Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Giveaway, Everything you should about these companies

As you know last year I hosted my very first Christmas Giveaway, in which I collaborated with a few companies that I love! Now that it's another year, I decided to do this again because not only was it a blast  last year and got great feedback but I loved telling you about my personal favorite companies, why I love them and getting to know their brand more! I cannot wait to tell you their story and about some or their product! I will list ways you can enter my giveaway, in which if your reading this you will get even more entries.. just wait and see! So that being said, let's get started!

Rafe + Moose

I first found out about Rafe and Moose at an event I went to and not only did I notice the cute unique packaging but also how soft the material was! I was even more shocked about the size! You guys their swaddles are big and of course in a good way!  I have always seen small swaddles and was so happy to find a swaddle blanket that mason and other future babies could use! I couldn't help but remember the days that I was able to swaddle little mason and hold him in my arms without him wanting to wiggle out (not be swaddled haha) but as you can tell he sure does love a good comfy blanky, so you know if its mason approved, your children will love it as well! Also did I mention the owner is the sweetest and is so kind!
Lisa's Passion for Popcorn
If you wanted to know about a company who truly has passion, I have found you one that has dedicated their life and put so much passion into their business and yes you may have already guessed that because of their company name. I found out about Lisa's Passion for Popcorn at Pinner's Conference and have been in love since! Lisa the founder had always had a passion for popcorn ever since she married into her husband's family, in which they had a long family line of popcorn making. Their popcorn flavors are like no other and its not like other popcorn where it has a slight taste of a no it has the perfect amount which will make your taste buds scream of pure happiness! They have tradition flavors and are always coming out with new flavors as well! I have now converted to gourmet and only gourmet popcorn! See More of their other flavors and read more about Lisa's wonderful story!

Color Street Nails with Francy Pants Nails
Okay guys you've heard me talk about this gal and this company before and I am still obsessed! This is such a genius idea and a truly great product, that in my eyes deserves 5 stars! Like any new beauty product I was nervous to see results but I was completely blown away on the outcome of my nails were! It takes 5 minutes, the steps are simple and fast! You get to choose from so many different styles and best of all its affordable. Their nails are so good, that I rather apply these on then have to paint my own nails, which we all know that with kids that can be hard haha. So now you heard it from me... this is a product you NEED to try on! Check my girl, Kellie out, she is so sweet and will answer all your questions!

Rod Works
Ever watched Fixer Upper and wished your home could be filled with everything Joanna Gaines, well there is one store where you can find all your rustic, farmhouse, modern home decor and that's at Rod Works. We are slowly decorated our house more and more and when I found this adorable set of little milk jars and this two tier stand to put all my hot coco toppings; which I'm pretty sure I will be using everyday this winter! Can we all agree how adorable and obsessed I am with this! Not only is there customer service amazing, helping you every step of the way into finding that perfect piece for your home but they also have amazing prices that honestly are too good to pass out on! They have several locations and even give you decor tips on their Instagram and website! Move on over Home Goods, there's a new #1 Home Decor Shop in town. See More about their shop on their Website!

Maskcara Beauty with Ashton
Anyone else struggles with contouring or got impatient because you felt like you weren't contouring right or even worse, that you couldn't find the right make up brand? Maskcara Beauty with Ashley has teamed up with me to give you guys this set of make up for one lucky winner! Maskcara Beauty provides women with easy step by step instructions that highlight your natural beauty. It truly feel so creamy and soft on your skin and truly makes you look like your not even wearing makeup, its that amazing! Check my girl Ashton out!

Savanna Elisa Art

I love art, I really do, I think that it adds a beautiful touch to ones home and that there can be a story and emotion in each art piece. As you can tell by the illustration above, Savanna is truly an artist, she has a way of painting breath taking portraits filled with color and beauty! Take a look at her shop, you will literally fall in love with each piece she has!

Last but not least is DRT SHRT, yep that's right no "I's"because its all about YOU aka the client. They are a family owned promotional product, embroidery, and t shirt making business. They have inexpensive and thousands of items to choose from and for this giveaway , you will get 2 matching tee's with a quote or graphic of your choice, so whether its you and your spouse matching or even you and your child matching with a cute quote! There a Utah based business and someone you should always keep in mind whether you have a family reunion or need product for your business, they're your guy! See more of what they offer and information below!
DRT SHRT Website

So now the good part how to enter... You can enter on my Instagram (@vallyriches) and follow the instructions there or enter here commenting why you love the holidays which will give you 5 entries and then you can also enter on my blog facebook page link her --->Facebook Page and find this blog post, like the page, and then comment with why you love the holidays. So that's 3 ways you can enter!! I can't wait to show you more through out this week on my social media and cant wait to see who wins as well! This giveaway will go until December 4th and winner will be announced at night.

Good luck!!

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  1. I LOVE the holidays because it brings a total sense of unity in the world. No matter what happens, I feel a sense of peace and joy as strangers come together, give and freely love in the name of Christmas. The desserts help too ����