Friday, December 16, 2016

It's the Simple Moments

Can you believe Christmas is next weeks? Rex and I are trying to get our house ready for Christmas Eve, since our families Christmas party is being hosted this year at our house. Since this year is our first year in our house I feel the need and of course me being a Christmas lover, to have our Christmas tree completed and lights up outside! I know I'm not the only one and i know there's several others; personally knowing some people close to me, where the holidays have now become a time of stress. I realized that even though it's our first Christmas in our house and of course Little Mason's first Christmas that I should take a step back and not stress and enjoy the simple moments in our life. This weekend and even last weekend it was pretty cold here in Utah and it even snowed a little. So we got to work, we vacuumed the rooms, cleaned and put away the dishes and did laundry. Since we have tile and our dirty little shoes have been covering it with dirt I felt the need to mop and of course sweep the floors. I used the Bona MicroFiber Floor Mop with their wet cleaning pads. Their cleaning pads are safe and make cleaning your wooden, laminate or even  tile floors easy, and you all know when you have kids you love knowing that the item or product you are using are safe for your little ones!

Our home was filled with Christmas music, Christmas lights, and made cleaning our home easier and more fun (then it usually is). We also used our Bona Disposable Duster, which not only holds every dust and dirt you could possibly image! We have a ceiling fan and since we've moved in, we've only cleaned it once... I know gross, but can you image the dirt we picked up?! Seriously it was all gone! You can attach it to your Bona Mop and get in those hard to reach places and we all know theirs always a spot that we can't just reach to clean. I used it under our fridge, in between in, underneath our floor cabinets! The areas are endless that you and reach! Oh did I mention that it only took me 15 minutes max to do all this. I mean doing laundry can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes but this took less than 15 minutes! We sat mason in his little chair and just cleaned the areas the needed some attention. Mason just laughed and smile as we made silly faces while cleaning. When I see our little boy smile at the simplest of things it bring me so much happiness. He was so calm through out our cleaning time and even decided to act like he was cleaning the table as he also tried to put a napkin in his mouth. Our cleaning time with Bona reminded me to see things like my son does, to smile at the little things, to enjoy every second and to love those around you.

You can find any Bona Products online or at your local Bed Bath and Beyond, Target or Home Depot. What's even greater is the they are hosting a giveaway on Facebook for $100 worth of Bona Products or a $150 SpaFinder gift card! Enter below for your chance to win and choose to see and enjoy the simple moments in your life !


  1. I need to try one of these!! I get so stressed when I have a messy house!!

  2. This sounds so great! I need to get one. I was going to get a swiffer but this looks awesome! xo

  3. I definitely need one of these.