Thursday, October 7, 2021

Masons 5th Birthday Party

Our little Mason is now 5 years old, well technically 5 years and 2 months! Haha I can't ever seem to do these on time, the summer months are so busy, but I am finally getting around to it so lets dig right on in!

We honestly can't believe our special boy is 5, which not only means that he's a year older but that he's going into kindergarten this year which I am not ready for, but lets talk about the great things mason has learned and loves in this year of growth!

  • He's learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels
  • Favorite color is green
  • Still loves all things marvel super hero's but also loves pokemon
  • Made 4/5 goals in one soccer game (big moment for him) so proud!
  • He can count from 1-20
  • He is the kindest boy 
  • Such a goof ball
  • Absolutely loves kindergarten 
  • Is the best big brother 
  • Loves sushi as usual
  • Can do back flips
  • Loves playing with legos 
  • And so much more!
This year Mason wanted a Lego superhero birthday party so I got my creative juices out and designed this cute adorable birthday party for him! I shopped different sites mostly Amazon and Oriental trading. I love the small details like the little Lego themed silverware and the lego head cups! He was completely surprised! Another favorite was his balloon arch done by, . It is run by a fabulous women who has her daughter assist her as well! She was so professional and also so friendly to all of us! The end result turned out so beautiful and honestly I am going to hire her for every birthday because balloon arches are not easy (and I’ve tried) . She is located here in Utah so if you ever need a fabulous , affordable , and someone who will make your party dreams come to life, give her a call/message her, you won’t regret it!

I also took it upon myself to make him a piñata , I couldn’t find a Lego ninja piñata that didn’t cost a arm and a lego so I thought why not make one myself. We used some recycled cardboard and tissue paper and a small print from the internet and that was it, it was so much fun! A bunch of masons friends came and they all had a blast eating, playing, piñata breaking, and playing on masons new present (technically it was half masons half Isabella birthday gift) but they were both so happy to have a playground in the backyard and we love it everyday! We loved seeing everyone who loves and care for him there, and felt the love as well from family that lives far away as well! 

We love our little but not so little 5 year old mason boy! He’s so smart and  the friendliest boy you’ll ever meet! He’s got such a big heart and everyday we are so grateful he’s ours ! We love you so much buddy and we can’t wait to see what being 5 brings you , what you learn, the lives you touch, and the growth you do!