look very natural, we this new palette I truly feel like I am hardly wearing eye shadow but Im still giving color, I mean look at those soft pinks! 8.  Dresses, Like I already said I am obsessed with dresses and to me this is a must for summer because its 90% of what I wear in the summer, or in every season lol. 9. Bright/Neon shoes! I just bought a pair of neon pink shoes and I love it because I love having a neutral dress on or outfit and wearing this baby's definitely adds a POP of color!!St Ives hydration lotion, I already love making sure my skin is moisturized but I love even more when I can have it on a go in a spray form. Not only does it really moisturize but its also not heavy and comes in a variety of scents! 10.  Last but not least the other palette of The Nudes by maybelline, I am a sucker for smokey eyes especially brown, I love the variety of different browns they include in this palette, definitely a must have!


Photoshoot with Bianca Lazzaretti Photography (Wedding Dress!)

About a little over two months ago my husband and I were asked to be models
for a photographer; I of course said yes because not only do
I love photos but I also got the chance to wear my wedding dress again and who
doesn't love that! We drove to the Timpanogos Temple wear my husband and I got sealed and it honestly felt like we were taking our models and we were getting ready to be married.
I love that temple so much because not only is it beautiful but it has held a special place in my heart for many reasons. Bianca was so much fun to work with, her personality made it feel like we've been friends for a while. She was so sweet, intelligent and funny. Here are a few photos of our photoshoot, also look how adorable my husband and I are hehe. Love my husband, love us, and loved our chance to be models for Bianca Lazzaretti Photography!

Check out here website:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May Makeup Favorites

Can you believe it's May already, in Utah there was no April Shower but or showers were a month late. It's been non stop raining here and I love it! I love the rain I truly do. So I thought it would be nice to share what my favorite products are for the month of May. Now some of these products may be products I use monthly and some are just seasonal/month type products. (From Left to Right)
1) Of course I had to pick the Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay. I know that these palettes are super popular and I thing this is a must have for anytime of year, I love wearing some soft smokey eye shadows! 2) Tarte Coral Lipstick.. Okay I walked into a make up store and saw this cute color and fell in love, Coral I believe is my go to summer color for lips! 3) I recently started using this new liner, I have loved it since day 1! It's the Maybelline Master precise, its liquid eye liner and is perfect for sharp precision. 4) Sephora Intensive Instant moisturizer. Even though I'm young I love using this Intensive moisturizer, I think its truly important to keep your face dry and clean , and for me I want to take start taking really good care of it at a young age; so for me this wonderful cream does the trick, its  not too think and not to light, its in the middle and for me that's PERFECT! 5) Essie Spring Color Collection, now I don't know if this picture is the exact year to date collection but I love the bright colors, I think in a month I change nail colors (at least in spring/summer) at least 4 times a month. 6) Erase Paste from Benefit.. oh my ..can I just say that I get full coverage with this! If I have a blemish or need to clear up those bags under my eyes..poof you won't see it anymore! 7)  Cover girl Flamed out. So I believe this is Cover Girl's newest or semi newest Mascara, but I must say it bring out my lashes. I don't have the longest of lashes but this products gives me what I need, longer , fuller lashes, I reccomend Flamed Out! 8) Last but not least Aveeno tinted moisturizer, I know you read that I love moisturizing my face but I really do love it, where I only use this product for my foundation, I apply it always before my lose powder and for me this gives me the coverage and hydration my skin needs! 
I hope you enjoyed reading my favorites, and if you are going to try any of these products or have already and loved the item comment below! Until next month!


Monday, May 18, 2015

It's been FOREVER!

Okay I must apologize for my lack of blogging, life sometimes gets so busy that I forgot what extra things I have to do. Lately I have doing more photography which I am loving! I'm still at the beginners phase of photography but the more I take photos the more experience I get, and that's all that matters right. Below you will see some photographs I have taken in the last couple of weeks. Well I don't know if I mentioned it here or not but my husband and are looking to move into a house in January! I must say going into mortgage and loans and all that jazz can be pretty crazy, I guess that adulthood haha. 

Okay I know I am not the only one, and maybe girls you know what I mean , but is it me or does every puppy you see, you just fall in love with. I mean your boyfriend or husband may think hes cute but you think the puppy is the cutest thing ever?! I had this experience a couple of weeks ago with a puppy named GEORGIE.. (My husband decided to name him at the adoption center) 
We were looking around the adoption center where we live and we saw this cute black chihuahua smooth coat mix and normally I would want a dog like a retriever, beagle or Yorkie but this little gal just caught my eye. We decided to take her out on a walk around the center and before I knew it my husband and I were falling in love with her. My husband named here Georgie; which didn't help with saying bye to her;anyways he decided to her name her that because she was super curious and was looking at everything that caught her attention and so we thought of curious George and since she was a female well you get the jiff. Well by the name we put her back and came back the next day to see her again she was there and knew exactly who we were. Then unfortunately right as we were getting ready to maybe take her home we realized the place we live doesn't allow pets. The more we thought about it to we thought well maybe we should wait till we get our house. I must say I did tear up a little bit.. I tend to do that and had to say goodbye this this little girl. Anyways sad story into a happy story is since then every puppy is a puppy I want to take home! Cant wait until January .

Also something new has happened for the Riches . My In-Laws and my husband have decided to open and invest into a printing business called designs by dianne. You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram. You give us a shirt you want and we will make it for you. We do everything: shirts, cups, sweatshirts, pants, engrave anything and so much MORE! We are actually placing orders for a Wifey shirt we just made! They come with black, grey, and white! If you're interested in wanting a wifey shirt message us on Instagram or Facebook or even comment below. Same with custom orders!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Favorites

I love sharing what my favorites are not only to keep track of past look's I have liked, but also to show you readers! This month's favorites is really all about skirts. Even though there are other items besides skirts in this post, they are something that I have been loving! For anyone who knows me my day-2-day wear in the summer is a skirt with a cute top or a dress. Not kidding last year I had 49 dresses..they should make another movie about that. I love dresses! There simply to wear, comfy, and you can dress it up casual or dressy! So here are my latest favorite prints for spring/summer! You can never go wrong with a floral skirt, I love the black and white striped skirt, Its making a come back that's for sure! I also love a good sequin skirt. I have lately loved everything glitter and sparkle and love that they are starting to make more variety of sequin clothing items! Then I got the cute Michael kors watch which is a must have!! I love the rose gold,  I love wearing it with everyday, it matches with everything! Then I chose a lose dress. They are more relaxed and don't hug to too much of you, which is great! I love that if you pair it with a pair of sandals and a few bracelets and even add a necklace, you will look very cute! Maybe its Spring and it's telling me that all I need to wear is print's but I have lately noticed myself getting more and more articles of clothing that have print's on them. Take for an example the polka dot shirt..just ordered that! To me this is what I would wear with those capri jeans below; on a beautiful spring day! Clothing is truly a work of art that we get to wear! Glad I could share my favorites with you, let me know if you have any questions, also follow, comment, and follow me on my social media sites!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The title says it all. Today's post will be a big melting pot as in there won't be a real focused topic on today's blog. I want to give a life update and some things that I've been loving lately. As my husband and I were laying down on our comfy little couch last night we realized how fast time is flying by! We've only been married for over 8 months but wow is our one year anniversary coming up quick! Hopefully it's not just me but time goes by so fast! More than ever I have lately started to just relax and take in all the little things. I have grown to admire the little moments in life that make me the happiest.

Did I mention I have one more month of school left over?! I'm ready for the summer!!

I've also recently started only shopping on boutiques or websites..I find the best deals and most unique items on them!! Here are my favorites!
Eleventh Avenue 

Shop and Apparel

Mindy Mae's Market 

My husband and I (well more me convincing my husband that we need one) haha that we are going to add a little furry animal to the family. We hope to get a kitten, and I couldn't be more excited. Even though we wont get him/she till the beginning of next year its still very exciting to think about!
Well that's all for today!! Till next time

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Focus for the Summer

For those that know me I have a love for crafts! I love thinking of ideas to make something beautiful. In the past I have made my own wreaths, made flower crowns, and stockings! I recently started getting interested in re-doing old furniture. I love the fact of using something old and making it beautiful again, even putting your own taste into it! Also its less inexpensive then buying something full price right?! Well this Summer I have a project I've been thinking about doing. I have a garden and even though there plants and grass I think it would be cute to add a little furniture! I want to use palette(s) and create a pallet lounge bed! I can already imagine myself laying reading a book, relaxing in the sun, or just having a fun picnic with my husband! Here is what I plan on it sort of looking like

I'm most likely going to paid the palette itself but I cant wait to add colorful pillows to make it comfortable to lay/sit on! Other projects I have in store for Summer is to increase my knowledge with photography. For those who have read I recently started becoming more interested with photography. I have a lot to learn still but I want to learn more about photography! Who know's if I end up being a professional photography, for now it's a exciting new hobby of mine, and cant wait to take more photos of beautiful people and there special occasions! I also plan on blogging more! I want to at least post one a week, maybe twice. I cant wait for what's in store for Summer!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Creative Photoshoot

Why hello there!! Does something feel different or something new..your correct! I know I have had this blog for less than a month already and while creating this blog I wanted the background and everything about my blog to look more organized, pretty, and professional. I searched on the internet and could never find anything to my liking. I finally contacted a friend who did blog design and with me telling her everything I wanted on my blog and what I wanted my blog to look like, it was finally created! So welcome again to my updated blog! I'm super excited for what's to come! For about a month or so I've been planning a creative photo shoot. I wanted get models, have them wear pastel dresses, have floral crowns, even have the editing style be vintage. I was super excited for this shoot and it went so great! Last weekend was the creative photo shoot and can I just say that the models in these pictures are gorgeous!! I recently got into photography just as a hobby and maybe a future professional thing, and I'm loving the experience I keep gaining! Taking photos is truly fun and love capturing the beauty in life! I also created a Facebook Page of my photography called " Valentina Photography" I hope you all check it out and love what you see! Here are some of my favorites from the photo shoot!


Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hello to my  few readers, I will posting more in the near future. I will having my blog redesigned so it can look more professional and more organized for my readers. I cant wait for you all to see my new blog design! I will post more in about a week! Cheers!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Photography with Megan and Baby!? Missing my Husband

So I've been loving the  busy life. Another fun fact about me is that if I'm not busy I'm bored, but hey that could go for anyone right? Well this weekend I felt like it was one of the biggest busiest weekends I've had in a while! I woke up at 7am  to get ready to drive to Provo, Utah for a fun couples photo shoot that looked something like this!

Isn't this couple just beautiful! I have talked with Megan before because she will be one of my models for a creative photo shoot I have coming up in two weeks! So far photography has been really fun for me and I'm loving the opportunity to capture beautiful and special moments in people's lives! Speaking about taking special moments.. I was able to capture a little 2 month year old girl! This was after the couple photo shoot, I still haven't started working on their edits but I must say the baby and her parent's are adorable and you can definitely see how loved she is! 
Here's another thing I'm a newlywed, I got married to the love of my love 7 months ago, and for anyone who knows what its like to be a newlywed or have known someone for so long you know what I'm about to say is true. It feels so WEIRD and INCOMPLETE when they're gone. I love being around my husband because he can make me laugh uncontrollably and makes me feel so loved and secure. He truly is my happiness and my best friend. He left yesterday night and I must say the bed felt incomplete without him. I'm so use to good night kisses and morning kisses and snuggling up with my man that it felt weird not getting that. PS he's on a business meeting with a couple people from his family in Idaho, and won't return till Thursday night. Yes I know that only 4 days but newly weds you  understand me right?! Anyway's I've filled my days with homework, hanging out with some friends, making flower crowns, and doing volunteer work at the local humane society, hopefully that keeps me from insanity:) That's it for now folks. If you ever become interested in me taking your photos for any special occasion or just for fun let me know, I would love to take photos of your lovely happiness!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Start something NEW!

Good Morning! For those who don't me I love trying new things! It doesn't matter what it is, I just love trying it especially when it's something new!
Another fun fact about me is I was in journalism all of high school, I did things from interviews, articles, photo-taking. I loved it all but I seemed to loved being a photographer even more. I mostly took action shots and enjoyed taking them! Well during my time in photography and yearbook I started gaining an interest in photography and wanted to know more about it as well. There's just something about taking an action shot, a couple laughing together, or capturing the happiness of a wedding day. I'm one of those people whose happiness in my happiness. If I see someone happy it makes a huge impact on me, I truly believe that those who are in your life or who are surrounding you do affect who you are, and I guess you could say I surround myself around a lot of happy people! Around a month ago I started building my portfolio and asked some friends of mine if they were interested in people models for some of my photo shoots, and they of course said yes because that's how wonderful they are! I loved what I captured and love that I could gain more and more experience each time I took a different photo shoot! I'm currently taking a beginners photography class at my college and that also has helped a lot! I have a couple big projects coming up with more photography and saving up any extra money I may get, so I can get a really really nice camera! I love starting something new and love that I can capture moments in people's lives that make them happy! If you ever want a photo shoot taken by me let me know or comment below! I don't know what prices will be but I know they will be low. When and If I become a professional photographer I want to charge inexpensive so that people can get a good photographer with great quality for an inexpensive price! Here's some of my work! Enjoy! PS: Any photo shoot's I take will be uploaded here as well, also to make the collage bigger just click on it!:)


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

5 facts you didn't know about me

1. I've traveled to Australia, Colombia, Europe, and Mexico
2. I love love love to eat avocado's!!
3. I really don't like band aids.. for some reason they gross me out.. and yes so do stickers
4. I'm Colombian, Italian and Mexican :) (Love my Latin culture!)
5. I am a volunteer at the humane society, and love to spend as much time as I can with my furry little creatures

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Monthly favorites!

So as you may have read I will including some of my favorite fashion/make-up favorites. This month I have been obsessed with all these items! Most of these (I must admit) are like my yearly essentials just because the trend or love never dies for them. I follow a lot of vlogs/blogs such as Dulce Candy/ Michelle Phan/ Alycia Crowley (Crowley Party) , Eleventh Gorgeous, and Lauren Curtis! I love watching what new in style and hearing about new make up products and seeing tutorials on them! Now that Winter seems to have passed Utah (there really wasn't a winter at all) I have stopped layering, which I love and started opening my wardrobe to find the light/soft items that scream Spring. My two favorite seasons are Winter and Summer, you either choose something for Freeze cold weather or something for the Desert Heat weather. So here are my monthly favorite! A.  I've noticed that Chunky/Heavy Jeweled necklace are a must have staple for outfits, I mean they add some much and can complete a whole outfit! If I had to say is my most bought accessory  it would be necklace especially statement necklaces!  B. Bareminerals is literally the only foundation/powder I have ever used in my life! I started using Bareminerals in junior year of high school and immediately feel in love with it! The natural non cakey look it gives is such so amazing! I feel more confident with my coverage and it doesn't clog my pores which is a must! I recommend this to anyone who wants full coverage and wants to look natural. C. Aviators, to be honest I use to not be a fan of aviators and maybe it was because I never found the right size or color but I recently found a pair of gold aviators at American Eagle and fell in love with them so yeah! D. Sleeved tops, I just purchase my sleeved glitter top and was super excited to try it on! I have also been loving anything glitter so why not get a clothing item with glitter on it!? E. Alex and Ani bracelets! Ok I heard about these cute bracelets from the wonderful Crowley Party and loved what they designs and what they stood for as a company! They have their own store here in Utah and I'm guilty of buying more bracelets than I should, but hey there cute right. PS there worth the price which is too expensive! F. Michael Kors, well like any other girly girl out there I have always wanted a Michael Kors bag, and well my husband surprised me last week and got me basically the exact same one as shown down below. I was so happy and now I can say I have crossed off a fashion wish list item..now if I can get a Kate Spade bag;) G. Scarves, If my husband would say something that I have a lot of in our closest it would scarves most likely, there super cute and super fun to wear and sadly I get too warm in this Utah Summer and can only wear them in the Winter or fall. H. Flats..You can never go wrong with a pair of flat! There comfortable and a cute way to add to your outfit.  I. Last but not least Coral Lipstick! Maybe I'm in love with this color because Coral was one of my colors in my wedding, but its just such a fun spring/summer color than can truly make those lips pop! I have about 7 different shades of coral lipstick for me and I love them all! Thank you for reading my fashion favorites and stay tuned in next month to see what my next favorites are! PS: Don't be shy and comment below for any questions you may have:)

Monday, March 9, 2015


Good Morning Everyone!
So my name is Valentina and this is my New Blog! I use to blog and then I stopped and recently I started to really miss it. I've been living in Utah on and off but now here to stay because I just got married 7 months ago! I was originally born in Northern California and I must say I really miss the beach. I wanted to start this blog to document my life, my interest, and my love and our future family! Here's what you should know about me.. I played soccer basically my whole life and love playing it with my husband in the summer time.. I school him by the way. I love trying to fashion trends and love staying up to date on all things fashion, so you'll see me posts some articles of clothing that I'm interested in lately. I love to travel and in the summer you'll see my husband and I travel to many beautiful places either in Utah or out of state or maybe even the country!! I love being creative, I've realized that I have all of a sudden grown an interest in making wreaths, I just made my easter/spring wreath and couldn't wait to get it up on our door! I am a convert as well of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints aka LDS aka Mormon, I love the new me and I love how happy the gospel has made me and the personal relationship I have with my heavenly father. So just saying you may see once in a awhile post my feelings or my testimony (remember to not judge or be mean) Anyways what else should you know about me? I'm a communications major and want to focus on Public Relations and Social Media! There's so much I want to do in life like I want to be a full time blogger or a full time photographer (which is another hobby of mine and I will soon be creating my website/name for it) or I love planning parties especially themed parties! Also the name of blog is called "Life's Riches" as you can tell, because every time that I post, I will include something memorable and beautiful and that to me in a rich moment in my life or my husband and my life. Yes this will include beauty but hey its an interest and for me that something for me to remember. This is all I got for now but I know as you follow and see where life takes me you will get to know me more:)