Monday, March 7, 2016

Last Trimester :D

Me oh my can you believe I'm already in my last trimester ! I got a little emotional the other day when I saw on my pregnancy app that I had entered my last trimester... The grand finale! Haha oh my gosh!! Im nervous to see what and how bad my symptoms are... I've heard that everything is more intense in the last trimester. In less than 3 months we will meet our little one, I have officially started hard core planning for the baby's arrival. Since we got a new place things around house have been a little crazy, we are almost fully unpacked but I have put baby's items into his little nursery. Next week my husband and I will be painting his nursery and will also be setting up his crib which we are both beyond excited for . I have also ordered a few quotes I want to hang up in his room and created a few of my own. I feel like pregnancy has flown by and before I know it baby riches will be here . I have a list of what I must do before baby arrives and so far it's 1)Getting nursery finished 2) deep cleaning house 3) packing hospital bag and 4) Getting stroller and car seat ready. Oh gosh I hope those are the main big things .. Let me know if I'm missing anything else . So far all I've been feeling is bigger stronger kicks and back pain.. Did I mention I'm now starting to use a pillow to rest my belly on, the belly is officially getting uncomfortable to sleep.  And it's getting harder to tie my shoes:( thank goodness it's almost sandal/flip flop season!:) One things for sure I love my belly, I love seeing it grow and grow and feeling his kicks and even seeing it too! I can't wait to have everything settled in see his nursery all decorated!

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