Friday, October 14, 2016

Welcome October !

This past weekend Rex , Mason and I went to a few Halloween festive spots , and what a fun and memorable weekend it was! We decided to start out by visiting one of our favorite pumpkin patches, The Farnsworth Farms located in Sandy Utah. Rex and I went there last year and loved our experience not only does it have a pumpkin patch but also a little farmers market shop, apple you can pick and take home, and a little playground with for the little ones to run around on. We decided to go pick out a few pumpkins to decorate and put in the front of our house. We walked around and looked at what seemed to be every pumpkin! We finally found the perfect size and of course decided to take pictures with Mason on it. We then headed to the play structure where we decided to put mason in the baby swing and he honestly I believe liked it, he smiled and was staring at daddy while he pushed him softly. After some fun of the swing mason and daddy went on this plane like gym where mason held onto the steering wheel. I already see the adventurous boy growing! Last year at the same farm they had a movie night and even were selling apple cider donuts, which were DELICIOUS! Mason even picked a small pumpkin (well more like put his hand a pumpkin and that was his decision haha) Once we left the farm we decided to go get some yummy Halloween treats, caramel candies and candy corn, and head home to watch a movie. As time goes by and Mason grows I love being able to do more and look forward to things as a family! While we are welcoming October with buying pumpkins and starting to get out the warm blankets out I cant help but look forward to all the holidays coming up! Oh and I also must share my recent purchase! I recently bought THE ALISON'S SHOW cookie course, which teaches you how to make some yummy sugar cookies but also making royal icing and how to expand the artistic cookie that we all want to achieve! I have already started my course and am super excited to get started this weekend! I have linked her course in case your interested. Welcome Fall and see you soon Halloween (cant wait to show you our family costumes!)

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