Thursday, December 1, 2016

Giving Back-Light the World!

Since I could remember my family has always loved giving back to our community especially in the holiday season! Since getting married, Rex and I have continued the tradition to give back to our community or to our state, Utah! With Mason added to our little family, I feel it's my responsibility of mine to show him and be an example to him on how he can serve those in need or do a random act of kindness. I've grown up with the biggest example in my life and that's my savior! He truly is the biggest example to me of selfless and love. Whether your LDS, religious or not, I think it's important we do selfless acts of kindness to our fellow friends, family, neighbor , or just simply a stranger. It's not meant for thank you's, or a physically reward back but the feeling that person your affecting gets by your act of kindness. Just seeing their smile or even them paying it forward bring such happiness. I've come up with some simple easy ideas for ways you can give back!

 I also include my church's calendar on examples of what you could do to #LightTheWorld! 

Remember it doesn't have to be anything big, even the smallest things, can leave a huge affect (I truly believe in that statement!") This campaign is for anyone and a little goodness goes a long way This fun and beautiful campaign started today so don't worry you have plenty of time to spread some good whether it's the 1st or the 16th! I love this because even though it's almost Christmas and we can't wait to open present on Christmas Day, to me the true meaning of Christmas is helping, being selfless, sending happiness , and loving one another! I can't wait to get started and I hope you join in on this as well! Don't forget to hashtag on  social  media #LightTheWorld .

  • Make Lunch to someone in need
  • Shovel someones snow drive way
  • Give toys or books to Toys for Tots
  • Give Canned Goods to your Local Food Bank
  • Call a long distant relative or friend
  • Donate beds,food,or toys to your local Humane Society
  • Compliment Someone
  • Write a sweet note
  • Help an elderly person with their groceries
  • Buy Donates for your local firefighters or police officers
  • Give a gift to your teacher
  • Attach change to a vending Machine
  • Pay for a family meal
  • Give Blood

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