Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5 Sentimental Gifts for Mothers Day

With mothers day almost here, I thought it would be perfect to create a list of 10 items I think are perfect for mothers out there that are sentimental because let's be honest, sometimes sentimental items stick to our hearts and becomes a keepsake we can cherish forever. Mason isnt at the age where he makes something at school and then gives me a hand painted drawing of me and him and a heart between us saying I love you mommy, which I think are just the darn cutest thing I've seen little's give their mom. So here's for the husbands, children, grandmothers, or just someone you know who is a mother to think of what special gift to give to her.

1. Alex and Ani Mother Day Collection
I personally own several Alex and Ani bracelet and each one has a personal touch to it that hold a memory of a place/time/person. I love choosing what bracelet I will wear or end up wearing all of them, they are light, cute, and truly match with anything you wear! Alex and Ani has a variety of mothers day bracelets  that are sold in single bracelet or in set and range anywhere from $16-$128. Also if your not liking what you see, you can always give her something that describes her, a necklace, or her birthstone, the ideas are truly endless!
Alex and Ani Mother's Day Collection

2. A personalized gift from Things Remembered
I few years back I got my mother a personalized gift from Things Remembered. It was a cute little jewelry box and a heart shape little box that said "I love you Mom" and a little translation in Spanish of a special message that she ended up loving. Sometimes buying something beautiful and sharing a sweet messaging or just the most sincerest of words "I love you" really does become a special item to someone. If you do not have a store near you, you can always order it online, where they have dozens and dozens of items you can buy and/or personalize for the mother in your life. From Jewelry Boxes, Snow Globe, Key chains, to picture frames and necklaces. You think it and they will do it. I love this place you guys I truly do, it's like a magical place to personalize items.
Things Remembered Mother's Day Collection

3. Made with Mary Hand Stamped Jewelry
This is on my list (*cough cough..hint hint*) but thought this would perfect for any mom out there because of the beauty, hand made jewelry that comes from this shop. She is a local here in Utah and you all know I'm all about supporting Local Businesses but you guys have to check out her shop! My personal favorite is the bar necklace. It comes in a variety of lengths and you can truly write what you want, "I love you", "Mother", "Grandma" "Mama" or and inside joke you and your mother share. I believe that the smallest of words can have a impact and why not make it a wearable beautiful message that your mom or you will love?! She also has Double Disc necklaces and bracelets in a variety of styles you can pick from!
Made with Mary

4. A hand made craft
Like I mentioned before I love when children give their parents or moms a personalized gift that they made themselves as a gift. Kids have a big imagination and when it comes to making something for mom and dad or just making something in general and getting excited to show you when they get home from work, is something that was made with endless creativity, time, and love. I went to pinterest, and source of  happiness and craft ideas to share what you can make for your mother or include your children to create as well. They are ideas such as a hand made decor piece that she could hang up in her home, a painted mug with a quote on it, a card that you made, or even a cute plant in a beautiful painted pot that she could put in her garden anywhere in the house!:) Take a look online or on my favorite pinterest and you are sure to find an idea!

5. Customized Artwork
I love artwork, maybe that is because we now have our own house and I want to decorate our house more and now most walls in the house need to have some sort of decoration or artwork. Its exciting and its nice to add your own personal touch. We have a gallery collage wall of photos of rex and I and then us as a family of three and then the letter R in the middle of the gallery. We have artwork that adds a special touch of when Rex and I got married in our room. Artwork can be personalized in whatever artwork form you want. Here are some ideas of artwork shops that you can order from to get to a mother in your life,
Watercolor portraits from Hello Lovely People
Trendy Wood Signs from The Trendy Timber

I hope this has helped anyone trying to think of what gift to get a mother in their life. But hey if you don't like these ideas or have already done them or your short on money, don't worry there so many other things you can give her. Offer her to hang out with her, eat a meal with her, help her clean the house (especially if she has kids, she will love it haha), get her a boutique of flowers, or even just serve her breakfast in bed, she will honestly love anything you give her even it isn't tangible. Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. I love this post, and need to get shopping!

  2. I agree with all of these! I'd be happy to receive any of them!