Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy 6 months!

Can you believe that my little Mason is already half a year old! Where did time go!? Mason has grown so much in these 6 months! I feel like in a blink of an eye a month passes and he's a month older! Mason is such a good baby, I don't know how I got so lucky with such a happy calm little boy. Seriously our next child won't be this chill haha. We took our Christmas photos almost a month ago and we took some photos of just Rex and I and so what did Mason do? He just laid on his blanket looking out and just chilling. He's just like daddy in that way! Mason has learned so much since lasts month!

  • He's grown a tooth!
  • Loves making the fart noise
  • Loves smiling (like always)
  • 20 pounds
  • 96%tile for height
  • Loves reaching for mommy (most of the time)
  • Loves trying new foods like carrots!
  • Loves putting everything in his mouth
  • Has these little inhaled laughs he does

These are all big moments in just a month! On thanksgiving week he had my finger in his mouth and I felt something sharp, and when I looked , there it was! I had no indications of it! He's not fussy or crying or even seems bothered by it. Oh and I was finishing this post I looked in his mouth to see another tooth!!! Again how did I get so lucky!? Mason has always shown an interest in food, even at 4 months old he would try to grab at my spoon. Now that's he's old enough to try new textures and can digest other foods, he's become quite in love with his new food. We just tried had him try carrots and he loves them! I'm trying to go a year with breast feeding but I love seeing him so interested in this different yummy food! His fart noises crack me up. Last Sunday at church , it was during a quite time and all of a sudden your hear this baby making farting noises haha. I still cannot believe Mason is 6 months. He shows his personality more everyday ; I see Rex's calm and my social side in him. I don't think I've ever seen a baby smile so much like the way Mason does. He loves meeting and being held by other people and especially loves hanging out with babies his age! Also tell me your heart didn't just melt of Mason in this Santa Claus outfit!! I got this at target and had to get it, haha yes I am that mom but I couldn't resist! Baby Mason please let these 6 months go by slower! I love you and can't wait to see you grow more !