Saturday, February 4, 2017

Masons 8 month update!

This is one of Mason biggest months and I'm so excited to share all the milestones he's made this month! Mason has grown up so much this month, I know he grows every month but this month it just seems like they were bigger! Mason has learned how to crawl this month and It's exciting for all of us. I'm  trying to keep up with this little guy of mine, he seriously is so mobile!! He loves slow or fast crawling to anything and its made me also more cautious of what can be in his reach and/or put in his mouth. We started baby proofing now; hes officially curious as to what the holes in the walls are and the outlets are now covered giving this momma so calmness haha. Mason has also learned how to stand up all on his own and even sit down as well. He moves from couch to couch and I'm pretty sure we'll have a walker by 10 months! Since he's learned how to stand up on his own I have had to lower down his crib railing and sometimes push objects in shelves all the way to the back haha. Trust me this guy is so curious! He loves touching things, moving them, crawling to different areas of the house, I know it may sound exhausting but its become a fun activity for me to do with mason. Mason continues to sleep through the night (only asking for some milk at 5/6 am)

Mason has also learned new games and even though I loved loved and sometimes miss his newborn phase. I am also loving his beginner phase of playing games with mommy and daddy. One of the games he has learned to play is Peek-a-Boo! He grabs his blankie, pulls it over his head, and I ask "Where did Mason go?" He quickly pulls the covers off his face and gives me the biggest smile you've ever seen, ah I love it! He's also become really fascinated by forts in the home! We decided to build a fort in our living room and Rex and I were under it to see if Mason would wonder that we were  missing, he would hear our voices and we would crack open a little hole so he could see and it would crawl through the hole and literally just hang out with us, his hair would get so frizzy and he would just stare up to the top of the blankets and giggle, it's something I'm going to cherish forever. Did I mention now is playing hide and go seek? I leave an area, get in one of the rooms and mason follows. I peek my  head out of the room a few times so he knows where to go and then mason pop his head in and he finds me and this fun new game continues to be one of our favorites! Mason is also babbling and talking more and even is starting to learn how to wave!!! Like how have you grown so much!!

Also am I crazy to already start planning Mason's first birthday?! I mean we all agree that our babies grow up so fast and so I feel like since he's growing so fast, that his 1st birthday will be here before we know it! I already have his themed picked out, what I want his cakes to look like and even the decorations. I haven't bought anything yet, but I have already an idea of what I want his 1st to be.

I can't believe my baby(yes he's still a baby in my eyes haha) is growing up so fast, like what did he all of a sudden learn so much in just one month, personally shocking me how much he's grown in this past month! Anyways I'm going to keep hoping these months go by a little slow and to enjoy every single moment of this little guy(while he's young). I love you baby Mas!


  1. He is the sweetest thing! I love that cute smile. <3

  2. So sweet! Don't the grow way too fast?? You'll be planning the ONE year bday party before you know it!

  3. What a handsome little fella! So happy too.

  4. My baby is turning 8 months this month too! They grow so fast!

  5. Oh boooooy he's a cutie!! I just want to give him a big hug! Happy almost birthday, little man!