Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My breastfeeding experience with Mason l Ear Fidgeting

As many of you know Mason turned one almost two months ago and a very special moment that I have shared with him is coming to end, Mason is now near his end of breastfeeding and it honestly makes me bummed.So since August is National Breastfeeding awareness month, I wanted to share with you my experience with Mason. I also share some photos which I wasn't going to share because their sacred and special to me but I did end sharing them because of the beauty of my experience with my little Mas.

While pregnant with Mason I read books, articles, heard stories from different women about breastfeeding. I even had a prenatal class talk about breastfeeding tips and facts, which became very helpful. I educated myself in different ways of feeding as well like just pumping and formula as well, I wanted to make sure no matter what form of feeding I gave mason that I was well educated. After I had mason I was fortunate enough to breastfeed mason, it was a little hard at first (finding what position worked best for him and I)  and pushing through some short timed pain as well, in which I told myself that my body was just learning something new and to keep going. Thank goodness for Nipple Cream though! I had such a great support system like the nurses telling me different positions to my mom and mother in law telling me what worked for them, and of course my husband being such a great support to me and helping  me out whenever I needed it. 

My boppy pillow helped me so much ( I highly recommend one), in which helped me find a comfortable way to place mason and for my hands not to fall asleep staying in one position for 30-45 minutes haha. Since I also went back to work after 3 months I also used a Pump I got from the hospital in which I pumped a good 2-3 times a day, since my body and breast were just getting use to creating milk, I was always full and needing to pump. But lets be honest hear, when your breast are full, they truly do feel like rock and hurt! Now even though breastfeeding was my ultimate goal, if I had to pump or formula I would have been completely okay with it, just because I truly believe that fed is best. 

It's truly incredible how nursing changes you, I didn't think it would have this effect on me but it has. I love knowing that mason is dependent on me to give him the nutrients he needs to become a strong and healthy boy. It's amazing what nutrients breast milk contains and what it can help prevent! It truly is a beautiful thing to have between you and your child. I loved seeing mason fall asleep while latched and seeing how chubby he got as well, seriously he can eat! Hense why I almost have a 30 pound child at one year old.  I loved seeing him give me a quick smile and then re-latching. I revolved my schedule around masons feeding time making sure that if I was out that I could be home within hours or have some ready for him, which Rex loved getting the experience to feed him as well. As one of my friends has said, it has provided me with a new sense of love for my body and how happy I am to be able to breastfeed mason. Mason has hand this cute little habit you can say that he has done since I could remember. Every time he feeds he always grabs his ear, playing with it and even though it's something so little it something that I'm going to remember. 

My personal experience breastfeeding mason has brought me so much happiness, love, pain, long nights, midnight and early feedings, and this incredible bond with him that is shared between us that I will never ever forget. I am so blessed that I made it to my goal of breastfeeding mason for a year; and gone past that, and even though were not done yet, I am cherishing every moment of this that we have left.

Here's a link to my where I get mason's cover (which is also multi-use) and his bibs.. they even have towels and much more! Their soft, comfortable, and I cannot get enough of their prints! Love this shop! Copper Pearl
Photography by Audrey Kay Photography


  1. Nursing sounds like such a challenge, but so worth it!

  2. Such a great article! I had such a hard time with my baby!!

  3. I personally never had a baby, I can only imagine the connection it creates! He looks like a very happy baby!