Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May Makeup Favorites

Can you believe it's May already, in Utah there was no April Shower but or showers were a month late. It's been non stop raining here and I love it! I love the rain I truly do. So I thought it would be nice to share what my favorite products are for the month of May. Now some of these products may be products I use monthly and some are just seasonal/month type products. (From Left to Right)
1) Of course I had to pick the Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay. I know that these palettes are super popular and I thing this is a must have for anytime of year, I love wearing some soft smokey eye shadows! 2) Tarte Coral Lipstick.. Okay I walked into a make up store and saw this cute color and fell in love, Coral I believe is my go to summer color for lips! 3) I recently started using this new liner, I have loved it since day 1! It's the Maybelline Master precise, its liquid eye liner and is perfect for sharp precision. 4) Sephora Intensive Instant moisturizer. Even though I'm young I love using this Intensive moisturizer, I think its truly important to keep your face dry and clean , and for me I want to take start taking really good care of it at a young age; so for me this wonderful cream does the trick, its  not too think and not to light, its in the middle and for me that's PERFECT! 5) Essie Spring Color Collection, now I don't know if this picture is the exact year to date collection but I love the bright colors, I think in a month I change nail colors (at least in spring/summer) at least 4 times a month. 6) Erase Paste from Benefit.. oh my ..can I just say that I get full coverage with this! If I have a blemish or need to clear up those bags under my eyes..poof you won't see it anymore! 7)  Cover girl Flamed out. So I believe this is Cover Girl's newest or semi newest Mascara, but I must say it bring out my lashes. I don't have the longest of lashes but this products gives me what I need, longer , fuller lashes, I reccomend Flamed Out! 8) Last but not least Aveeno tinted moisturizer, I know you read that I love moisturizing my face but I really do love it, where I only use this product for my foundation, I apply it always before my lose powder and for me this gives me the coverage and hydration my skin needs! 
I hope you enjoyed reading my favorites, and if you are going to try any of these products or have already and loved the item comment below! Until next month!


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