About Me

Welcome friends! My name is Valentina Riches! I wasn't born on a Valentine' Day (I get asked that a lot) but my birthday is the end of January and I was born two weeks early, so I could of been born that day! Anyways, welcome to my blog, I am thrilled for you to join me in everything happy, beautiful, delicious, and crazy fun on this blog!
Here's some thing you might want to know about me first!
I am a wife to an amazing hilarious-handsome man who've I've been married to for almost 3 years now!

I am a mother to an almost one year old; his name is mason and he will bring you happiness by just looking at him, he is my newest meaning of love and happiness.

I grew up in Northern California, will always be a cali girl and currently live in Northern Utah, and I'm loving my new home!

I started this blog, merely just for fun but since becoming pregnant with Mason it has become a place where I can write down my pregnancy with mason, his monthly milestones, a place where I can share my newest favorite recipe, my latest craft, my monthly beauty favorites, and of course a place where I can share everything family, because they truly are the best part of my life.

I live for sushi, baby animals, scrap-booking, themed parties, target, baking, taking photos, going on new walks or finding mason favorite new park!

So hang out, read posts..
I cant wait to get to know you and have you join me on this beautiful thing we call life!

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