Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Isabella's Birth Story

I'm finally getting to it everyone, haha finally made the time to post Isabella's birth story! Isabella is now 4 months and growing bigger and bigger everyday!

Introducing Isabella Mae Riches

She was born on June 14th at 10:30 at night and the most darling little girl I had ever seen! She immediately stole our hearts when she entered this world and can't imagine life without her! Mason is obsessed with her and loves telling people that she's his sister!

So let me tell you a little bit about that special day! I was induced (unlike my birth with mason) .. I had family coming in on a certain date and didn't want to be in the hospital when they were here, and I was also a week overdue and my doctor didn't want me to go more over. It was a Friday at 11am when we finally got the call from the hospital that we could come in. I remember that day so well. I had already anticipated the day before that friday was going to be the day and so we made sure we had everything set for the next day. We ate our last family of 3 breakfast and decided to go on a walk to the park. We were also about to head out to another park to meet rex's family for a little family gathering...right then at the first park just us three I got the call. We walked back home and loaded up the car and drove to rex's parent's house where mason would be spending his time at while we were in the hospital.

As we drove to the hospital I couldn't help but tear up thinking about this change our family would have and how it would affect mason. I was so nervous and I really had nothing to be worried about because mason loved talking about her and would even talk to my stomach asking bella to come out haha. But I was nervous. I was nervous mason would think I replaced him.. that he would become jealous because after 3 years of just him, I would be sharing my attention with someone else. Ah the nerves were real and I suppose that other mother's also have these thoughts. Even though I was nervous I was also excited for what was going to happen. Mason was going to gain a new best friend, someone to play with, a new member to join our family!

What's silly is that prior to being induced I never really felt real contractions. I just had braxton hick contraction which I never experienced with mason, I had lost my mucus plug but that was it! So when we arrived at the hospital I was ready to get things started! We arrived at almost noon and were settled into our room. I was given pitocin to start the labor process and those contractions happen fast. Not so much in pain but I started at almost a 2 (dilated) and my contraction started coming in quick. I wasn't really feel them pain wise but could feel my stomach tightening. Every two hours the nurse would check me and let me tell you how that first check went...lol it was very brutally uncomfortable!! Bella started moving up high and so it was hard to check how effaced I was and it was like this heat overcame my body as she was checking because I literally thought her whole arm was inside of me .. haha sorry for that image, but It really felt like that.

A couple of hours had past and I was lucky enough to get some yummy graham crackers and apple juice before the epidural. I wish I would of known to eat before arriving at the hospital because man was I HUNGRY!! Then it was time to break my water and insert the catheter . When they broke my water it felt warm and felt like something had popped which is exactly what happened.  More hours had past and 9 came around and I started to notice that my contraction were getting stronger. When I had been checked last I was dilated to a 4. As 10 pm was approaching I was able to start really moving my legs and even could lift them up! The contraction were 1/2 minutes apart and I was pushing the epidural button and felt like it wasn't working. The pain (like birth is) was getting more intense. I started breathing techniques with the help of my husband and the nurse. I kept asking the nurse why the epidural wasn't working and they really didn't know why. She said would call the anesthesiologist so they could give me a higher dose to see if that would help. As we were waiting for the anesthesiologist the nurse decided to check me again and as I looked at the nurses face I saw the look of shock.. she said I dilated at a ten and I just start laughing! I mean I know that birth is a pain (but beautiful) experience but I laughed that I felt like I wasn't crying for nothing haha, I mean I was at a 10 and my epidural and worn off completely! I was feeling every little bit of my contractions! Rex and I and the nurse were so shocked at how progressed I was. And then that's when things got even more real... the nurse said she's coming and all these nurses start coming in and prepping the room. The nurse called my obgyn and told him that it was time! I kept telling Rex how I hoped that she would get here safely.

The anesthesiologist quickly came into the room as they were just starting to get the room together and gave me another dose, just enough to not focus on the pain but on me pushing and my labor. We started out practice pushing, my obgyn came in and we started actually pushing.  I said a prayer out loud that I hope she got here safely and everything went okay. We rex's and the my whole team of nurses and doctor I was very supported, felt so much help, strength and felt incredibly focused. I pushed for about ten minutes and she was out. I kept saying "my angel, my angel".  Here was this little angel sent down from heaven that we yearned to have and she was so beautiful, innocent, and the most precious thing in this world. We fell in love all over again with another miracle in our lives! I also truly felt like I had also just given birth to mason again! She looked so much like her brother! She had dark hair, cute little cheeks, and the tiniest of fingers!

 After a couple of hours of a immediate skin to skin , cuddling with daddy and mommy , we were all moved to the recovery room. We were still obsessing (and it never stopped) over our little girl and I immediately felt so hungry! It was around 1 am and luckily the hospital cafeteria was still open and I ate the most delicious bacon hamburger ever!! The bacon was the best part because it was perfectly crispy and tasted soooo good!

Then after we were able to get as much rest as you can expect with nurses popping in every couple of hours and honestly I didn't was to sleep because I was just in love with our Isabella! Once morning came we got the call that mason had woken up and we were all ready for him to come meet his little sister! Our photographer at @cieraleavittphotography  was on her way and Isabella was getting her first bath!

I must say that I could have not envisioned a better moment that when mason met his baby sister for the first time! He immediately saw her and was so happy, he looked in her hospital basket and said bella with such a big smile on his face! I immediately started tearing up because it was truly a beautiful special moment that stood still that I would always remember. I loved looking at mason's face as he stared in aw at his sister and him just become a big brother! He looked at her with so much love, it melted all of our hearts! He got to hold her several times and would point to her and say bella my sister!! I just love my boy so much and again the meeting between these two couldn't be more perfect!

Once everyone left we just continued for another day to relax and make sure Isabella and I were clear to go. Going home felt so nice but I also loved my hospital stay! My recovery was good and so thankful for the family and friends who helped out, brought meals, and even picked up mason so he get out of the house. She is such a healthy girl and has some similar qualities and some very different ones haha. She loves to sleep and only wakes mommy up once a night, likes bath time now, was a little colicy in the beginning and breastfeeding is going very well , is not not as calm as her brother lol. But she's our perfect little beautiful girl and we are so in love with our Isabella Mae and so blessed to have her in our family!

Hospital gown from Lates by Kate
Isabella's Swaddle from Lou Lou and Company

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