Thursday, November 10, 2016

Masons 5 month update!

Oh my you guys, another moth had passed and my baby is a month older:( I hope these monthly updates aren't annoying. I love keeping track of Mason's growth each month and I hope you like it as well! I feel like this month has hit me harder , hahaha and I think that's because next month he'll be 6 months! Mason continues to grow so much and just amazes both daddy and mommy of his sweet new developments! Mason is such a happy boy and always has a smile on his face, which reminds me of myself! This little guy has an eye for all things moving! We went to our trunk or treat for Halloween and Mason could not stop starring at all his fellow baby best friends and their furry friends! I think it's a sign that it's time to get a pet, right Rex, haha?! Mason is also getting more and more ticklish and in we're loving hearing him crack up. Mason is now usually on his tummy and Reaching out to object (that sometimes he shouldn't touch) ! I think it may now be time to start being more cautious of what's in his reach just because this little guy is a Adventurer already! Mason becomes interactive more each day with his toys and even likes when he make silly sounds! He's starting to show signs of crawling, he loves rolling over and scoots in different direction. Did I mention that his hair is getting lighter? If I already did, sorry, but his hair is getting so much blonder! I think hes going to have light hair just like daddy. Mason also has developed this new thing where when he smiles or get excited he shows his little tongue, I love it! Mason loves meeting new people and loves being held but mommy is still his favorite, tehe. I look back at his first week photo and then his first month photo and see where he's at now and cant help but tear up of how much he's grown. I am beyond blessed for my baby and love him so much! Cant wait for this next month and to see his new development!

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