Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wish list Must Haves with The Baby Cubby!

Since becoming a mom I've noticed I've either packaged or asked on registries for baby items that I thought I needed but never used. As Mason keeps growing I've also noticed what items he could benefit educationally; what brand I feel would make Mason the up most comfortable and honestly what toys he would love! While searching at certain baby shops I've felt like sometimes I'm just a customer and nothing more and people just want my money. I'm someone who wants to gain a relationship with the place I shop at so I can always come back and feel more than a customer but an actual friend! Since coming to Utah and being a mom I came across this adorable shop called The Baby Cubby in Lindon, Utah! Rex and I were there for one of their pop ups and were also looking for some swaddles and car seats! Right when I walked into the store I felt welcomed! Everyone is so nice , is ready to help you out, is very knowable with each product and treats you with such importance and care! Not only do they greet you and take care of you in person but they also do it through their  Website . As many of you know I love planning ahead and so I started Christmas shopping for Mason in the beginning of November,  so I can enjoy the month of December without stressing over present buying and just enjoy our first Christmas in our home and of course Mason's first Christmas! I headed down to The Baby Cubby where I instantly found some amazing items and cute little accessories for Mason and for myself that I know we would both love. I've recently partnered up with The Baby Cubby to show you some of my must-have wish list items for your baby whether it's for Christmas or just for anytime during the year!
Some of these items are perfect for every day use or even for a fun gift for baby and mommy. I can't wait for mason to open his presents that we got from The Baby Cubby and love the other items we got like the teething necklace, pacifier clip, and even his cute new beanie! This list will make shopping easier and moms we all know we love go to items for our babies!

 Another reason why I love The Baby Cubby is that instead of you doing research of the safest educational products/brands, The Baby Cubby does it for you! I trust them whole heartly with the products and brands they include in their store because not only do they see what parents are looking for but they are parents themselves! I hope this helped with what items you need to have and what company will become your new favorite place to shop at and will also be with you every step of the way with parenthood! 

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