Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Masons First Camping Trip- The beginning of a Tradition

This summer has been one to remember, from spending countless days at the splash pad, to mason's one year birthday, to going to California, and of course the several hikes and memories we have made together. Since getting married I have loved camping ...well not when I'm camping and I'm sleeping in my tent while a huge thunderstorm is happening (this occured on our 1 year anniversary), haha but maybe its because I never did any camping while I was little but there's something about getting away from everything, all the noise and traffic and being surrounded by fresh air, little critters,and of course eating countless amounts of smores that I just love so much!

This time around we got to bring Mason camping with us and wanted to take a little trip as our last goodbye to summer. We drove up to Deer Creek Reservoir after Rex got off from work and I want to first off say that never do that again if it can avoided because we were stuck a little in rush hour traffic and ate a late dinner but anyways. We finally got up to our campsite and got the tent ready, put our dinner on the fire pit (see what we made below) and enjoyed a beautiful walk down to the lake. The sunset was incredible and we all hung out by the water. Daddy would watch all the boats being towed back in, and mason and me sat in this little sandy spot , put our feet in the water, and collected rocks which is our favorite! The water was perfect, especially for it being past 8pm!

We then walked back up to our campsite and started getting to eat our yummy smores! Mason got the first smore and he LOVED IT! Haha he kept trying to steal daddy and mommys smore but before we knew it little man was rubbing his eyes and it was time to get ready for bed. We slipped him in his pjs, said a prayer and laid him in the tent. I was surprised by how well he did! He laid down, hugged his patches, and went right to sleep. Rex and I went back to our fire pit, talked about life and each other, and finished our smores. Soon enough it was getting really late and we also started getting ready for bed. While we were getting into the tent we noticed mason sleeping right next to the tent door, almost like he was waiting for us and well that's when it all went a little down hill haha.

We were surrounded by two party camping people. One group were college kids and the other group were older but partiers haha. It didn't help mason sleep that you could literally hear their conversation from our tent but also the loud music they were playing. Did I mention at one moment around midnight the college kids decided it was the perfect time to play their flute. haha why would you play a flute at midnight? Anyways other annoyed campers got to them before me, but honest I was entertained by mason! He was between Rex and I, and all he wanted to do was walk around the tent, cuddle with dad, and tickle my face, which ended up him laughing at himself and me laughing that he was doing that. Haha I swear mason cranks himself up and he has such a great big heart. At one moment mason cuddle with daddy and even fell asleep...I wanted to tear up as I saw the two boys I love with my whole heart, sleep together with a big embrace.

Mason fell asleep at around 1 am and woke up at 8 am. We then ate breakfast which was yummy eggs and potatoes! Oh also note to self! Don't forget to bring salt, because eggs don't taste too good without any.

Once breakfast was over we let mason take his nap, which he did really great with because all the party kids were gone, so mason took a nice 2 hour nap, probably also tired from a long night haha. Once mason woke up we packed up all our stuff and headed down to lake where we got our swim suits on and went kayaking. Mason loved it, especially when boat waves would come near us and the kayak went up and down. It was warm but luckily dipping into the water cooled us off, which mason wasn't too happy about. We then ate some lunch and around 3pm headed back home. It was a small trip but it was truly the perfect trip I could have ever imagined for us! We decided that we are going to make this a tradition, to do this every year! We loved just hanging out with us each other and really bonding! I love my family and I loved seeing mason experience this for the first time! Looking forward to our next Riches Camping Trip!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Perfect "Together Time" Toys- with Lamaze Toys

Can you believe Mason is already 14 months old, I swear time just flies! Ever since I became a mother and even during pregnancy I have bought more stuff for mason than I have for myself, and that's to be expected right? I am always on the look out for the safest car seats (which we are currently looking for ), softest blankets, shoes that will last him a while since mason loves playing in the dirt, but also finding new toys that are with his age and help him grow and development but still be the perfect toy for entertainment!

Even though toys are made to play with, its a double win if the toy provide educational features to it! Our babies minds are always growing and its our job as parents to keep them actively engaged that can help them figure things out, learn patterns, and see results by doing something. I don't think there's ever been a trip where we haven't brought a toy with us, especially now that he is a toddler, if its a long road trip or a flight we make sure to bring one that can keep him occupied. 

We just found out and received our Lamaze Toys and Mason and I are loving playtime together! Keep reading for a discount code!
 We have the Octotunes which is a musical toy that allows mason and me to have music time during playtime. It has 8 tentacles that have each its own color, textures & patterns, and when squeezed has different musical notes! This is masons by far! He loves playing with his octopus and squeezes the tentacles and making his own set of musical lyrics. This toy helps with eye development, encourages strength when pulling or squeezing, and so much more!

We also got Repeat Petey, who literally repeats what you say with just a press of the wing! With fun textures, crinkles, and bright colors its sure to grab your little ones attention. This toy helps with language skills and cognitive skills as well! Mason was a little confused at first when the cute bird toy kept repeating what he said but after some getting use to, he couldn't stop purposely saying things so that it can be repeated back. There were times that we brought this in the car and mason would be laughing while playing, it was the cutest thing! It seems he made a new best friend!

Last but not least we got the perfect on the go toy named, Flipping Felipe. We clip it to our diaper bag, stroller, and car seat which is great when your on the go with your child! It's a dolphin toy that by just the pull white clip, its little tail starts vibrating, great for grabbing attention. It also has a squeak and teething feature, which is truly the best feature for mason right now since he's been teething a lot lately! It helps soothe baby, helps engaged hearing, and because of the textures it has, it helps develop tactile sense! From birth and up this flipping Felipe is perfect for all ages!
Photos done by Wander Photo
Lamaze toys are made for every stage of your baby's growth and even backed up by infant development experts! I love interacting with Mason and having educational/fun playtime together, its one my favorites things I love doing with my little guy and love seeing the memories we are creating! Mom life truly is the best life!
To check out more information on Lamaze Toys click below

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My breastfeeding experience with Mason l Ear Fidgeting

As many of you know Mason turned one almost two months ago and a very special moment that I have shared with him is coming to end, Mason is now near his end of breastfeeding and it honestly makes me bummed.So since August is National Breastfeeding awareness month, I wanted to share with you my experience with Mason. I also share some photos which I wasn't going to share because their sacred and special to me but I did end sharing them because of the beauty of my experience with my little Mas.

While pregnant with Mason I read books, articles, heard stories from different women about breastfeeding. I even had a prenatal class talk about breastfeeding tips and facts, which became very helpful. I educated myself in different ways of feeding as well like just pumping and formula as well, I wanted to make sure no matter what form of feeding I gave mason that I was well educated. After I had mason I was fortunate enough to breastfeed mason, it was a little hard at first (finding what position worked best for him and I)  and pushing through some short timed pain as well, in which I told myself that my body was just learning something new and to keep going. Thank goodness for Nipple Cream though! I had such a great support system like the nurses telling me different positions to my mom and mother in law telling me what worked for them, and of course my husband being such a great support to me and helping  me out whenever I needed it. 

My boppy pillow helped me so much ( I highly recommend one), in which helped me find a comfortable way to place mason and for my hands not to fall asleep staying in one position for 30-45 minutes haha. Since I also went back to work after 3 months I also used a Pump I got from the hospital in which I pumped a good 2-3 times a day, since my body and breast were just getting use to creating milk, I was always full and needing to pump. But lets be honest hear, when your breast are full, they truly do feel like rock and hurt! Now even though breastfeeding was my ultimate goal, if I had to pump or formula I would have been completely okay with it, just because I truly believe that fed is best. 

It's truly incredible how nursing changes you, I didn't think it would have this effect on me but it has. I love knowing that mason is dependent on me to give him the nutrients he needs to become a strong and healthy boy. It's amazing what nutrients breast milk contains and what it can help prevent! It truly is a beautiful thing to have between you and your child. I loved seeing mason fall asleep while latched and seeing how chubby he got as well, seriously he can eat! Hense why I almost have a 30 pound child at one year old.  I loved seeing him give me a quick smile and then re-latching. I revolved my schedule around masons feeding time making sure that if I was out that I could be home within hours or have some ready for him, which Rex loved getting the experience to feed him as well. As one of my friends has said, it has provided me with a new sense of love for my body and how happy I am to be able to breastfeed mason. Mason has hand this cute little habit you can say that he has done since I could remember. Every time he feeds he always grabs his ear, playing with it and even though it's something so little it something that I'm going to remember. 

My personal experience breastfeeding mason has brought me so much happiness, love, pain, long nights, midnight and early feedings, and this incredible bond with him that is shared between us that I will never ever forget. I am so blessed that I made it to my goal of breastfeeding mason for a year; and gone past that, and even though were not done yet, I am cherishing every moment of this that we have left.

Here's a link to my where I get mason's cover (which is also multi-use) and his bibs.. they even have towels and much more! Their soft, comfortable, and I cannot get enough of their prints! Love this shop! Copper Pearl
Photography by Audrey Kay Photography