Thursday, May 23, 2019

10 Pregnancy Essentials for any trimester!

Can you believe there's 3 weeks left or less until baby girl arrives! This pregnancy has flown by faster than when I was pregnant with Mason. I mean maybe having a busy toddler has helped but I just can't wrap my head around that we meet her in less than three weeks! I have seen many post about their favorite pregnancy favorites and so I thought why not join in and tell you my personal pregnancy favorites, that I've used with my first pregnancy or just started using with this pregnancy. So here you are, a list of my pregnancy must-haves for ANY trimester!

1. House Dress- First off why I haven't I discovered this amazing pieces of clothing before?! It truly is one of my favorite items I have in my wardrobe because of the many uses it has! I have 5 house dresses and don't plan on stopping! You can them at a variety of shops like Nesting Olive , Lates by Kate (which is what I will be wearing in the hospital) , Dwell and Slumber , Lounge and Liv , Undercover Mama (Use link:House Dress Link )
These dresses are bump friendly, nursing friendly, and you can even wear them out of the house! I wear mine all the time!

2. Maternity Leggings- This is a staple in my wardrobe especially because my pregnancy has been mostly in the cold season. But I love my maternity leggings. First off always I mean always go for the pair that go over your belly, because then you don't have to worry about them falling down and having to constantly pull them up, and they work with your growing belly too! I know many who always wear maternity leggings in the summer and it honestly works great for any season!

3. Stretch Mark Cream-  I'm still on a mission to find the most effective stretch mark cream, but so far the one that has shown some difference would be the Burt's Bee's Cream and the Palmer's Cocoa Stretch Mark Cream. Not only does this help prevent and reduce the sign of stretch mark's (if you keep up with it) but also keeps your skin moisturized and lessens itchy skin that comes with pregnancy.

4. Water bottle- I'll admit I don't drink as much water as I need to especially in the last trimester, none there less it's so important to drink water! Drinking water is important for you and baby so this item is a must to have!

5. Prenatal Medicine/Tums- You've probably been told by your doctor to always take your prenatal vitamins because of the benefits it gives you and baby before, during, and after pregnancy! I like to call it my strength gummy, because of how strong it makes me and will make my baby! Also tums... now this depends if you are unfortunate soul like myself that has acid reflux. It's no joke how much acid reflux has hit me this pregnancy. I take them all the time and they truly do help! Acid reflux can really occur in any trimester so it's really up to your pregnancy when they hit, hense why their good for any trimester. (Ps: I've been told that pickle juice or vinegar help too, but that's just too gross for me)

6. Journal- I have loved looking back at each pregnancy and seeing what happened during a certain time or seeing how this pregnancy and my first are different and even post pregnancy! I think is fun looking back and getting nostalgic! So this is a favorite of mine because of the memories I write and can remind myself and share with others!

7. Fetal Doppler- Now this item isn't necessary but I have loved having mine and wished I had it with mason because of how calm it made me. Some may say that it makes you dependable on it and that's not good but honestly you do what you want. Whenever I would worry about the baby (especially during the first trimester ) or wanted for fun to hear baby's heartbeat I pulled this awesome device and would always be overcome with happiness! I feel like its affordable and a fun machine to have!

8. Comfortable shoes-  I've been the person to not wear appropriate shoes sometimes... as in wearing sandals when it snows or just wearing sandals when I could of worn a shoe that would benefit my feet more. So at the start of this pregnancy, I told myself that having a pair of shoes that were good for my feet was a must! I took out my Nike's (that were gathering dust lol) and after a couple of days I started feeling changes with my feet! As I have progressed in pregnancy I've seen how much I love comfortable shoes and how I've felt compared to last pregnancy! So if you aren't already, invest in some really comfortable shoes and I promise your feet will thank you!

9. Pregnancy Pillow- Trust me when I say that eventually as your tummy grows, it will start to get real uncomfortable! Not only will it be harder to pick things up, tie your shoes, or simply get up.. but it will also be harder to be comfortable when laying down, especially when your sleeping! It's either you can't find a position that's comfortable, your baby's having a dance party, or that your stomach isn't supported enough. So if you don't want to invest in the maternity pillow (that I like using) then gather all your pillows, maybe steal your man's (it's for the baby) and hopefully that will help you get a better night's sleep:)

10. Snack- That's right you always need a snack on hand. Let me tell you whether it's the first trimester and you don't feel like eating, a snack (in my choice a chocolate granola bar was my pick) it always good to have something on hand to get you through until the next big meal. I wish I had carried more snack with me when I was pregnant with mason but this time around I have. Try and choose something with protein or more nutritional value. You will be happy to have that snack on hand:)