Wednesday, April 20, 2016

32 week update!

Now that I've been in the single digits for some time now.. Time is just flying by. I was told that the third trimester is the one that goes by the slowest. Well that's not happening for me haha, it's going by fast and I almost want it to slow down. I can't wait to meet him but I'm already future missing my baby bump. I love feeling his movements (whether it's little or well not so little haha). I am currently at 33 weeks but because I forgot this was meant to be the 32 week update. So let's pretend it's a little bit of both:)

Baby is currently (33 weeks) the size of Honey Dew (yuuumm!) and is almost weighing 4.5 pounds ! At 32 weeks he was the size of a winter squash and weight 2.5-3.8 pounds (according to my app). Baby is growing fast and I'm seriously loving every second of it! I must say I can imagine him getting pretty squished in my belly because well ... Mom can definitely feel it! It's getting harder and harder for me to lean down and reach for something! I've officially started squatting.. My sweet sweet husband of mine helps me put my shoes on. Oh we also started taking prenatal classes at the hospital! Wow are they truly educating! It's a 4 week course and even though we've only been to two classes so far, we have learned so much! 

Sleep seems to become less and less as time goes by in pregnancy. I think I wake up pretty much every night. He is so active at night! That little rascal loves making sure I know he's there haha! I'm tossing and turning most of the night just because my belly doesn't really seem to ever be comfortable.. But thank goodness for pillows! It also seems like the leg cramps have come to a stop (*knock on wood*) I think I like waking up to baby's movements rather than waking up to painful leg cramps! So far I'm still loving cereal but still can't stand the smell of bacon being cooked! I also admit that naps are now making an appearance and I will soon be seeing my doctor every week! 

I also have to share  that hubby and I were able to take maternity photos last weekends, with the sweet and talented T.C Martinsen Photography. She was so kind and seriously easy to talk to! I like when photographers make conversation..because honestly it makes things a little less awkard lol. It was such a beautiful day and even though the wind was crazy as heck..the photos turned out beautiful!

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