Saturday, March 16, 2019

4 Activities to do with your toddler Indoors

 Ever since mason started walking he's been an energetic busy busy boy haha. He loves to run, jump, dance, climb, you name it, this kid has the energy for it haha. I always loved personally being a busy person.  Don't get me wrong there are times when I want to stay home like just having a baby, our family being sick, or having morning sickness. But I always try to make a goal of leaving the house at least once a day. And since becoming a mother, I want that goal to be set to my kids or at least try you know. So during the summer that's no problem at all. We have days filled with going on walks, going to the park, mason having swimming lessons, or us just relaxing outside in the backyard. But I bet many of you agree that it can be hard to keep those little active kids some what entertained when its cold/snowing/raining outside or you just don't feel like leaving the house am I right? So I complied a list of activities to do with your (toddler aged kid) indoors that will surely entertain them in educational and fun ways! Also keep reading until the end to hear about a favorite item I share from a favorite brand of mine!

1) Hidden Figures Sandbox

I got these little buckets of colorful sand last summer at Target's dollar section for $3 and I immediately had to buy them because I knew that they would fun to use one day. All you have to do is grab yourself a bucket or container and fill it with any sand like material you want. I got this clear container at the dollar store and filled it with little dinosaur figures and mix them with the sand. The buckets of colorful sand I had bought came with molds so that was a great plus to add. Mason was a little unsure of the texture but eventually liked finding the figures and making molds of the sand. You can buy the sand at Target, Walmart, or any craft store. Such a fun activity for both indoors and outdoors to make your child feel like their at the beach exploring for new treasure!

2) Sponge shape Artwork

I honestly think this was Mason's favorite activity just because the large amount of artwork he made! I had bought an assortment of different color washable paints when mason was little that knew I would use them in the future at Target for such a great price. You can buy washable  kid safe paints really anywhere. We then bought a canvas at the dollar spot and used regular printing paper in case mason wanted more. I also bought a different assortment pack of sponges that I believe are meant to be used for art work at Walmart and then  a 4 pack (different colors) regular dish washing sponges at the dollar store. I cut the pack from the dollar store into a different variety of shapes
and filled a disposable muffin tin (also bought at the dollar store) with paint in each spot. I then added the stick sponges to the paint and laid out the sponges next to the canvas/paper. Mason had a blast and loved playing with paint. Now since this is paint though washable, it can get messy, so I definitely suggest putting newspaper around your artwork space (definitely wished I had done that haha)! It's a great way for the kids to learn about colors, shapes, and expand their creativity. We loved it!!

3) Colorful Cloud

I almost feel like this was a little science activity in some way, just because of how cool it was an how I never would of thought to do this myself haha. So all you need it 1/2 cup water or fill half of your medium/large container with water. You will need a clean bowl or cup in order to see the magic happen. Then grab yourself shaving cream (got mine at the dollar store) and will need either an eye dropper or like us we used a medicine syringe. I also cut the bottom of plastic bottles to create mini cups to use for our different colored water. We added 4 drops of food coloring to our little cups of water and added a good amount of shaving cream to the top of the water (forming it to a cloud like shape) of our large clear cup/bowl/container. And that's basically it, everything is simple from there. Just fill your dropper with the colored water and empty the dropper on top of the shaving cream and watch the colored water melt into the shaving cream and slowly go down into the water! It's such a cool experience for your kids to watch the colors mix and in an artistic way melt into the water slowly. It's honestly can be very beautiful too!

4) Coloring Snow
Now if your like us we live in a state where we get snow during winter. This was the easiest and hardly spent anything on this activity! All you will need is snow, a clear container, paint brushes, a small amount of water  and of course paint. I used plastic cups to use for my colored water. I added a good amount of paint to the bottom of the cups and added water. Remember the less water you add the stronger and more variant the colored water will be. And that's about it. Let them dip the paint brushes into the colored water and watch them make a blank white snow into a colorful work of art! Luckily this time I remembered to put down newspaper around our work space! Mason loved it and so did momma!

Mason spent so much time doing everyone of these fun activities and loved explaining what he was doing and sharing with me what he was learning like his colors, shapes, and especially loved showing off his artwork! There's so many other activities you can do with your kids indoors and it doesn't even  need to be a big activity , because one of the things I've learned about being a mother is that kids can be entertained by the smallest things. Find more activities on the web or pinterest and be sure to tell me your favorite activities to do indoors with your kids/toddlers! Hope to share more ideas/favorites in the future!

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