Saturday, April 9, 2016

California Baby Shower #1

A couple weeks ago my husband and I took a trip to beautiful Northern California to see my family. My mom and sisters wanted to throw me a baby shower as well and I definitely wanted my mom to see my baby bump before I delivered our little one! There's something about home you never forget and I love that California will always have a place in my heart! Even though we were there for 4 days, they were memory filled-beautiful days! The first night we arrived we were extremely tired .. And especially being at 30 weeks I think my body just didn't like sitting in a very compressed area for 2 hours and then another two hours (drive) .. Wow was my back and feet really sore. Lesson learned get the aisle seat next time haha. Once we arrived at my parents house we sat down and just relaxed with my parents, who I really missed! My mom and I could go on and on about the baby and I loved hearing her advice and how I was when I was little. She loved seeing my bump and loved feeling how my stomach would get tight. The next day it was time to get ready for baby shower number 1! My sister invited some high school friends of mine and family friends as well! It was great seeing everyone and hearing how everyone was doing and where they are in life. One of my sisters and my mom decorated the baby shower Blue and Gray. There were cute decorations , binkies, plates, flowers, pictures hung up every where, It was all so beautiful and ADORABLE! We ate delicious food, drank this amazing soda-fruit drink that all the guest loved , Colombian drinks are amazing! We played games which I will never forget the reactions and entertainment I got from them! Then it was time to open gifts and can I just say how ridiculously adorable baby clothes are!! Haha oh my gosh I got these little shoes that could melt your heart, great household items that are a must , and darling little clothes that I am going to keep looking at and re folding before he comes! I loved seeing everyone and having them come on such a special day , it truly was such a beautiful baby shower! Thanks familia!

After perfect baby shower we relaxed some more and hung out with my dad and mom,looking through some baby pictures my mom had sorted through so we take back with us to Utah. Haha looking through my baby pictures , I was one chubby little baby! The next day we decided to cook.. Basically all day! The hubby is obsessed with Empandas especially the recipe my mom makes, and even though I have had empandas made my whole life I never thought to write down the recipe. My mom has a special way of cooking, I truly believe if you make something with love then the food will turn out great, which in my moms case it went above and beyond great! I always admired my moms way of teaching others and being so passionate about the things she loves doing in her life. I honestly think my husband was doing a better job than I was at making empandas, haha my mom kept say "Oh wow look at you, that looks perfect" haha little show off ;). After hours and hours of preparing and finally making the empandas, they were ready to EAT! It was mouth watering to say the least! Seriously if you haven't tried a Colombian empanada you need to! It was a little sad as Sunday started to faid away because now Monday was around the corner and we had to go back home to Utah. Monday came and it was time to say "See you in 2-3 months" to my family, it wasn't a horrible see you later but rather an exciting one, just because next time it would be my family seeing Baby Boy! We love being in California for the weekend and especially loved the time we got to spend with our
family! Can't wait to see them soon!

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