Friday, March 3, 2017

Masons 9 month update

My little man turns 9 months old today and this has been another amazing month. Mason continues to impress us on how much he grows in each month that passes by, but now he's starting to look like a toddler?! I'm kind of loving that winter is almost over and the snow is soon to be gone, because let's be honest I am ready for the summer. I'm ready to take mason out to parks and go to the pool several times. Mason has learned so much in this month and I'm excited to share with you all his milestones! Mason is already learning how to stand on his own, which amazes me! Sometimes I feel like mason is growing faster! Lately mason has shown favoritism to just mommy lately. I mean I like to think mason has always been a mommies boy since he was born but this month, it seems like all he wants is just me and I feel bad a little. When rex gets home and mason is just waking up from his last nap, he doesn't want to go to daddy, he just wants to snuggle his little tired head with me. I tell rex this wont last too long, because before I know it mason will want to get rough and play sports with dad. But I honestly I cant complain because I love my baby snuggles. Which leads to cute story. Mas occasionally takes a late nap but for this one day, he didn't want to, and so I go his room, pick him up and sit with him in his rocking chair. He decides to snuggle with me for a good 20 minutes, which I loved every second of it. It's been so long since he's snuggled this long, I LOVED IT!

Mas is also getting into two new teeth! He has two bottom, two upper front teeth, and is now get the two teeth on the side on his upper front teeth!! Like I didn't think babies teeth could grow so fast! With all these teeth coming in more different foods are starting to be tested out and eaten. We just introduced cheerios to mason and he loves them! He loves his puff-like-cheetos things and loves his yogurt bites! What food did you introduce to your 9 month old? I want to try more foods with mas but I always get a little scared he may choke on it...I bet he would be fine but I cant help to be a worry mom lol. This month we also took mason on his first swim!! I mean we took him when he was a few months old but the minute we got him in the water he instantly didn't like it. So this was a redo first time haha. This time around he absolutely loved it! He splashed his hands in the water, laughed at us when we would swim and surprise him, and even tried dog paddling! I think we have a water baby on our hands, which makes us even more excited for summer! We can't wait to get on the boat and paddle board with our little Mason. Well guys that a summary of masons month! We are soaking every second,minute, and day that mason grow and keep living in the present. We love you Mason!

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  1. Seriously he is sooooo cute! Love the little guy!!!