Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Masons One Year Birthday Party

Can you believe is one years old already!? Wasn't I just posting his birth story?! I cannot believe my little Mason is a year old, he has grown so much in this year and we've created endless memories that are going to cherish forever. If you've been reading masons monthly updates, I've sharing how I've been talking about his birthday party for months! Seriously you guys, I love party planning and it always seems to be 10x better when there's a theme, am I right? Thanks to pinterest, I finally picked out a theme I wanted to do for mason and that was "Time Flies", and airplane theme. I love the little message about it and the several party crafts you could do as well.

The week of his birthday, I honestly looked at all the photos of Mason and just teared up of how handsome my little guy is and how much hes grown, we've watched all the silly adorable videos that we've taken over the last 12 months and just laughed, teared up, and mostly smiled of our little boy.

Mason woke up at almost 8am and we filled his crib with balloons in which he just played and stared at them haha, we gave him lots of kisses and hugs and I may have shed a tear or two of my boy actually being a one year old, haha oh mommy emotions. We gave mason some pancakes and fruit for his breakfast, played and down he went for his first nap. During his first nap I finalized getting all the little details ready for his birthday. Family started to arrive around 4pm and it was so great seeing some close friends of mine who've been there for me for every step of the way in pregnancy or in masons life which I couldn't ask for better friends. My dad flew in from California and we loved seeing him and having him spend time with mason (their bond is unbelievable), and we also had all of rex's family join us as well and a few of masons buddies as well.

Since it was over 90 degrees that day and I had known that for a while, we decided to do a barbecue and lay tables and blankets outside. It truly was the perfect day, nice weather and no cloud in sight! We had yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, and some yummy treats! We opened masons gifts before him having his cake (good call Liz) and we got so many great gifts (Thanks everyone) mason loves all his clothes and summer toys, I think rex was excited about one gift in particular which was a bike trailer that we will be using a lot this summer!

It was time to do the cake smash in which I was so excited about just because it's a cute little moment I've been looking forward to. Mason at first didn't know what to do but once he got his hands in there, he was in full active with that cake and as you can see, it pretty much ended up all over his hands, mouth, shirt, hair, and on a few cousins too haha. I think he mostly like the frosting, wouldn't you agree? Guys, I'm also in love with how masons one year birthday cake turned out.. I mean look at the cake beauty! Thank you to my wonderful friend Emerlie who also did my baby shower cupcakes but also for creating such a yummy and beautiful cake for masons big day (I'll link her site below). It was so delicious!

We also had family and friends fill out little words of advice, memories, and hopes for mason that he will open on his 18th birthday, and I got very teary eyed when I read them!

At the end of the party we of course let mason play with all of his new toys, one of the toys he got was a water table which is perfect for summer and well all of his cousins joined in and you should of seen how happy and full of energy mason was, he laughed every time someone would splash and he would look up at his older cousins and just have this look of "your fun, I love you" haha but really he loves his cousins and wants to be a big boy just like them. So he ended up being completely soaked and had the most fun time ever! He had so much fun that by the time it was time for him to sleep, he fell hard asleep!
I hope I'm not forgetting anything about his birthday, because then ill just add it when I remember. Thank you to all who wished Mason a happy 1st birthday and to the family and friends who traveled miles to come to his party! We love our full of sunshine, happy, joy(es), silly, handsome, caring, gentle little boy and we cant wait to see what this next year brings and all the memories we'll make together! We love you Mason and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Also I 'm bummed I wont be doing these monthly updates anymore, maybe I'll do one every 6 months but I love posting his monthly updates here and taking a photo each month, but I do love that I can now go back and see how much he's grown each month, so here's to the last monthly update:/

  • 100% Walker boy now
  • Extremely Independent (doesn't want to hold hands unless he needs help lol)
  • Loves Banana's
  • Loves playing in his pool and water table
  • Loves going to parks and going down slides by himself
  • Can give kisses
  • Loves dancing 
  • 24 pounds
  • Thinks its funny when someone jumps, falls, or spins
  • Loves helping momma with the dishes


  1. Love the flight theme and that LIFE magazine is the coolest!

  2. Sis !! Mason has the best Party ever !! I can see it !! you did a great Job !! I bet Mason had a beautiful day surround of so much love !!! all the decorations also a great idea !! is a shame that I can't trow all this themas parties anymore... Sofia and Noah are in another stage !! ;) a big kiss for Mason !