Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hair love with Sam Hurst

I believe if your going to get your hair done or nails done or really any cosmetology work done, do you research! Before moving to Utah I didn't really have one person who did my hair and sometimes I wish I did. It sucked choosing a different person every time because I wasn't 100% in love with my hair. Luckily coming to Utah I was referred to people and was given reviews on who I should choose to do my hair. During my search for a hair stylist I was told to have my hair done by Streamline Hair Design with Sam Hurst. 

Now after seeing her work I was hooked immediately! Many people I knew even had their hair done by her and loved their results! So last year I went ahead and did a subtle balayage and loved how it came out, I knew I had finally found my hair stylist! I even drove some distance to get my hair done and honestly it was so worth it! With Sam Hurst her prices are reasonable and you definitely get what you want! I got my hair done a few weeks ago just because it was a new year, my birthday was around the corner and also wanted to get my hair done. I went with a more noticeable caramel brown balayage and I'm Head over heels on how my hair turned out! If any one is looking for someone to do their hair.. I promise Streamline hair design with Sam Hurst will not let you down! Did I mention she also styles hair and is also a make up artist! Below is her website! 

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