Friday, May 6, 2016

Home Stretch!!!!

I've now entered the final month of pregnancy and I can honestly say I'm in shock.I'm in shock by how fast pregnancy has gone! Second it's finally starting to hit me that Were going to see our baby boy in less than a month! Now it may or may not be a month. Baby could come early or baby could come late. I know I'm not the only one but with your first I feel like all of a sudden it hits you that you will have another addition to the family, you'll be parents soon, and that a little human will be in this world before you know it! I'm trying to keep myself busy and distracted so I don't think about the labor (mostly about the physical pain I'm about to go through) we've set up his crib and dresser which I love so much!!! We've hung up most of his wall decor and even started packing my hospital bag... Just a few more items! We have yet to get the car seat in and will be washing all his new baby clothes within the next week.  His nursery is basically done, all we have to do is hang a few frames and that's it! Next week is Deep Clean house week so there's much that has to be done.

I'm currently starting to feel more and more pelvic pain, to the point where I'm waddling like a duck and I can't even switch sides while laying down. Who knew your pelvic could hurt so bad where you don't move! I also have noticed my hands and feet start to swell! I don't think I've ever seen my so feet swollen.. and I still have 4 weeks to go. My husband is seriously such a sweet heart, without even asking he goes and massages my hands and feet.  My cravings haven't really changed. I'm still loving cereal but also loving fruit! I must say baby boy's kicks are getting more all of a sudden he gives me a great big kick and I'm like, "Oh that HURT!"

Honestly I cannot wait to meet baby boy, I cant wait to have him in my arms and kiss his cute little cheeks. I'm excited to see what features he gets from mommy and daddy and what his personality will be like. Heck I'm just excited to see him! I mean 4 weeks can go by fast and I hope it does too because even though he's not here yet, I already love my little one! Did I mention we have his first outfit and coming home outfit all picked out, Ah I cannot wait to see him in them!! We also had our Maternity photo's taken last week ,the very talented  and sweet Jill Collier took our photos and I may have shed a tear or two. I'm obsessed with them and cannot wait to hang them around the house and in his nursery. After seeing them I teared up a little because.. It's just that I love my belly and just the fact that I have our precious little one growing and will be here soon , brings me all kinds of happiness! Baby boy we cannot wait to meet you in less than a month!

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