Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Evian Facial Spray

I remember when I was younger my mom use to carry around a spray bottle filled with water. I would see her spray her face with it and never knew why? She told me it was to keep her face hydrated and awake. As the years passed I found out that they're others who do the same thing and there's actual products who relate to this and well of course I wanted to learn more!

I came across Evian, which you most likely have heard of, because they are a company who bottles water and is in thousands of stores; but what you didn't know is they also have a facial spray they make and boy is it amazing! For months now, I have been putting together a routine for my face and making sure what I apply to my face actually works and is beneficial to the type of skin I have. What I have known for several years is that my skin loves and needs moisture. Our skin needs to stay hydrated and kept well maintained. You can apply Evian facial spray anytime of day but is best recommended in the morning, evening, or even when setting your make up. Yes you heard that right, setting your MAKE UP! I have added setting spray to my make up routine and knowing that a product can do both setting and moisturizing, is a double win! You can spray it on your make up sponge or brush and then after your done with your make up look.

Now like my mom did when I was younger, you can use their facial spray to wake up and hydrate your skin; and if its a hot day, you can use this as well to cool you off and you don't have to worry about messing up your make up, in fact it will revive colors and keep everything still in place. I haven't mentioned my favorite part yet.. the stuff in this is amazing! Evian Mineral Water has a balance of minerals, a neutral 7.2 pH, and has is free from chemical treatment which means like my skin, it wont irritate it!

I carry this every where I go, its the perfect convenient size to store in your purse, in the car, while traveling and basically anywhere! The smell is subtle and refreshing. This is my new must have when it comes to staying at home and on the go...seriously it's something you want to buy! I've attached their website and you can find them in most stores! I would love to hear if you've tried their product and your thoughts!

Evian Facial Spray

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