Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Masons 10 month update!!

Hello number 10, we welcome you with so much excitement! Mason is 10 month old and is officially in the DOUBLE DIGITS!! Mason has learned so much this month, we have discovered recent favorite snacks and seen some fun milestones happen in our little boys life. So where to start, I don't know if I already mentioned but mason went to his 9 month appointment in March but he is such a healthy boy! He is 23 pounds, still in the high percentile for height and mason only got one shot this time, which for mason was not a so fun surprise but hey it beats getting two shots, poor little guy had such a sad puppy dog face when it happened, I just held him close, told him I loved him and that he's going to be okay, "mommy's got you." Mason said his first word, and guess what it was?! Mama!!!!!! My heart just melted when I heard those words!! After that it was all he could say haha, and it continues to melt my heart! I was honestly shocked that he even said momma since he sounded like he was so close to saying dada, but hey I'm just happy he's said his first word.

His newest favorite snack are graham crackers, cheerios, and well loves eating mommy and daddys dinner haha. I started giving him raspberries as well but I think he finds them a little too sour right now and so he loves eating everything else. He's learning new games, our recent one is mason rolling the ball, he love pushing/rolling it towards me and when I say "yay" he claps his hands with so much excitement! Speaking of clapping, if he hears or sees someone clapping he will join in, it's so darn cute! He continue to be such a social happy boy. Mason love interacting with people, especially at grocery store! He smiles at everyone he gets his eye's on, he giggle and smiles even if they're not looking at him, but usually his loud baby talks get the persons attention, and mason instantly feel even more happier when he gets their attention, I swear mason mission is to become friends with  the whole grocery store, and I love it!

Mason has 4 top teeth (two on their way) and two bottom teeth. We recently found out that mason because of teething has been making teeth marks on his crib, we were completely shocked, were now buying some fabric covers for the crib (just because we need it for future kids lol). That little stinker;)
Mason has also taken a few steps in walking, once with rex, I wasn't in the room at the time, and once with both of us! I feel like month 10 may be the month he starts walking! Mason is learning about grass and how pokey it is, loves walks, and loves to eat like no other! A lot of things are happening in the next two months, I'm deciding whether I want to start weaning mason at 11 months or go past that, so I don't know what to do honestly. Exciting things like his birthday in two months are happening and were so excited to see family come and celebrate such a memorable time with our little boy! What presents did you buy your little one, is there anything sentimental you did for their first birthday? Until the next monthly update xoxo!

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