Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Favorites ( Must haves)

Here are your my Summer Must Haves!

(Going Left to Right) 1. Denim jacket for some reason is a must have for me during the summer, its honestly perfect for any type of summer weather, not too tight and not too light; but hey I love the Denim jackets are making a come back! 2. Bright nail polish! I love painting my nails and my I love I mean I change colors every week sometimes twice a week, and I love Summer colors, especially bright colors! 3. Sandals , I don't know the exact name of these shoes but I do know their from target, super popular and super cute, there's so summer if there's no flip flops or sandals. 4.  Not only do I love dresses but I love maxi floral dresses, comfy, light and a total summer must have! 5.  Cross Body purse, okay I love the person that invented this beauty! I dont always like carrying around a huge purse especially when I'm going out to some place that is casual. Cross body purses are a must to travel easy and have your important essentials all in one purse! Love it. 6.  Swim suits, okay you at least have to go a few times swimming in the Summer, lately I have loved this lace one, I don't own it but I do wish I had. 7. The Blushed nudes by Maybelline, I am one that likes to wear as little make up as possible or have my make up look very natural, we this new palette I truly feel like I am hardly wearing eye shadow but Im still giving color, I mean look at those soft pinks! 8.  Dresses, Like I already said I am obsessed with dresses and to me this is a must for summer because its 90% of what I wear in the summer, or in every season lol. 9. Bright/Neon shoes! I just bought a pair of neon pink shoes and I love it because I love having a neutral dress on or outfit and wearing this baby's definitely adds a POP of color!!St Ives hydration lotion, I already love making sure my skin is moisturized but I love even more when I can have it on a go in a spray form. Not only does it really moisturize but its also not heavy and comes in a variety of scents! 10.  Last but not least the other palette of The Nudes by maybelline, I am a sucker for smokey eyes especially brown, I love the variety of different browns they include in this palette, definitely a must have!


Photoshoot with Bianca Lazzaretti Photography (Wedding Dress!)

About a little over two months ago my husband and I were asked to be models
for a photographer; I of course said yes because not only do
I love photos but I also got the chance to wear my wedding dress again and who
doesn't love that! We drove to the Timpanogos Temple wear my husband and I got sealed and it honestly felt like we were taking our models and we were getting ready to be married.
I love that temple so much because not only is it beautiful but it has held a special place in my heart for many reasons. Bianca was so much fun to work with, her personality made it feel like we've been friends for a while. She was so sweet, intelligent and funny. Here are a few photos of our photoshoot, also look how adorable my husband and I are hehe. Love my husband, love us, and loved our chance to be models for Bianca Lazzaretti Photography!

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