Friday, December 16, 2016

It's the Simple Moments

Can you believe Christmas is next weeks? Rex and I are trying to get our house ready for Christmas Eve, since our families Christmas party is being hosted this year at our house. Since this year is our first year in our house I feel the need and of course me being a Christmas lover, to have our Christmas tree completed and lights up outside! I know I'm not the only one and i know there's several others; personally knowing some people close to me, where the holidays have now become a time of stress. I realized that even though it's our first Christmas in our house and of course Little Mason's first Christmas that I should take a step back and not stress and enjoy the simple moments in our life. This weekend and even last weekend it was pretty cold here in Utah and it even snowed a little. So we got to work, we vacuumed the rooms, cleaned and put away the dishes and did laundry. Since we have tile and our dirty little shoes have been covering it with dirt I felt the need to mop and of course sweep the floors. I used the Bona MicroFiber Floor Mop with their wet cleaning pads. Their cleaning pads are safe and make cleaning your wooden, laminate or even  tile floors easy, and you all know when you have kids you love knowing that the item or product you are using are safe for your little ones!

Our home was filled with Christmas music, Christmas lights, and made cleaning our home easier and more fun (then it usually is). We also used our Bona Disposable Duster, which not only holds every dust and dirt you could possibly image! We have a ceiling fan and since we've moved in, we've only cleaned it once... I know gross, but can you image the dirt we picked up?! Seriously it was all gone! You can attach it to your Bona Mop and get in those hard to reach places and we all know theirs always a spot that we can't just reach to clean. I used it under our fridge, in between in, underneath our floor cabinets! The areas are endless that you and reach! Oh did I mention that it only took me 15 minutes max to do all this. I mean doing laundry can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes but this took less than 15 minutes! We sat mason in his little chair and just cleaned the areas the needed some attention. Mason just laughed and smile as we made silly faces while cleaning. When I see our little boy smile at the simplest of things it bring me so much happiness. He was so calm through out our cleaning time and even decided to act like he was cleaning the table as he also tried to put a napkin in his mouth. Our cleaning time with Bona reminded me to see things like my son does, to smile at the little things, to enjoy every second and to love those around you.

You can find any Bona Products online or at your local Bed Bath and Beyond, Target or Home Depot. What's even greater is the they are hosting a giveaway on Facebook for $100 worth of Bona Products or a $150 SpaFinder gift card! Enter below for your chance to win and choose to see and enjoy the simple moments in your life !

Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy 6 months!

Can you believe that my little Mason is already half a year old! Where did time go!? Mason has grown so much in these 6 months! I feel like in a blink of an eye a month passes and he's a month older! Mason is such a good baby, I don't know how I got so lucky with such a happy calm little boy. Seriously our next child won't be this chill haha. We took our Christmas photos almost a month ago and we took some photos of just Rex and I and so what did Mason do? He just laid on his blanket looking out and just chilling. He's just like daddy in that way! Mason has learned so much since lasts month!

  • He's grown a tooth!
  • Loves making the fart noise
  • Loves smiling (like always)
  • 20 pounds
  • 96%tile for height
  • Loves reaching for mommy (most of the time)
  • Loves trying new foods like carrots!
  • Loves putting everything in his mouth
  • Has these little inhaled laughs he does

These are all big moments in just a month! On thanksgiving week he had my finger in his mouth and I felt something sharp, and when I looked , there it was! I had no indications of it! He's not fussy or crying or even seems bothered by it. Oh and I was finishing this post I looked in his mouth to see another tooth!!! Again how did I get so lucky!? Mason has always shown an interest in food, even at 4 months old he would try to grab at my spoon. Now that's he's old enough to try new textures and can digest other foods, he's become quite in love with his new food. We just tried had him try carrots and he loves them! I'm trying to go a year with breast feeding but I love seeing him so interested in this different yummy food! His fart noises crack me up. Last Sunday at church , it was during a quite time and all of a sudden your hear this baby making farting noises haha. I still cannot believe Mason is 6 months. He shows his personality more everyday ; I see Rex's calm and my social side in him. I don't think I've ever seen a baby smile so much like the way Mason does. He loves meeting and being held by other people and especially loves hanging out with babies his age! Also tell me your heart didn't just melt of Mason in this Santa Claus outfit!! I got this at target and had to get it, haha yes I am that mom but I couldn't resist! Baby Mason please let these 6 months go by slower! I love you and can't wait to see you grow more !

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Giving Back-Light the World!

Since I could remember my family has always loved giving back to our community especially in the holiday season! Since getting married, Rex and I have continued the tradition to give back to our community or to our state, Utah! With Mason added to our little family, I feel it's my responsibility of mine to show him and be an example to him on how he can serve those in need or do a random act of kindness. I've grown up with the biggest example in my life and that's my savior! He truly is the biggest example to me of selfless and love. Whether your LDS, religious or not, I think it's important we do selfless acts of kindness to our fellow friends, family, neighbor , or just simply a stranger. It's not meant for thank you's, or a physically reward back but the feeling that person your affecting gets by your act of kindness. Just seeing their smile or even them paying it forward bring such happiness. I've come up with some simple easy ideas for ways you can give back!

 I also include my church's calendar on examples of what you could do to #LightTheWorld! 

Remember it doesn't have to be anything big, even the smallest things, can leave a huge affect (I truly believe in that statement!") This campaign is for anyone and a little goodness goes a long way This fun and beautiful campaign started today so don't worry you have plenty of time to spread some good whether it's the 1st or the 16th! I love this because even though it's almost Christmas and we can't wait to open present on Christmas Day, to me the true meaning of Christmas is helping, being selfless, sending happiness , and loving one another! I can't wait to get started and I hope you join in on this as well! Don't forget to hashtag on  social  media #LightTheWorld .

  • Make Lunch to someone in need
  • Shovel someones snow drive way
  • Give toys or books to Toys for Tots
  • Give Canned Goods to your Local Food Bank
  • Call a long distant relative or friend
  • Donate beds,food,or toys to your local Humane Society
  • Compliment Someone
  • Write a sweet note
  • Help an elderly person with their groceries
  • Buy Donates for your local firefighters or police officers
  • Give a gift to your teacher
  • Attach change to a vending Machine
  • Pay for a family meal
  • Give Blood

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wish list Must Haves with The Baby Cubby!

Since becoming a mom I've noticed I've either packaged or asked on registries for baby items that I thought I needed but never used. As Mason keeps growing I've also noticed what items he could benefit educationally; what brand I feel would make Mason the up most comfortable and honestly what toys he would love! While searching at certain baby shops I've felt like sometimes I'm just a customer and nothing more and people just want my money. I'm someone who wants to gain a relationship with the place I shop at so I can always come back and feel more than a customer but an actual friend! Since coming to Utah and being a mom I came across this adorable shop called The Baby Cubby in Lindon, Utah! Rex and I were there for one of their pop ups and were also looking for some swaddles and car seats! Right when I walked into the store I felt welcomed! Everyone is so nice , is ready to help you out, is very knowable with each product and treats you with such importance and care! Not only do they greet you and take care of you in person but they also do it through their  Website . As many of you know I love planning ahead and so I started Christmas shopping for Mason in the beginning of November,  so I can enjoy the month of December without stressing over present buying and just enjoy our first Christmas in our home and of course Mason's first Christmas! I headed down to The Baby Cubby where I instantly found some amazing items and cute little accessories for Mason and for myself that I know we would both love. I've recently partnered up with The Baby Cubby to show you some of my must-have wish list items for your baby whether it's for Christmas or just for anytime during the year!
Some of these items are perfect for every day use or even for a fun gift for baby and mommy. I can't wait for mason to open his presents that we got from The Baby Cubby and love the other items we got like the teething necklace, pacifier clip, and even his cute new beanie! This list will make shopping easier and moms we all know we love go to items for our babies!

 Another reason why I love The Baby Cubby is that instead of you doing research of the safest educational products/brands, The Baby Cubby does it for you! I trust them whole heartly with the products and brands they include in their store because not only do they see what parents are looking for but they are parents themselves! I hope this helped with what items you need to have and what company will become your new favorite place to shop at and will also be with you every step of the way with parenthood! 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Masons yummy next step!

Can you believe Mason is already at the stage of his life where he can start being introduced to rice cereal!? I know many moms say this but don't we feel like our babies were just born yesterday? I mean I definitely am thinking that and now I'm giving my baby his first taste of solids!

At Mason's four month appointment his pediatrician said we could introduce Mason to solid foods if we wanted to and I was like "uh is it that time already?" Haha it was the same thing I said when I was getting ready to push in the delivery room. As I thought to myself "Okay what brand or what kind of flavor should I give Mason?' As a new mom your told many things by several people with different opinions on what solid food to give to your baby, what brand, or how far along they should start?

Once our pediatrician gave us the A.OK I told Rex to why not introduce him to rice cereal? I was quickly overcome with excitement to introduce this new step in his life and see his reaction! So we decided to head off to our local Target (my favorite place) and see what we could find! As I was in the baby section I noticed Gerber's Rice Cereal! As I was reading the carton I love seeing the nutritional benefits Gerber's Rice Cereal has! I'm all about finding ways to make your baby stronger and healthier! It's packed with Iron that helps boost your babies brain and learning development. As your babies grow the need for Iron in their body grows as well. It also gives them a variety of vitamins like Vitamin C and E and because of the calcium it has, your little will have strong and healthy bones! I mean mason is already a chubby little guy and I keep hearing that he's a solid little boy, so why not make his bones even stronger!

I went ahead and mixed 1 tablespoon of the cereal with 4 tablespoons of my breast milk (you can also use formula), and mixed to the point it was a nice consistency to feed mason. We sat him in his chair and fed him his first spoon full. I must say if mason could talk he would probably say, "What is this stuff" with a little silly confused expression on his face haha. Straight after his first spoon I gave him his second and he completely feel in love with it! This little independent baby of mine kept grabbing the spoon himself and shoving it into his mouth to eat more! Mason loved it as you can see and we are so happy we had this moment with our little Mas and to see him try something new and know that he is getting nourishment from it. We will continue feeding him Gerber's Rice Cereal because we see the importance of starting your little one on solids foods when the time is right! I highly recommend starting your baby on Gerber's Rice Cereal as their first solid food and see him your little one grow! Oh and don't forget to download the Target Cartwheel app (because who doesn't love to save?!) and get 10% off your Gerber Cereal or follow the link here, Target 10% off Gerber Cereal!

So tell me your experience with feeding your baby their first solid food?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Masons 5 month update!

Oh my you guys, another moth had passed and my baby is a month older:( I hope these monthly updates aren't annoying. I love keeping track of Mason's growth each month and I hope you like it as well! I feel like this month has hit me harder , hahaha and I think that's because next month he'll be 6 months! Mason continues to grow so much and just amazes both daddy and mommy of his sweet new developments! Mason is such a happy boy and always has a smile on his face, which reminds me of myself! This little guy has an eye for all things moving! We went to our trunk or treat for Halloween and Mason could not stop starring at all his fellow baby best friends and their furry friends! I think it's a sign that it's time to get a pet, right Rex, haha?! Mason is also getting more and more ticklish and in we're loving hearing him crack up. Mason is now usually on his tummy and Reaching out to object (that sometimes he shouldn't touch) ! I think it may now be time to start being more cautious of what's in his reach just because this little guy is a Adventurer already! Mason becomes interactive more each day with his toys and even likes when he make silly sounds! He's starting to show signs of crawling, he loves rolling over and scoots in different direction. Did I mention that his hair is getting lighter? If I already did, sorry, but his hair is getting so much blonder! I think hes going to have light hair just like daddy. Mason also has developed this new thing where when he smiles or get excited he shows his little tongue, I love it! Mason loves meeting new people and loves being held but mommy is still his favorite, tehe. I look back at his first week photo and then his first month photo and see where he's at now and cant help but tear up of how much he's grown. I am beyond blessed for my baby and love him so much! Cant wait for this next month and to see his new development!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Story Time with your little one

Before Mason was born I read and was told by other moms that it's good to read to your baby even though their in your belly, because they can hear your voice. I read (when I remembered)  a book to Mason and kept thinking how exciting reading a book will be when Mason is actually here. Four months forward and mason is here and we love reading books! We have anything from 10 + Dr. Seuss books, ABC books, to books will with texture and bright colors! Rex, Mason and I read a book a day right before bed time, and has now become a fun routine that if we didn't read a book that, night would feel completely off. We started reading books to Mason from me being pregnant, to him being a few week, to now. I truly believe that no matter what age your baby is even if their in your stomach , your little one benefits from it. While writing this I felt like I needed to add some facts to tell you the importance of reading to your little one! According to the website, Read Out and Read; reading to your child allows your child's development for language to grow! As your reading to your little one the bond one creates is immense, I truly believe that whichever way we spend time with our children that the relationship your creating will create life long beautiful memories. With reading, your child develops a positive mind to reading and increases their interest in reading more and more. It can help build curiosity, motivation, memory and the beautiful-unlimited imagination that a child can have. Now that mason is almost 5 months old, mason has now become more interactive with the books he reads. He loves staring at the bright colors, looking at all the pictures and books, and especially loves hearing mommy and daddy make silly sounds to help him connect with what in the book. We that reading has created memories that we wont ever forget and I can know that as were reading to him it not only makes for some fun time but also educates him and helps him grow. I recently teamed up with the lovely Lucy Darling to share one of Mason and my latest favorite book! There are several book to choose from, but we of course had to take the "All Aboard California", since that's where mommy is from and I loved being able to show my little Mas where I was born in a way that he will be interested and love. Each book is filled with beautiful landscapes, pictures , and what each state is popular/known for! But hey she not only sells books, but also swaddles, gift boxes, prints, and so much more! Head over to here shop to see the items that you and your little one must have! Don't forget to read to your little one and be ready to start some beautiful bonding!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Welcome October !

This past weekend Rex , Mason and I went to a few Halloween festive spots , and what a fun and memorable weekend it was! We decided to start out by visiting one of our favorite pumpkin patches, The Farnsworth Farms located in Sandy Utah. Rex and I went there last year and loved our experience not only does it have a pumpkin patch but also a little farmers market shop, apple you can pick and take home, and a little playground with for the little ones to run around on. We decided to go pick out a few pumpkins to decorate and put in the front of our house. We walked around and looked at what seemed to be every pumpkin! We finally found the perfect size and of course decided to take pictures with Mason on it. We then headed to the play structure where we decided to put mason in the baby swing and he honestly I believe liked it, he smiled and was staring at daddy while he pushed him softly. After some fun of the swing mason and daddy went on this plane like gym where mason held onto the steering wheel. I already see the adventurous boy growing! Last year at the same farm they had a movie night and even were selling apple cider donuts, which were DELICIOUS! Mason even picked a small pumpkin (well more like put his hand a pumpkin and that was his decision haha) Once we left the farm we decided to go get some yummy Halloween treats, caramel candies and candy corn, and head home to watch a movie. As time goes by and Mason grows I love being able to do more and look forward to things as a family! While we are welcoming October with buying pumpkins and starting to get out the warm blankets out I cant help but look forward to all the holidays coming up! Oh and I also must share my recent purchase! I recently bought THE ALISON'S SHOW cookie course, which teaches you how to make some yummy sugar cookies but also making royal icing and how to expand the artistic cookie that we all want to achieve! I have already started my course and am super excited to get started this weekend! I have linked her course in case your interested. Welcome Fall and see you soon Halloween (cant wait to show you our family costumes!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Masons Four Month update!

Here we are and another month has past and my little Mas is already 4 months old!! I use to think that life after high school went by fast, then I got married and it felt like life went even faster, and now I have a 4 months old and I can't believe he's already 4 months old! I'm cherishing all these moments while he's a little one and so young, can I hold on to them forever? Mason has grown so much since the last update (which feels like it was just yesterday)! He loves sleeping lately!! I mean I ain't complaining but I truly believe Mason went through a growth spurt in month three, he's always been a good sleeper since he was born (knock on wood) but his naps are way much longer! Mason has also learned how to roll unto his tummy and now it seems like that's all he wants to do! He gets a little mad when he has one of his arms under his tummy still, so mommy or daddy go and help him! We also heard Mason actually laugh for this first time this month! His tickle spots are his tummy and kisses by his cheek.Mason also has this new thing that he is sticking out his tongue, I believe someone has now discovered his tongue and I keep awing on this little guys cuteness! Mason is smiling so much, I tend to take many photos on my phone of Mason (I mean I feel like I need to document everything) but he use to look at the phone and be serious or mommy would need to make him smile but my finger would fail to be on the button to the the photo haha. But NOW as you  can see below mason smiles now even if he's not directly looking at me and I love it! We will be also visiting family soon and were excited to meet aunts, family, and friends! Ps if you have any tips on traveling with an infant please let me know! Mason is now starting how to sit up on his own! I mean I help him out just a wee bit but for the most part mason is now independent for the most part (tear) to sit up. Oh gosh guys he's growing up so fast its just so hard to believe! We also went to visit the doctor recently for his 4 month appointment and mason is such a healthy boy, he has gained a few pounds and is now in the 90th percentile for height, and everyone is telling me how long he is already. So hey we may have a tall boy! Being a mom has shown me to love in a way I didn't think I could, even with all the poopie accidents, the cries, the middle night feedings being a mom is not only worth it but is the best job. We love you Mason!

Friday, September 23, 2016

What's in my Diaper Bag?

It's seems like when your a mother that diaper bags can been filled from the most necessary items to items you Never thought to put in a diaper bag. Having a baby and going out with my little boy has made me make sure that everything I could possibly use or benefit  my son he would be content while being out and running errands with mom until we arrive back home. Today I'm sharing what's in my diaper bag that not only I believe are  the essentials but also items I've bought that have helped me out a ton!!!

To start off I'm in love with my diaper bag! The Brooke Tote in the color Taupe from Little Unicorn is one I highly recommend! I would honestly use this beauty as an everyday purse just because it can hold so much but still be used for any look or any occasion! It has 8 total pockets and the leather is great quality. It also had a i pad pocket that I use to store masons extra clothing in case of an emergency and includes a changing bag with stroller straps!

What I pack in my diaper bag depends also on how long I will be out and about but  here are my essentials and my must have items that I hope help any mother to be or present mommy will help out! The first thing I pack are of course diapers and wipes! Remember if your gone for 2 hours or more, pack  extra diapers because believe me your baby will one day have a poopie that will come out of his or her diaper and will be all over their back, but hey if your baby doesn't do that while out then still bring extra diapers just in case baby needs them! Speaking about having a huge accident, I always remember to pack an extra set of clothes for mason! Ladies this is an essential especially if your baby poops through his diaper (odds are it will happen once)! If I'm running errands for 2 hours or more and I know mason may get hungry while out then I go ahead and pump quickly so he can have food on the go. Now If I'm going to a wedding or an event  with my baby then I make sure to include my nursing cover (If I didn't bring a bottle of milk with me), so I can also feed baby on the go. The Nursing cover I have is one of my favorite essentials because its a 3 in 1. That means it can be used as a nursing cover but also as a Carrier Cover for those sunny or cold days, but also a a shopping cart cover once mason starts sitting in carts!

Some other items I include are a few toys for Mason since he recently discovered his hands and love putting them in his mouth but also likes touching little books with sound affects, rattles, and toys with  lights which he can stop staring at! I include a few extra pacifiers just in case if one gets dirty and I have a back up. Something I've learned about being a new mother is that there is a lot of germs every where!! Which means I bring plenty of antibacterial wipes and pacifier wipes. Now since Mason has started putting his whole fist in his mouth he has started to drool like no other, I don't think he's teething yet but I bring a bib so he doesn't drool all over his clothes. Now since it's getting cold I pack a warm blanket in case we use the stroller and he needs something extra warm covering him up. But really that's about all I bring in my diaper bag and keep me prepared for when I run errands. I love being a mom and everything it includes! I hope this helped moms or mothers to be on what I like to put in my baby's diaper bag or what I feel like is great to have but you never would of thought to put in it! Until next time!

               Diaper Bag - SwaddleBibDiapers & Wipes-Multi-Use Cover

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mason's 3 month update!

Can you believe that it's been three months since I had my precious Mason. It is extremely bittersweet! I love seeing him grow and learn new things whether their big or small! He keeps getting cuter and cuter by the second and I am loving every moment of being his mom and of course learning everything it comes to being a mom! The last time I posted was Mason's birth story, so I do apologize for not documenting this but let me fill you all in on whats happen since his birth and of course him turning 3 months old. Mason has been a calm boy since he was born, like people are shocked by how quiet and mellow he is. I tell Rex (my husband) that we truly are blessed with an amazing boy! He only cries when hes hungry, tired, or has a dirty diaper. Since a few days after he was born he only has woken up mommy and daddy once a night; for his feedings and on rare occasions twice a night. Again we truly feel blessed to have this little miracle. My husband and I have said just you wait, the next child will be the complete opposite haha! Mason slept and slept in his first month , he loved meeting all of his family member and getting spoiled with love by his grandparents! His second month Mason gained some weight!! I mean a lot!! His baby roles ahhh there so chunky!! He learned to put his hand in his mouth and even tries to put his whole fist in, (good luck buddy). When Mason was more he hand dark brown hair just like mommy but in month two, his hair started getting lighter and lighter just like daddys! I bet he ends up having light brown or dirty blonde hair?! Who knows right?! For his two month appointment the doctor was really shocked how well mason could hold up his head, this little guy is strong and loves lifting himself up with his legs (while making a flexing hand gesture haha) Now unto month three!! Mason has grown so much everyday I am more and more amazed as to what babies can  grasp and learn!! Mason has learned to recognize his hands, its almost like he's thinking "oh hey, what are you" both him and us are both entertained by it. He also loves when daddy and mommy call him chubby, I mean the smile is huge haha. He is loving bath time more and more and loves holding his rubber ducky and putting it in his mouth. He has also learned to hold unto objects in his hand and put them in his mouth. Mason loves snuggle time with us and loves smiling!! He loves cooing and talking to us, we also love it to because now hes trying to communicate with us, and those baby coo's are seriously the cutest!  He mostly loves tummy time and what I mean by that is he loves it until he's been on his tummy for what he thinks is a while and then wants to go on his back. I am loving seeing this little guy grow more and more (even though I will always miss the little newborn he was) , I cant wait to see what Mason learns in this next month, and oh mom is already planning our family Halloween costumes and looking forward to all the Fall snuggles! Also look at this cute swaddle set Mason got from KB Cute Designs, as you can see it not only is cute but Mason instantly fell asleep after taking the photos below, it is hand made, extremely soft and cosy and she not only makes swaddle sets but crib sheets, beanies, headbands, changing pad covers and much more! Go take a look at her cute shop!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mason's Birth Story!!

Hello!! It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm in the clear right, since I had a baby? So as many as you know from my last post , we had one month left until the little guy showed up! Well he is here and we are in love with him!!! I decided to share a little bit of my birth story with all of you:) Also TMI because there may be some TMI stuff in this post, so just warning you all:) So Mason's arrival went over his due date by a few days and it wasn't driving me crazy but I was definitely getting anxious. I hadn't lost my mucus plug at all, I wasn't feeling any contractions and by the last appointment by Doctor saw me I was barely at a 1. I was kinda bummed that I wasn't as far as I hoped as I would be but I knew that some first babies go past their due date and I was okay with that, but you can't help that you want to see your baby like NOW right haha!? Come a couple of days later , I had woken up like any other day and my husband was getting ready for work and then they started.. The contractions! Let me just say this ... If you worried about not knowing what a contraction feels like or how to know your going into labor ... Believe me YOU'LL KNOW! It was around 8am and I told my husband that I was feeling a lot of pain and they felt like horrible cramping but times ten. The pain was all over my stomach and my back would hurt too, no matter how I sat, stood up, or even laid down the pain wasn't going away. We then downloaded a contraction timing test and saw that my contractions were 6-7 minutes apart .. After maybe 15 minutes they started getting closer together .  All I could think is "is this real ?!" And it sure was!!! I had them gone to contracting 5-6 minutes apart and by then we knew it was time to go to the hospital. We had already registered and they escorted us to our room. They checked me and I was still at a 1. I know this was my first time but you can imagine how shocked I was that I was at a 1 and not a 2/3. I was kind  of mad with my body... How could I be a 1 and be in so much pain! They told me that they would check back with me in an hour to see if there was any progression. Honestly my fear was they were going to send me home , the baby was already a couple days over , my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart .. This momma to be didn't want to go home. After an hour had passed the nurse came back and checked me and saw that I was now at a 2!!! I was so happy but the nurse just wanted to check with the doctor to see if they wanted to keep me and he said yes! THIS WAS IT , we were going to meet our boy that day well at least soon! The hours passed and I forgot what the medication that they had given me but they put me on a pain reliever medication for a couple hours , to be honest I wanted to wait as much as I could to get the epidural . So we checked in at 8/9 am and was on the medication for several hours. Come 3pm I started feeling more and more pain , the pain medication only lasted an hour and when it went away .. Did I feel those contractions !!! When I would want to get more medicine sometimes it took the nurses some time to get more for me and by the time my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart I just turned to my husband and told him it was time to get the juice ( epidural). The anesthesiologist came in and started preparing me to get my epidural, is it bad that I wasn't scared about the needle? Like it didn't even phase me. Anyways I had a contraction and it was time to put the epidural in , my husband also wasn't phased by seeing the epidural needle. I must say feeling the epidural go in your spine feels so weird! Especially when you feel the popping in your back, ah so different! Before I knew it , he was done and the medication started working! Can I just say how much I love the epidural! Like it is AMAZING! Then they broke my water, inserted in the pee bag thing (so weird seeing your pee in a bag haha) and continued to check me. Around 6/7 I was at a 5/6 I believe, and wow was I craving a big juicy burger! Haha I hadn't eaten since morning and before getting the epidural all I got was grapham crackers and of course I wasn't able to eat after getting the epidural but I was seriously craving something with a lot of calories and well a big meal !! As time went by my husband and I watched tv, took photos, and of course talked about everything baby. I even got emotional sometimes because how excited I was and loved talking about who he would look like! I must say I had many emotions going on ! I also thought about what if something went wrong, what if I'm not the best mom, what if it hurts really bad (silly me of course pushing a baby will hurt ) but I think all those emotions came not only because of hormones but because this was my first baby .. I didn't know what to expect .. I didn't know what exactly was going to happen. One things for sure is all I cared about was getting the baby out and him being healthy. I'm so blessed to have had my husband there with me especially during my nervous moments but like always he got me through them. A few hours had passed and it was 10pm , the nurse had checked me and I was already at a 9 1/2!! They started getting the room even more ready, my husband and I  stared at all the equipment they were getting out.. For me and the baby. I looked at my husband and said "We're getting close, he will be here soon!"  We both started to get more and more excited and I was trying to remain as calm as I could be with my body. I was mentally and physically preparing myself for what was about to happen. Then 11 rolled around and they had checked me and I was at a 10!! IT WAS TIME TO PUSH! My husband and the nurses grabbed my legs and pushed they back and I began pushing. The nurse was having my old my breath for 10 seconds while pushing. My sweet and encouraging husband kept telling me "You got this Val, your doing great, Great job baby." Before I knew it his head was out and I was in my final pushing. My husband kept saying "Look at all that hair, he's so cute." I would just stare at him and then continue my focus to push as hard as I can. The doctor then told me he was almost out and I had one more strong push to go! I pushed with all my might and out he came. All I could say was "Oh my baby, oh my baby!" I couldn't stop crying, he was beautiful! Our baby boy was here and was the most precious, most handsomest, most adorable baby I had ever seen! They then laid him on top of me and I  couldn't stop starring at him! My husband and I were in tear by our handsome sweet bundle of joy! Mason was born June 3 at 11:12pm weight 7 pounds, 20 inches.

When they had broken my water and I had gotten closer to pushing I developed a high fever and because of that fever, when Mason had come out he also had a fever (I felt so bad) and the NICU nurses came in just to make sure he was okay and to see if he needed any extra treatment. Luckily our little strong boy didn't need any extra treatments. Before we knew it his and my temperatures went down and we were ready to go into our room. Holding him in our arms and seeing our little creation filled our hearts with so much love. We spent two days in the hospital just to monitor him and I and make sure we were all taken care of before we went home. Our families have come and visit and they all love the addition to the family. He has my dark hair and has his dads size feet and hands.  He is now 8 weeks old and continues to be our precious little baby. Since my milk came in this little guy only wakes us up once to even two times a night, is starting to smile and coo, only cries when he is hungry or has a dirty diaper and is the calmest baby we've ever seen! We are beyond blessed to have our little boy and are excited about all the memories were going to make. Your mommy and daddy love you so much Mason!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Home Stretch!!!!

I've now entered the final month of pregnancy and I can honestly say I'm in shock.I'm in shock by how fast pregnancy has gone! Second it's finally starting to hit me that Were going to see our baby boy in less than a month! Now it may or may not be a month. Baby could come early or baby could come late. I know I'm not the only one but with your first I feel like all of a sudden it hits you that you will have another addition to the family, you'll be parents soon, and that a little human will be in this world before you know it! I'm trying to keep myself busy and distracted so I don't think about the labor (mostly about the physical pain I'm about to go through) we've set up his crib and dresser which I love so much!!! We've hung up most of his wall decor and even started packing my hospital bag... Just a few more items! We have yet to get the car seat in and will be washing all his new baby clothes within the next week.  His nursery is basically done, all we have to do is hang a few frames and that's it! Next week is Deep Clean house week so there's much that has to be done.

I'm currently starting to feel more and more pelvic pain, to the point where I'm waddling like a duck and I can't even switch sides while laying down. Who knew your pelvic could hurt so bad where you don't move! I also have noticed my hands and feet start to swell! I don't think I've ever seen my so feet swollen.. and I still have 4 weeks to go. My husband is seriously such a sweet heart, without even asking he goes and massages my hands and feet.  My cravings haven't really changed. I'm still loving cereal but also loving fruit! I must say baby boy's kicks are getting more all of a sudden he gives me a great big kick and I'm like, "Oh that HURT!"

Honestly I cannot wait to meet baby boy, I cant wait to have him in my arms and kiss his cute little cheeks. I'm excited to see what features he gets from mommy and daddy and what his personality will be like. Heck I'm just excited to see him! I mean 4 weeks can go by fast and I hope it does too because even though he's not here yet, I already love my little one! Did I mention we have his first outfit and coming home outfit all picked out, Ah I cannot wait to see him in them!! We also had our Maternity photo's taken last week ,the very talented  and sweet Jill Collier took our photos and I may have shed a tear or two. I'm obsessed with them and cannot wait to hang them around the house and in his nursery. After seeing them I teared up a little because.. It's just that I love my belly and just the fact that I have our precious little one growing and will be here soon , brings me all kinds of happiness! Baby boy we cannot wait to meet you in less than a month!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baby's coming soon!! Baby registry Must Haves

35 weeks now: Baby is the size of Lettuce  and weights almost 5 pounds !

We registered at a few places a couple of weeks ago and here are the items I registered for what I felt was a must have on the baby's registry list. Now I know there's the crib and car seat and well baby clothes but that's a given haha. I'm trying not to buy items for this little guy but its so hard, can you image if I was having a girl! I'm wanting to wait until all baby showers are done so that I can see what I was given and see what I am missing. How is it that I only have a month and a half  of pregnancy left! From registering or even gifts given to us we have already 6 bottles, why is it that, that seems like a lot to me? We're stocking up on diapers like no other (ps I recommend stocking up on diapers and wipes) and when reading an article.. did you know a baby can go through on average 10-14 diapers a day...that's almost 420 diapers a month!!! Now I know why its recommend to start stocking up on diapers.

I registered at Target, Baby's R Us and buy buy baby. Now I must say that I have never been to a buy buy baby, I don't know if there's one close to where I use to live in California..but I had never been to one before. When I walked into Buy Buy Baby I was immediately blown away.. guys the store was huge! It was also a must for me to Register at Target because not only am I a frequent shopper, but I also know they provide amazing customer service! I've heard so many recommendations from moms and read many reviews on why you should have certain items(even ones that are featured in the picture below) and I can see why! I LOVE hearing recommendation and knowing what products/brands moms like! I'm excited to see how all these products work and which one's become my favorite, but please if I have not mentioned something that is a MUST or that I'm missing please let this momma to be  know:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

32 week update!

Now that I've been in the single digits for some time now.. Time is just flying by. I was told that the third trimester is the one that goes by the slowest. Well that's not happening for me haha, it's going by fast and I almost want it to slow down. I can't wait to meet him but I'm already future missing my baby bump. I love feeling his movements (whether it's little or well not so little haha). I am currently at 33 weeks but because I forgot this was meant to be the 32 week update. So let's pretend it's a little bit of both:)

Baby is currently (33 weeks) the size of Honey Dew (yuuumm!) and is almost weighing 4.5 pounds ! At 32 weeks he was the size of a winter squash and weight 2.5-3.8 pounds (according to my app). Baby is growing fast and I'm seriously loving every second of it! I must say I can imagine him getting pretty squished in my belly because well ... Mom can definitely feel it! It's getting harder and harder for me to lean down and reach for something! I've officially started squatting.. My sweet sweet husband of mine helps me put my shoes on. Oh we also started taking prenatal classes at the hospital! Wow are they truly educating! It's a 4 week course and even though we've only been to two classes so far, we have learned so much! 

Sleep seems to become less and less as time goes by in pregnancy. I think I wake up pretty much every night. He is so active at night! That little rascal loves making sure I know he's there haha! I'm tossing and turning most of the night just because my belly doesn't really seem to ever be comfortable.. But thank goodness for pillows! It also seems like the leg cramps have come to a stop (*knock on wood*) I think I like waking up to baby's movements rather than waking up to painful leg cramps! So far I'm still loving cereal but still can't stand the smell of bacon being cooked! I also admit that naps are now making an appearance and I will soon be seeing my doctor every week! 

I also have to share  that hubby and I were able to take maternity photos last weekends, with the sweet and talented T.C Martinsen Photography. She was so kind and seriously easy to talk to! I like when photographers make conversation..because honestly it makes things a little less awkard lol. It was such a beautiful day and even though the wind was crazy as heck..the photos turned out beautiful!