Monday, September 21, 2020

Mason's 4th Birthday!

How is our little man 4 years old already! I can just remember the day I became a mother with him and how he was such a chunk!I remember how he hated vacuums, ate everything and anything, would run and swing one arm faster while looking down at it (cutest thing) hes our little tank and has and still is such a adventurous  and truly has no fear! Mason has grown so much in just this year, I love it! He truly changes my life everyday, making me want to be better, to love and look for the simply things in life, and  to be more silly. He is such a light in our lives ! Gosh I just love him so much, he truly is my little side kick and my little best friend, I love him soooo much! 

In just this year mason has gone to his first dentist appointment, learned to rock climb, mason became a big brother, gone on more and more road trips, his vocabulary has grown by a land slide , started his first year of preschool, learned his colors, alphabet, songs and so much more, obsessed and still is about spider man, got a new room (official a big boy room), flown to California, met his new cousin, got spoiled by Santa , gone to several jazz games, went to his first friend birthday party, we found out mason has a crazy resemblance with his grandpa (rex's dad), laughed more, grown more, gone on more and more adventurous , and continued to impact the world with his personality, smile, kindness, sensitivity,  energy and all around happiness. Mason is the one who made us parents, who made me a mother, he is an amazing brother always helping me out with Isabella, loves her endlessly, love helping me and doing chores with me, continues to call anyone his friend. I just can't believe our baby is four years old, where has this time gone?! Not gonna lie I love seeing him grow but I want these days to slow down! We love our little get bigger boy and he is such a blessing in our life! We are grateful to his mommy and daddy and for Isabella to have such a great big brother, we love you soooo much mas, we can't wait to see what your big 4 year brings!

Below are some pictures from his birthday party with a special guest!

We went with a spider-man superhero theme, with the main character being Miles Morales from the spider-verse movie, and of course we had to have a pinata to go with our theme! We love them! We  also gave our friendly superhero spider man a call and asked if he could stop by mason's little birthday party and mason was so happy! He was on cloud 9 seeing his favorite superhero at his party. He couldn't stop smiling and seriously was so glad that I asked him to stop by! 

Spider-man was so great with the kids and was so fun as well! I highly recommend giving spider-man a call because your kid will seriously be amazed and happy with their special superhero visitor. They did some fun superhero tricks, talked about all things about being and what superhero's do and took some photos, I definitely wish I would have had him stay longer, but there will definitely be a next time, that's how much we all loved it!  Mason now tells everyone that spider-man stopped by his birthday party and I could have not asked for a better day than for our mas boy and he definitely agree's ! Again we can't wait to see what this year brings for you and we hope you never lose that kindness, sense of adventure, and how you light up everything up around you with just your smile! We love you soooo much!

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