Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Keeping our Home Healthy and Smelling Fresh (Review)

I think I get cleanliness from my mother, and though I didn't appreciate it when I was younger I sure do now! So mom if you're reading this, thank you!

 It's a constant goal of mine to always have my house well organized (or at least most of it haha) and smelling good. Now sometimes when I cook I love the smell of what I'm making, but sometimes not everything you make has the most pleasant of smells like onion or bacon. So I've been pulling out my candles which smell devine, but did you know that candles aren't really that good for you? Yeah I didn't know that for a while! Apparently they release certain chemicals that are not good for the brain, lungs and nervous systems. So while I try to reduce my use of candles, I have found the perfect eco friendly, safe, and non toxic household company you want to bring into your life!

It's called MojiLife, a brand the has cutting-edge technology that brings innovative products into your home such as a diffuser, essential oils, home decor, and cleaning products! Their fragrances are non toxic, pods are recyclable, and their wood cores are biodegradable! It truly doesn't get any more environmental friendly then that!

From the moment I heard about this company, I just had to get my hands on it! I was sent an Airmoji which infuses air on all sides to really blow out all the yummy smells from its wood core. It has a battery that can last you 70 hours and even hooks up to your via blue tooth, where you can control with a timer as to how often it goes off and see the battery life!

 I have loved putting this everywhere in my home.. mostly in my kitchen and living room. And let me just say that during and after cooking my kitchen is smelling fresh, like I haven't had even touched the stove! Oh and did I mention I get compliments on how great the house smells, when guests come over.. SCORE!

I was received a couple scents that you can swoon over! I had sweet lemon, pink grapefruit, lotus petals and bamboo, summer vacation, and blushing bride! I have loved every single scent but I must say my all time favorites are summer vacation and blushing bride! 

There's nothing better then not having to worry about my little family breathing in harsh chemicals, it's just so very comforting as a parent. I give this company an solid A +, I love the variety of house hold products they offer and how eco friendly they are! I love the scents, I love the uniqueness, and I will definitely be keeping them in my home. So if you need this product in your life (because I don't know why you wouldn't haha) go ahead and contact this sweet heart, Amie. I will link her contact info below!

Amie's Phone Number 801-789-3400

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