Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mason's Birthday / 3 Year Update

I'm pretty sure I have started every post like this but how in the world is my baby 3 years old! It truly baffles me how fast time has gone and that he isn't a baby anymore but is truly growing up as such a big boy! This year like every year has gone by fast! We have some downs but this boy is all about bring up's to our lives.

Where shall I start. Mason's personality is truly showing more and more everyday and we keep on loving it! Everyone in this world is his friend. It doesn't matter what age the person is or boy or girl this boy loves making friends with everyone. Whether or not he's met them yet he calls them his friends already and I think it's the sweetest thing! He loves talking and loves getting into a deep long conversation with you. He can explore anywhere and what place or area may seem boring to others, this kid knows who to make the place fun! He also has such a creative mind and loves playing make believe! Mason probably like any toddler has so much energy that you really wish you had some of because can this boy play for hours and never get tired, up until mom says its time for bed haha.

I say this to anyone but mason truly has such a caring, kind, and loving heart! He is deeply concerned if someone is upset and will say the cutest words to make you feel better! He loves giving hugs and will be a complete goof ball all day long!

This year he has come to love cereal, continues to love cookies, loves pj masks, loves spiderman, captain america, and iron man! He loves watching paw patrol and will take any chance to dress up and be a superhero and loves wrestling daddy!

He continues to love jumping off stuff and be fearless! He has learned how to swim and is water safe thanks to aquatics academy! We've traveled multiple states and learned that mason does great with long car rides (9 hours to be exact) lol.
He loves to dance, he loves to laugh, be adventurous , socialize, and more he is our happy little boy!

We've also gone through scary situation and recently learning mason is allergic to mostly dog and horses but also a little cats. He has had breathing problems when around these animals and has had asthma as well. It's broken our hearts seeing our boy struggle to breath and have to rely on a machine to help him breath better but we are happy to have solutions on how to help him and know whats causing them.

Since I was 9 months pregnant we decided to throw a smaller party and hung up a avengers banner, got him a couple balloons and I even made him a captain america shield cake and he was obsessed with it all! We loved celebrating another big year for and also thanks to baby sister for staying in mommys tummy so that her brother could have his day!

We love our little boy so much and we are forever blessed to have him in our lives! Thank you mas for making us parents are for always being a light in our lives!

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