Monday, November 23, 2020

Small Business Gift Guide-2020 (For the Whole family!)

I've been looking forward to this gift guide because I feel like this year has shown what truly matters... each other, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our community and especially the area we live in. This is the time of being there and supporting one another. This year has affected so many small businesses and I love shopping and supporting my local and small businesses. I love knowing its a helping a family or person in the smallest or biggest ways. So I'm excited to share with you all a list of small businesses to shop for your holiday gifts this year and maybe for the coming years! Also ps: don't feel obligated to shop small because sometimes items are more expensive, but this is a suggestion to shop small this holiday season!  Comment on this post as well any small businesses you like as well! So let's get started!

Gifts For Women

Nitely (Earrings) -Literally have the cutest earrings, the owner is a sweetheart!
Sly Beauty (Makeup) -She is one talented boss! Literally love her cosmetic bags!
Magnolia Boutique (Apparel) -All their apparel items are so cute, I need every piece!
Emi and Kay (Pjs) - Knowing the owners, they are two incredibly kind sister duo and have the most comfy pj sets!
Simply Mala- Have such beautifully made bags (and more)  that brings in the cultural and pieces of their Guatemalan heritage!
Food Nanny (Cooking) - Literally one of my favorite accounts to follow, food is delicious!!

Gifts for Men

AJ motionsports- Has every item your outdoorsy person in your life could ever want!
Milo sport - Snowboarding and Skateboarding items, perfect for this winter!
Jord Watches- I got my husband a watch from them a couple years back and he absolutely loves it and wear it all the time! 
Traeger Grills- Perfect gift for those who loves to grill! I've heard nothing but great recommendations about them!
Mission Belts-  They have several styles of belts for both men and women! Very cute!

Knit Picking Co - My friend own this shop and she is so talented on the adorable items she makes, handcrafted and you can pick your item you want her to make!
Stitch and Bow- Another friend of mine owns this shop and makes such beautiful embroidery art pieces!
Water colors by Bree - You can go wrong with a water color customized painting gift!
DRT SHRT - Family owned business that can make an customized item/apparel piece you want, you name they make it!
Saranoni (Blankets)- We have several of their blankets and they are truly the softest blankets you could snuggle with, they also have swaddles, tree skirts, stockings, for babies to adults!
Woven Pear (Socks)- Unique style fun socks perfect for stocking stuffers!
GiGi PiP- Hats for any hat loving person!

Gifts for Toddler/Kids 

Little Ella Rae (Bows) - This is our favorite shop to buy Isabella's bows, so cute, unique and affordable!
Poppy Lane and Co - This is also where I buy bella's jewelry, they even have items for adults and MORE!
The Tiny Timber and Co- Thee Cutest Play/Doll house decor you could ever want, seriously I can't wait for bella to have a dollhouse!
Chick Lane - Cute apparel for the kids!
Mary Meyers - Both the kids and items from this shop and absolutely love their stuffies!
Little Adventures- Perfect gift for the kid that loves to dress up! Use code: "VR15" for 15% off
A Wondoughful world (playdough kits)- We have three of their kits and the kids love it, it inspires so much creativity! They have several themes!
Soft Landing Kids- They have adorable rocking chairs and pillows!
Brave and Kind Books- Historical, fun and inspiring books for all ages!
Jack and Winn - They have the cutest hats and even have some adults options as well!
Little Mister- Need your little boy to look dapper and so adorable, this shop is the one for them!
Luke's Toy Factory- Have eco friendly trucks for your little one!
Candy Lab Toys- Have adorable auto mobiles and stackable sets for your imaginative kid! 
Lily and River- Create a magical playroom!
Lulu and Roo (Clothing)- I could buy every apparel piece they sell , so cute and the owners are so sweet!

All these items are basically all having black friday deals, so give them a follow and see what deals they are having right now. To support your local or small business here's how you can help, write a review, tell your friends and family, follow them on social media, engage with their post (like, comment, share), give them a shout out, sign up for their newsletters! Comment below other small businesses you love following or buying from, the more the merrier! Happy Holidays!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Mason's 4th Birthday!

How is our little man 4 years old already! I can just remember the day I became a mother with him and how he was such a chunk!I remember how he hated vacuums, ate everything and anything, would run and swing one arm faster while looking down at it (cutest thing) hes our little tank and has and still is such a adventurous  and truly has no fear! Mason has grown so much in just this year, I love it! He truly changes my life everyday, making me want to be better, to love and look for the simply things in life, and  to be more silly. He is such a light in our lives ! Gosh I just love him so much, he truly is my little side kick and my little best friend, I love him soooo much! 

In just this year mason has gone to his first dentist appointment, learned to rock climb, mason became a big brother, gone on more and more road trips, his vocabulary has grown by a land slide , started his first year of preschool, learned his colors, alphabet, songs and so much more, obsessed and still is about spider man, got a new room (official a big boy room), flown to California, met his new cousin, got spoiled by Santa , gone to several jazz games, went to his first friend birthday party, we found out mason has a crazy resemblance with his grandpa (rex's dad), laughed more, grown more, gone on more and more adventurous , and continued to impact the world with his personality, smile, kindness, sensitivity,  energy and all around happiness. Mason is the one who made us parents, who made me a mother, he is an amazing brother always helping me out with Isabella, loves her endlessly, love helping me and doing chores with me, continues to call anyone his friend. I just can't believe our baby is four years old, where has this time gone?! Not gonna lie I love seeing him grow but I want these days to slow down! We love our little get bigger boy and he is such a blessing in our life! We are grateful to his mommy and daddy and for Isabella to have such a great big brother, we love you soooo much mas, we can't wait to see what your big 4 year brings!

Below are some pictures from his birthday party with a special guest!

We went with a spider-man superhero theme, with the main character being Miles Morales from the spider-verse movie, and of course we had to have a pinata to go with our theme! We love them! We  also gave our friendly superhero spider man a call and asked if he could stop by mason's little birthday party and mason was so happy! He was on cloud 9 seeing his favorite superhero at his party. He couldn't stop smiling and seriously was so glad that I asked him to stop by! 

Spider-man was so great with the kids and was so fun as well! I highly recommend giving spider-man a call because your kid will seriously be amazed and happy with their special superhero visitor. They did some fun superhero tricks, talked about all things about being and what superhero's do and took some photos, I definitely wish I would have had him stay longer, but there will definitely be a next time, that's how much we all loved it!  Mason now tells everyone that spider-man stopped by his birthday party and I could have not asked for a better day than for our mas boy and he definitely agree's ! Again we can't wait to see what this year brings for you and we hope you never lose that kindness, sense of adventure, and how you light up everything up around you with just your smile! We love you soooo much!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Isabella's first birthday party!

     We're here!!! Our Isabella Mae has turned the big 1!!! Well less than two months ago she did! It literally flew by! Yeah Yeah all parents say that but it did! Who knew our little toddler gal would change our lives so much, I mean literally! I remember finding out I was pregnant with her and literally not believing it. We had tried for 11 months, with 3 rounds of chlomid. It was morning time and I had gone and given mason his breakfast and I thought I was late by one day lol, and so I decided to take a pregnancy test and after several negatives it's sometimes hard to be optimistic on having a positive. After those 3 grueling minutes I saw that faint line! I immediately started to cry, we were pregnant with our 2nd baby, mason was going to have a sibling and I was beyond excited! I told mason first and he was happy too! He couldn't stop talking about his having a baby brother or sister! Then when daddy got home we surprised him too and he couldn't believe it and we were all filled with so much happiness! Who knew that pregnancy would be hard no matter what gender I had. I was more sick with Isabella and couldn't hold down water either. I remember being told her due date was June 9th but then later she was measuring small and was showing June 15th. I remember hoping that she would come after mason's birthday. I ended up being a week over and scheduling an induction, something I never did with Mason. After 10 hours we met our little miracle girl and she came out screaming and crying lol and hasn't stopped a whole lot haha. We knew immediately she would change our lives so much.

     She's our tiny little girl and she has learned so much in this first year! From the endless baby snuggles in my arms or on my chest,  Sitting up on her own, rolling over, crawling, her first tooth; to learning how to clap, to wave hi, to blow kisses , to giving kisses when you say "beso" kisses in Spanish, learning to sign all done and thank you. She's started as a total momma's girl which is only natural I believe but now loves her dad so much and can stand other people as well , especially if there's food! She also gets very shy with people she doesn't know and barries her head into my shoulder/neck. She loves rice,beans, yogurt, bread, graham crackers, blue berries and when we give it to her sweets like ice cream. She has a million bows, loves sleeping with her lambie and kitten, she hasn't the prettiest eyes and chunkiest cheeks. She loves the water (at first she didn't at all), she can say ah oh, shake her head yes and no, has 4 teeth total, sometimes when she smiles a little line forms above her nose and it's so stinkin cute, she loves her brother so much and think's he's hilarious, she can grrr and can walk among stuff and close to walking. She has 4 teeth and a couple more on it's way! We love all that our baby girl has learned!

    Now to our little sassy adorable precious 1st birthday party! It was such a fun day celebrating our Isabella's big day, I had her theme planned out for as long as I could remember. It was pink and gold and swans as well. It turned out perfectly and I found the perfect shop to buy all her decorations! We just had our family over and had a bbq outside. I had made a floral crown for her, especially since I love DIY and it was also very expensive to buy it online. She luckily kept it on all day. I also made her high chair banner, in which I just bought the banner and flowers at Michael's and had the vinyl cut myself, it turned out so cute! She got some cute fun gifts with the help from her brother . She wasn't a big fan of her cake smash, as in she liked the taste of it but did not want anything to do with touching it haha; guess she is going to be a clean girly haha. 

She loved especially her now favorite lambie and her walker! We are so grateful for all our family and friends who show so much love to our little Isabella Mae and we love our her little birthday party came together! Here are some photos from that day and more info about the cute decor shop that you definitely need to shop for all your parties!

 We bought all her decorations from Stesha Party They truly have basically every themed party decoration items you could ever want! I'm pretty all the kids birthdays and regular celebration events are covered for! Their decorations are incredibly affordable and you get your items very quickly! Plus the owner Stephanie is so sweet and will answer any questions you have. I have always loved how friendly and so personable owner and businesses are ! I would definitely rate this cute shop 5 stars and highly recommend you check her cute shop out!  If you purchase some items use code: "FRIENDSOFSTESHA”  for a discount!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Isabella's Nursery Reveal

It's finally done!!!! Yay I had a blast putting together Isabella's nursery! Since I found out I was having a girl I started planning our little girl's room even though she would be in our room for the first 6 months. To be honest I do miss having her in our room just because I loved waking up and seeing her adorable smiling face already looking at me. But she was starting to outgrow it and I hated waking her when Rex and I would go into the room; and since transferring rooms she has done great and love it!

I first started off with choosing the color palette. I went to pinterest of course and went from there. I wanted something girly but add a fun modern touch to it. PINK, GOLD, WHITE and small hints of grey were my color palette. I first painted the room right before she was born and chose my color from home depot from behr paint. Target, Amazon, and Etsy is mostly where I got all of her decor. I feel like with Isabella's nursery I was more artistic and went with some unique items than I did with Masons (but I of course love how his turned out as well!) I don't know if I have a favorite part of the room, the whole room itself is my favorite. I love the vintage floral gold mirror, the swan features, the gold, the flowers ..EVERYTHING! So without further a due here is Isabella's Nursery Reveal (Links to everything will be at the end)

Swan Piggy Bank , Swan Piggy Bank (2) , Flower Vase and monthly block Target Dollar Spot, Frame Home Goods.  

Let me know if I didn't tag something or have any questions! and for more little details like her closet, two other smaller essentials, and her dresser organization go to my  Instagram page at @vallyriches. Again this was a blast! I truly love the decorating process and so in love with Isabella's Nursery!! Until next time when I show you Mason's New Big Boy Room!