Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why hello Third Trimester!

Can you believe I'm already in the third trimester?! I know I sure can't! As of today I am 30 weeks and 2 days! 10 weeks left until we meet baby girl and we're all so excited! So last time I updated you all I was at the half way point (20 weeks) I was in my second trimester and so happy to be over the nausea stage. So let me update you what's happened in the last 10 weeks:)

Since 20 weeks I feel baby sis everyday and in the last few day she given me some , how I like to call them "hey mom I'm here, I'm here" *hard kicks* "okay just making sure you can feel my movements" haha. She loved hiccuping and loves moving especially at night when momma is trying to get some sleep. I've also recently entered the uncomfortable to sleep phase of pregnancy and I'm sure for the next 10 weeks or more (after she arrives) sleep will be a faded memory haha. I switch sides so much, I'm pretty sure I never did this much tossing and turning when I was pregnant with Mason.
(me at 28 weeks)

As for symptoms I've been feeling, I feel like the only two are almost everyday acid reflex (tums are my bestie) and frequent urination! Speaking of that haha, if you follow me on Instagram you know I had a little water breaking scare. It's embarrassing so I will make it short and sweet haha. I was in the kitchen and I sneezed and all of a sudden this good amount of liquid plops of the kitchen floor and I mean plops.... soon after I had noticed my hips were feeling uncomfortable (maybe I also thought that it was just a pregnancy symptom) I call my obgyn and they told me to monitor myself and just make sure I wasn't leaking more fluid...anyways time passed and nothing happened... turns out it wasn't my water breaking but something else..which you probably could guess what that was haha. Ah man it was truly an embarrassing pregnancy moment that happens to a lot of preggo mommas haha, so yeah that little scare was fun.

As for cravings, I've been craving avocado quesdilla burritos. If you've been around since mason's pregnancy then you would know that avocado, I, and mason didn't agree. Even when I got out of the nausea phase with mason and I had the tiniest amount of avocado I would immediately be sick. So since finding out that girly is totally fine with me eating avocado, I have it for lunch almost everyday! It's so good and probably gross to a lot of you but hey it's my craving. I have also been loving a bowl of cereal as my treat...yummmmyyy!!

I haven't felt that many charlie horses so far (knock on wood) so that's a plus! Baby girl is doing great, she is healthy and her heart rate is good! I did also take my glucose test and PASSED IT, woo hoo! I was a 99, but I am a little anemic so I will have to take iron supplements until baby girl is born.

 I also had a baby sprinkle a couple of weeks ago and it was honestly just so fun relaxing and spending time with people who already love baby so much! We got so many cute girly item that I just can't wait to put her in , so thank you to all that came!! Mason even got to practice his future brother duties and a couple of babies that spent the weekend with us, it was soo fun and cute seeing his interaction with them and went they went somewhere he would ask "where are my babies" lol super cute, so it definitely made me more at ease that having a sibling may just be smooth (hopefully..crossing fingers haha)

Now that it's the month of April here's what will be happening... We will be painting sister's room, spring cleaning, organizing mason's closet (where her clothes and items will be until mason moves into his new room) , planting strawberries and flowers around the home, and at the very last week of April I will be packing my hospital bag(you'll be seeing a video of what will be in it as well) ! There's so many exciting things happening in the next couple of months and also my first and OG baby mason is turning 3 also! We can't wait for you all to continue on this exciting journey of us growing our family and can't wait to share more!

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